Last Updated: May 19, 2021

Gregory Stout 65 Review


Gregory Stout 65

The Gregory Stout 65 is made to take you anywhere you feel like going and is the perfect size for every adventure. The rugged build, durable materials, organizational design, and customizable fit make sure it's an asset on every journey. This is a backpack that day in and day out, simply gets the job done. View Latest Deal

Gregory Mountain was started in 1977 by founder Wayne Gregory who wanted to make backpacks that he could trust on any adventure. This lead him to pioneer new suspension systems that worked with the body instead of against it to create some of the best backpacks the world had seen at the time.

Nowadays the company motto is pretty similar ‘great backpacks should be worn, not carried.’ There is a lot to be said for this, and we can probably all agree that we have owned a backpack that needs to be carried, they suck. The feeling of wearing a backpack that works with you makes a huge difference and brings life to your journey on the trail, just what Wayne Gregory might have been getting at.

Today we are going to take a deep dive into the Gregory Stout 65. It’s a no-frills, get the job done, comfortable, and last a lifetime kind of backpack that’s also affordable. It’s the perfect size for a multiple-day camping trip while being small enough to rush around the world with.

Below we break down the Gregory Stout 65, taking you to step by step through all the nitty-gritty details of materials, durability, carrying comfort, and more, so you can see why this might be the backpack you’ve been waiting for.


  • Full adjustable Trail Flex Suspension System
  • Spacious and lightweight
  • Excellent padding and ventilation
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Great for hiking and traveling
  • Good value


  • It's hard to access the side pockets on the go
  • Side pockets get small if it's full

Product Information

  • Best Use: Backpacking
  • Frame Type: Internal Frame
  • Gear Capacity: 65L
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 13 oz.
  • Adjustable Torso Length: Yes
  • Fits Torso Length: 16 - 22 inches
  • Fits Waist/Hips: 25 - 53 inches
  • Material: 420 HD Polyester Ripstop, 600D Polyester
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Hydration Compatible: Yes
  • Pack Access: Top & bottom
  • Number of Exterior Pockets: 6
  • Sleeping Bag Compartment: Yes
  • Raincover Included: Yes
  • Hipbelt Pockets: Yes
  • Dimensions: 32 x 13 x 11 inches

Materials & Durability

The Gregory Stout 65 is made for a life in the wilderness but how will it’s material and design fair when faced with a hard life on the trail?


The materials used in the backpack are some of the best around, which is music to our ears. The Stout 65 is made from a combination of 420 HD ripstop polyester and 600D polyester.

Polyester is one of the most used materials in the outdoor game thanks to its excellent abrasion resistance and natural water resistance. You find it in everything from baselayers to sleeping bags and of course backpacks, but with differing D (denier) numbers.

What is the D number all about? Denier is a measure of the thickness of individual fibers that make up a product. The higher the D number, the thicker, tougher, and more durable the fabric is overall.

The use of 600D and 420 HD in the Stout 65 is only a good thing. These are high as far as D numbers go and they make the STout 65 exceptionally rugged and durable.

You’ll also be happy to know that Gregory reinforced the bottom panel, the area that gets the most wear and tear, with a dual-layer to make it even more weather, puncture, and abrasion-resistant. 


We touched on the notion that polyester is naturally water-resistant but that does that mean for your gear when it’s inside the Stout 65?

Polyesters water resistance is pretty solid, and the high D numbers also help with it but, it’s not waterproof by any means. It’ll keep your gear dry in a light passing shower but if you’re in torrential rain, your gear will be soaked through.

Luckily, Gregory thought of that and included and an integrated rain cover in the Stout 65’s design. Any sign of extended moisture and you can have your backpack covered up in seconds. The rain cover is pretty awesome and does a great job of making sure your gear doesn’t get wet.

Carrying Comfort

No matter where you intend on taking your backpack, whether it’s on a train to see your grandma, trekking through the rain forests of Borneo, or to summit a peak in the Rockies, if it’s not comfortable to carry, it’s not worth owning. So, how well does the Gregory Stout 65 do at keeping you comfy on the trail?

Suspension System

The Stout 65 comes with Gregory’s updated TrailFlex suspension system. The TrailFlex suspension system uses a lightweight and stable internal wire frame combined with a custom torso length adjustment and a padded back panel to give you the perfect fit.

It’s a one size fits all system that works for torso lengths of 16 – 22 inches and it’s very simple to adjust the frame to fit using the velcro system. The Trailflex system channels weight to the lumbar region and the internal spring-steel frame is designed to let the backpack move with your body. It’s noticeable when you’re having to scramble up and a shingly path or down a steep descent. 

Hip Belt

Hip belts are one of the most important parts of carrying comfort as they take the strain off your shoulders and redistribute it evenly across your whole body, so not one part of your body is put under more pressure than another.

