Bachalpsee: Hiking from First to Faulhorn

bachalpsee eiger reflection

The Bachalpsee (or Bachsee) is a small lake above Grindelwald that is a popular destination for hikers in the area. It is a short walk from the First Gondola station, so is easy to reach for both experienced and new hikers. But the real draw of the Bachalpsee lake is the stunning reflection of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau in the often still, deep blue waters of the lake. 


Bachalpsee reflection of the Eiger in the still waters

Bachalpsee reflection of the Eiger in the still waters

Of course, the earlier you go in the morning, the more likely there is to be no wind and no ripples on the lake. This leads to picture-perfect reflections of the 4000m mountains in the distance.

The hike itself is very easy and family friendly. It starts at the top of the Grindelwald-First gondola and takes around 1 hour to get to the lake. There is a small climb of around 90m, and drop of around 175m (one way).

The Bachsee lake  is a great place to have lunch, or you can continue to the Faulhorn hut above, for a longer hike, overnight options, as well as lunch, dinner or just a drink.

Hiking From First to the Faulhorn Hut

Faulhorn hut from below

Faulhorn hut from below

The hike fro First to Faulhorn is a great way to make a longer hike out of your visit to the Bachalpsee. Not only do you get a little further from the crowds, but you also get a better view of both sides of the mountain.

It is a relatively easy hike, and it takes around 2 hours 15min one way. You climb around 600m, to a height of 2680m. So, it is a little more strenuous than just going to the lake, especially since you reach such a high altitude. But don’t let that stop you!

I wold give myself around 4 hours return, although if you are fast and fit, it will take you less.

View from Faulhorn hut

Things To Do At The First Gondola

Another great option is to have some fun at the First Gondola station while you are there. An absolute must is to do the easy, free and jaw-dropping First Tissot Cliff walk. This loops around the cliff below the gondola station and gives you stunning views of the Eiger and the Grindelwald valley below.

You can also get a huge adrenaline rush with the First Flyer. It’s a little like a zipline, only you sit in fixed seats and drop at around 85 km/hr (52 mph) at a height of 50m above the ground.

Another great way to end your hike to the Bachalpsee or the Faulhorn is to hire a Trottibike scooter and ride your way to the valley. If you plan on doing this, then remember to only buy a one-way gondola ticket up, this will save you a pretty penny!


Hiking Time
Starting Point
First Gondola Summit Station
Public Transport
Train to Grindelwald, then 10min walk or bus stop Firstbahn
Grindelwald Parking (Next to Sunstar Hotel)