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A Guide to Daranak Falls (A Fun Day Trip From Manila)

Many travellers to the Philippines end up in Metro Manila – a group of some of the biggest cities in the country. While Metro Manila is a fun, sometimes chaotic, place to be in, one can always use a quick getaway to somewhere more peaceful. Luckily, there are many day trips you can do outside of the city without the need for a long plane or ferry ride. One of the rising day trip destinations is Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal.

Rizal is a province east of Manila that used to be overlooked when it comes to outdoor adventures. Nowadays, it’s slowly becoming a popular destination as avid travellers continue to look for nearby trips from the city. Tanay is a small town 53 kilometers away from Metro Manila. Several nature spots have been developed in the recent years, and one of the most popular ones is Daranak Falls.

All About Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is 14 meters high and surrounded by lush forests. The crystal clear cool waters cascade down into a 30-ft deep catch basin amidst boulders and greenery. It then flows into the river that trekkers to the falls can follow.

It’s located in Barangay Tandang Kutyo in the town of Tanay. Since recognizing the falls as a popular tourist destination, the province of Rizal has begun efforts in preserving its natural beauty despite the influx of visitors. During the summer, the falls, the pool and the river can be quite crowded given its proximity to Metro Manila.

The falls are open from 8AM to 5PM everyday.


  • Adult: Php 50 (USD 1)
  • Children: Php 50 (USD 1)
  • Picnic Shed: Php 300 (USD 6)
  • Picnic Table: Php 200 (USD 4)
  • Lifebuoys (Salbabida): Php 50 (USD 1)
  • Life Jacket: Php 50 (USD 1)
  • Shower Room: Php 10 (USD 0.20)
  • Locker: Php 50 (USD 1)
  • Parking Fee: Php 50 (USD 1)
  • Professional Photoshoot: Php 1,500 (USD 30)


  • No alcoholic beverages allowed
  • No videos or loud music to be played to preserve peace and serenity of nature
  • No pets
  • No plastic and styrofoam materials to be left behind


As you can see, fees here are pretty cheap, which means lots of people visit Daranak Falls. If you want peace and quiet or you’re not up to queueing for a long time at the showers, try to visit on a weekday. Even if it’s not summer season, weekends at Daranak Falls can still be pretty crowded.

There are several stores along the way to the falls and around the falls itself, but food is pricey and not that great. If you can, it will be much better to bring your own food and have a picnic in one of the sheds or tables.

Getting to Daranak Falls

Via Public Transportation

FX Vehicles Heading to Tanay, Rizal

There are several public transport terminals around Metro Manila that have FX rides headed to Tanay. These are white Mitsubishi Tamaraw FX vehicles marked with various locations within and outside Metro Manila. Head to one of the terminals at Starmall EDSA (Mandaluyong City), EDSA Central (Mandaluyong City), LRT Santolan Station.

  1. Head to the terminal and look for an FX heading to Tanay
  2. Get off at Tanay Public Market Transport Terminal
  3. Head to the Daranak Falls Tricycle Terminal

From Ortigas Center

  1. Ride a bus or MRT (above-ground railway) to Shaw Boulevard and alight at EDSA Starmall
  2. Take the steps above


  1. Head to the public transport terminals at Robinsons Galleria Mall
  2. Ride a G-Liner bus headed to Taytay, Rizal and alight at Cainta Junction
  3. Ride a Jeepney to Tanay, Rizal
  4. Head to the Daranak Falls Tricycle Terminal

From Araneta Center or Cubao

  1. Ride a bus or MRT (above-ground railway) to Shaw Boulevard and alight at EDSA Starmall
  2. Take the steps above


  1. Hail a jeepney going to Antipolo and alight at Ynares Center
  2. Hail a jeepney going to Tanay
  3. Alight at the Public Market and head to the Daranak Falls Tricycle Terminal

Via Booked Tour

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of planning your travel to Daranak Falls, Hitch Travel & Tours organizes day trip excursions inclusive of transportation.

What to Expect

The Daranak Falls is not a highly-commercial destination, so bring everything you need. Showers are available, but these are simple stalls with running water. During crowded seasons, be prepared to fall in line and fight the crowds.

All you really do at the falls is to enjoy nature and swim in cool water. Half a day is enough to enjoy the falls, including the time you need to get there and back.

There are many nearby destinations as well, so if you want to extend your day at Tanay, ask a local guide to bring you to Batlag Falls and Calinawan Cave. Both are a couple of minutes away from the falls. They’re less crowded, too, and can complete your entire Tanay adventure.


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