Last Updated: April 13, 2022
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Little America Backpack Review: A Daypack With Style


Little America Backpack

The Herschel Little American backpack is a well designed backpack that will suit those who like a mix of style and function in their pack. View Latest Deal

The Little America Backpack has become a bit of a classic lately and for good reason.

It combines space, function, and style all in one comfortable backpack.

Of course, there are a few downsides, that I will go into in the review, but for the most part it’s a great backpack as a day pack for travel, school or work.

In this review, I will break it down to show you all the areas of the pack and what they can do. You can click on the links below to jump right to the section or read the review completely. Your choice :>

Let’s get started with the Little America Backpack from Herschel


  • Loads of great colors to choose from
  • Laptop sleeve with padding, fleece and elevation
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Padded straps and back with airflow
  • Front hidden pocket with key holder
  • Nice addition of a phone pocket with headphone hole


  • No hipstrap for extra longterm carrying
  • Not a lot of internal or external pockets
  • More designed for style than function

Product Information

  • Size: 19.3 x 11 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 lb shipping weight
  • Interior: Signature striped fabric liner
  • Internal Laptop Sleeve: Padded and fleece lined for 15 inch laptops
  • Internal Pocket: Perfect for phone, with headphone hole
  • Exterior Pocket: Located on front - with hidden zipper and key clip
  • Closure: Adjustable drawstring (for interior) & magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips (exterior)

Overall Style In A Backpack? YES!

As you can see in the huge range of styles above the team at Herschel have you covered when it comes to style in a backpack!

The colors above are just a small sample of the 55 or so colors you can get this backpack in.

Some are a single color with faux leather straps. Others have two-tone (with a different flap and pocket colors. While others are crazy floral or military style.

It’s completely up to you :>

Below is a complete color panel list from the Herschel website.

Lots Of Space & Protects Your Laptop Too

The Little America is well designed and has loads of space on the inside to carry almost anything you need in any given day (books, folders, shoes, travel gear, cameras, etc). It is rated at 25L so is a decent-sized backpack!

It also comes with a laptop sleeve, that is certainly beyond what most manufacturers will provide – let me explain:

Not only is it padded and fleece-lined (yes, fleece for your laptop!), but it is also elevated from the bottom of the bag so it saves you damaging your laptop if you drop it (or just put it down hard). I have always hated that “thud” when I put my bag on the ground, knowing it is my computer taking a beating!

Your laptop also fits snuggly down the back of the pack so does not interfere with your everyday use of it, or putting other big things inside.

This pack can handle a  15-inch laptop comfortably, and some 17-inch laptops can be squeezed in according to reviews I have read. Although I have not tried such a big one myself. So, if your laptop is on the large/thick side and a 17 inch, think hard about whether you want to risk buying this pack.

Back Padding & Straps

The nice thing about the Little America is that Herschel have thought about people’s backs! Gone are those days where you feel like you have a plank against your back and can’t carry your pack for hours.

They have included all of the following features which make for a very comfy fit:

  • Contoured shoulder straps that are well padded and adjustable so you can carry it right
  • Air mesh back padding

This pack is well designed and the straps and back padding made me smile. It means it is comfy to carry and doesn’t make you want to put it down (or just on one shoulder) after 20 minutes. You can carry this for hours and still not have sweat dribbling down your back!

The one thing it is lacking for me is a hip strap, which can help take the load off your shoulders if you are carrying a lot and for a long time.

Other Features

Although the Little America Backpack does not come with a huge amount of pockets, the front pocket is again super well designed.

It has a zipper, to keep things secure, but it is also hidden away below a flap with buckles that “appear” to be the way to open it. So, I guess you could say it is a bit of a decoy for thieves!

Inside there is also a keychain holder which is always handy to make sure you don’t misplace your keys! (not more lock outs :>)

There is also a handy earphone hole which leads to the phone pocket on the inside. Now you can safely store your phone and still listen to music on the go!

Not Enough Pockets?

Although this bag does have a few pockets, these days we expect quite a few more. One for water (outside), maybe another for an umbrella, and more on the inside for “stuff” especially when we travel and carry a lot of things. That is the major drawback for this packpacK

Lifetime Warranty

One of the other big pluses for the Little America is the lifetime warranty offered by Herschel.

It not only covers the standard manufacturing and material defects you would expect in any product warranty, but also any defects during everyday use of the bag for its lifetime. Not bad, if you ask me!

Full Walkthrough of Features (Video)

All in all this is a well designed backpack that will suit those who like a mix of style and function in their pack. Sure, there are a few things missing, but rarely do you get it all in one bag.

If you need to travel or carry lots of stuff in a good looking back with nice back support, this one will suit you well.