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First Cliff Walk by Tissot – Conquer Your Fears

Longing to reach the Alpine Summit, but not willing to go through the rigors of mountaineering? Wanting to feel the crisp alpine air, but you’re lugging a couple of kids? Maybe even some grandparents? Or maybe you’re simply bored? Whatever it is, any excuse is the perfect excuse to take a possibly nerve-wracking “stroll” on the First Cliff Walk by Tissot.

Tissot Cliff Walk - First, Grindelwald

Tissot Cliff Walk – First, Grindelwald

The First Cliff Walk by Tissot is a summit attraction in the Jungfrau region and is located near Grindelwald. A gondola ride to the top of Grindelwald-First takes you to breathtaking views of Alps. If you want to conquer your fear of heights, the First Cliff Walk should be the first item on your itinerary.

Getting to First Cliff Walk by Tissot

First is the starting point for many Alpine adventures at over 2,000 meters above sea level. The first step in getting there is taking a train to Grindelwald. You can check the Swiss Train Timetable to find the best routes from wherever you will be coming from.

There will be a leisurely walk through the village before you get to the station to take the gondola up to First. There’s no need to book ahead, but if you want to be sure or just check out the times, you can look them up online.

There are three stations at First, and you will alight at the top station to take a walk on the wild, airy, side.

The First Cliff Walk Experience

Tissot Cliff Walk - First, Grindelwald

Tissot Cliff Walk – First, Grindelwald

When you get off the gondola, there will be signs that will lead you to the Cliff Walk. Yes, it’s right there at the gondola station. So, pretty easy to get to, right?

The path starts off with a trail that wraps around a small hill, which then turns into a narrow metal pathway. The Cliff Walk brings you thousands of meters above the valleys and pastures and leads to an observation deck that just out 45 meters into the void.

Standing on the platform of the Cliff Walk is definitely dizzying, but nothing short of amazing. From the valleys and rivers below to the layers of rocks and hundreds of alpine choughs, this family-friendly path cannot be missed. People with a fear of heights will find their heart pumping out of their chest, but there’s no better way to conquer that fear than standing at the peak of the First.

More Adventures From The First Ski Resort In Grindelwald

Hikes and Mountain Trails


Grindelwald - View of the Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau from First

Bachalpsee, First, Grindelwald – View of the Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau from First

It’s an easy hike to Bachalpsee once you’re ready for a bit more action after the Cliff Walk. The start of the Bachalpsee hike is the same path you took to the Cliff Walk. There will be signs to guide you, and you can take an easy but uphill hike.

Bachalpsee is a very popular destination, so you will be most likely walking with many tourists and travelers on the trail. If you’re traveling with kids, most of the path is flat and wide, with a small bumpy portion that sturdy strollers can easily get through.

After approximately an hour of hiking, at the end of the path are the two lakes that everyone takes the Bachalpsee hike for.

Find a nice, grassy spot, stretch out your legs, and enjoy a lunch with the perfect view.


Photo credit: valcker via / CC BY

From the path going to Bachalpsee, you can continue your literally uphill struggle to Faulhorn. This will take probably another hour, but it’s not advisable for those with kids and strollers to take this hike. The entire journey sets you walking at dizzying heights surrounded by grassy hills, little mountain lakes, and a clear view of snowy mountain peaks in the distance.

Schynigge Platte

Photo credit: rockcatch via / CC BY-NC-ND

Still not enough? Make it a full-day hike and continue on to Schynigge Platte. Make sure you start early in the day so you don’t end up rushing back to Grindelwald after you’ve worked so hard to Schynigge Platte.

From Faulhorn, the hike is a long but gradual descent to Schynigge Platte. You will eventually reach the Männdlenen hut (also known as the Weberhütte). There’s no other way to reach this hut but on foot, so all the people you meet here will be hikers like yourself.

You can either opt to spend the night at the hut or continue your hike as you enter the green plateau of Schynige Platte. The last part of the hike is relatively easy as you stroll through meadows. Here’s a rough view of what your hiking route will look like.


Bussalp - First Cliff Walk by Tissot

Photo credit: Lolation via / CC BY-NC-ND

If you’re not ready for the serious hike to Schynigge Platte, you can make the descent from Faulhorn to Bussalp. This path is a slow descent, which will take approximately two hours. You’ll be passing by meadows, barns, and possibly some cows along the way. There’s a small restaurant at Bussalp where you can take a break, have some coffee, and wait for the bus back to Grindelwald.

First Flyer

Standing at the sky-high platform in the Alps is one thing, but flying through it is another. After your Cliff Walk, you can go back to the gondola stations and make your way to the First Flyer. It’s a zip line that suspends you 50 meters above alpine meadows, and whizzes you through the air at 80 km/hour. You go through 800 meters of cable line in less than a minute, but this adrenaline rush takes you from First to Schrekfield.


Photo credit: aletscharena via / CC BY-NC-SA

After your flight through the zip line, you can complete your First adventure with the First Mountain cart at Schreckfield. Mountain carts are a mix of a go-cart and a sled, created specifically for snow-less paths. It’s low, sturdy, and equipped with wide tires so you can easily make your way over rocks and bumps.

The carts are propelled by gravity, so the trail is downhill. There are hydraulic brakes that help you control your speed as you take in the views of the Alps and the meadows around you.

Take your First step towards the Cliff Walk

Going down the platform of the First Cliff Walk by Tissot may take all of 10 minutes, but the views will make an impression in your memories for a lifetime. Combine that with the many adventures you can take at Grindelwald-First, and this trip will have you dreaming of mountains and meadows for years.

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