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How to Connect Two Tents Together

Camping trips with a crowd of friends or family can be great fun, but there will be times and situations where you want some privacy. No need to buy a bigger tent. With some planning, you can get the added space needed by connecting two tents together. The design of some tents makes this difficult, so you must get creative.

How to Connect Two Tents

If the two tents you want to connect are the same size and shape, they can be easily connected so that one tent leads to another. But you will have to make sure one of the tents has a second door so that you can enter and exit the double tent. If the doors of the two tents match, you’re in luck. Simply roll up the doors to get the excess material out of the way and connect the two openings using binder clips.

connect two tents with tarp

Each Tent Has One Door

But what if each tent only has one door? It’s an issue that can be fixed. Set up both tents one or two meters apart with the doors facing each other. Now you can enter or exit through either door. Use a tarp to bridge the gaps and drape it over the tents. Stakes will keep both tents stable. Make sure the tents are rigid so they don’t collapse. You can also use the tarp-covered space for picnicking or for extra storage.

tents with marque or tarp

Using a Pole Marquee Tent

Those large tents that you often see at festivals or weddings are called pole or marquee tents. Consider using one for expanding your camping area. Set the marquee tent up as a covered common space for socializing with the rest of your group. Leave one side open for an entrance and exit. Set up the marquee tent first and then pitch another tent for sleeping so that it faces one side of the big marquee tent.

If it’s raining at mealtime, prepare and eat your food underneath the marquee tent or tarp. This could also just be used against one tent, and any other campers with you can move a bit further away so people can sleep in peace.

Multi-Room Tents

Suppose you don’t want the hassle of joining a couple of tents together but still want ample space for your camping group. The best solution for you is a multi-room tent. This type of tent will afford you to have a few bedrooms with some privacy and gives you more room to organize your personal belongings. Privacy and extra space are what this setup is all about.

There are some problems that a multi-room tent can pose. Since it’s larger, it may be unsteady in windy conditions. Multi-room tents can also be expensive. They’re also harder to transport since multi-room tents are bulkier and heavier than regular tents.


In the end, it’s all up to you and your budget. But don’t let a lack of space ruin the fun of group camping. If you don’t have a multi-room or pole marquee tent, follow the above tips for connecting two tents together.

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