The hip belt on the Stour 65 is well padded for comfort and comes pre-curved for a snug fit. It is also fully adjustable so you can customize it and it does a great job of spreading a heavy load comfortably.

Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps are also pre-curved, fully adjustable, and well padded for excellent carrying comfort. They also come with a sternum strap to help take the direct load off your shoulders and stop the straps from biting under a heavy load.


The back panel is exceptionally well ventilated and does a great job of making sure you stay cool in hot weather and don’t sweat too much when you’re layered up in the cold. The hip belt and shoulder straps are also built with integrated ventilation to keep you cool on the trail.

Organization & Accessibility

Being able to keep your gear neat and organized when you’re backpacking makes life a lot easier and this all comes down to how your backpack is laid out.

Having pockets for your phone, GPS, rain jacket, or map that you can access quickly and easily while hiking is a godsend, and when traveling, you’ll want to know that things like your passport or sunglasses are safe, secure, and readily available when you need them.

So, how well organized is the Gregory Stout 65?


gregory stout top pocket

Top pocket

There are two compartments in the Stout 65, one large compartment and one sleeping bag compartment that are separated by a divider. You can remove the divider to give yourself one big compartment if you need to, or use the sleeping bag compartment for something else like dirty shoes or damp clothes.

The main compartment is large enough for all your gear and has enough spade for a week-long camping trip if you’re traveling light. Within the main compartment, along with the back panel, you’ll also find a hydration bladder sleeve that you can double up as a laptop sleeve if you need to.

gregory stout bottom compartment

Bottom access

You can access the compartment/s via the top and from the front. The front access point is a large U-shaped zipper that allows you to open up the front completely so you can see everything and get to anything you need quite quickly.


The Stout 65 has 1 internal pocket and 6 external pockets. In the lid, you’ll find one security pocket underneath it that is great for stashing valuables like your wallet and passport. And on top of the lid, you have a quick access pocket for things like your phone, map, head torch, and anything else you want to keep handy.

The hip belt has a zippered pocket on each side which is the ideal size for things that you’ll need at the moment like a small camera, protein bar, multi-tool, suncream, insect repellent, and chapstick.

gregory stout water bottle pocket

On each side, there is an elasticated water bottle pocket. While these are useful, they’re a little tricky to access when you have the backpack on and reduce in volume when the backpack is full. If you’re fully loaded, squeezing a water bottle into these can be quite hard.

On the front of the Stout 65 is a front stretch stuff pocket that is great for putting things like a map, extra layer, hat, or rain jacket in so you aren’t caught short when a sudden downpour catches you by surprise. The stretchy material is a little thin on the pocket and it could wear out quite quickly.

External Attachment Points

stout 65 attachment points

There are two trekking poles or tool attachment points on the front of the Stout 65, one on either side. There are also compression straps on the sides and bottom that you can use for holding a tent or sleeping pad. It would have been nice to see some extra straps over the lid but you can’t have everything.

Extra Features

In case you aren’t already impressed by the Gregory Stout 65‘s materials, durability, comfort, and organization, here are some extra features to help tip the scales in the Stout’s favor.

Surprise Extra Pocket

The rain cover stows away into its own zippered mesh compartment underneath the front stuff pocket by there is space for far more than a rain cover in there. It’s a great stash pocket for accessories, or items you want to keep secure but might need access to quickly.

Floating Lid

The top lid is designed to be floating which allows you to adjust it for additional gear storage. You can stuff the main compartment as full as you like and then lengthen the lid so that it still reaches over and secures your gear.

Solar Ready

Gregory teamed up with Goal Zero to create to integrate solar panel attachment points into their design. This means you can hike around with a secure Gola Zero solar panel that’ll charge your devices or battery pack while on the move.

Value For Money

The Stout 65 comes in at a price below $200, which is about right for a high-end backpack of this quality. It’s durable, well made, comfortable, and has all the storage options you’ll need for traveling and hiking.

If the Stout 65 suits your needs, don’t hesitate, it will serve you well no matter where you take it. If you’re still not sure, then maybe you haven’t heard about the Gregory Lifetime Warranty. They guarantee your backpack for life against defects from material or workmanship, meaning you’ll probably have the Stout 65 for life.


With an overall rating of 90, the Stout 65 has done exceptionally well in our rating system, almost scoring a 9/10 in every category. There is nothing outstanding about the Stout 65 and there is nothing wrong with it either, it just gets the job done.


Gregory Mountain Products Stout 65 Liter Men's Backpack, Navy Blue, One Size

Backpacking with the Gregory Stout 65 is a little bit like driving a Toyota. It’s reliable as hell and will get you through every situation but doesn’t come with any of the bells and whistles of something fancier.

For under $200, it’s very spacious, comfortable, has just the right amount of pockets, is durable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Anyone would struggle to not recommend this backpack, and that goes for us too.