Last Updated: July 10, 2019

Keen Durand Polar Boots Review – Warm & Outdoor Ready?

Keen are well known for their sandals, but have long ago moved into producing other high quality footwear like these boots.

The Keen Durand Polar is a hiking boot ready for winter. 

It has excellent grip, a waterproof membrane and 400g of insulation to help keep your foot warm while outside in winter.

It is not the prettiest of boots, so won't suit anyone looking for a fashion statement. But for those looking for a winter hiking or snowshoeing partner, or just a boot if you live outdoors in cold snowy areas.

Warm & Waterproof

Like Columbia, Keen have developed their own insulation and waterproofing membrane (keeps water out, but lets sweat through) to help keep you warm and dry in winter.

The 400g bamboo-based insulation is a good start, but Keen have also added a custom footbed with a wool-lining and reflective thermal layer in between to help warm the foot from below (where the cold is :>).

From all reviews I have read online, they seem to have done an excellent job at both.

The only weakness I can see with this boot is that it is only 7.5 inches from the arch, so there is a chance of snow in your boots. Especially if you hike or snowshoe in deep snow areas.


  • Weight: 3 lb 3 oz
  • Insulation: 400g Keen Warm
  • Upper: Leather and textile upper
  • Waterproofing: KEEN.Dry® waterproof breathable membrane
  • Height: 7.5 inches from arch
  • Colors: Black


The custom Keen grip is designed to grip without leaving marks. A typical kind of rubber that most outdoor manufacturers are using right now.

Reviewers have said it grips well very well, but not on black ice. Which, to be honest, is the same for the majority of boots. Ice will always be a problem, unless you are wearing crampons!

Keen Durand Polar Grip

Keen Durand Polar Grip

Getting The Right Fit

These boots a quite nice to hike in because they have a strong lacing system, with quick-lace loops on the top. There are also two pull loops on the top collar to help you pull them on fast.

However, the trick is in getting the right fit in a winter boot because sizing is often different, especially if you want to include a thicker sock (which most of us will).

Keen, as well as most reviewers, recommend that you buy one size up from what you normally would - to get the right fit for these boots.

Summing It Up

The Keen Durand Polar is a boot for the keen (no pun intended) winter hiker or snowshoer, or someone who just wants a decent boot for winter.

They will keep you warm, dry and sweat-free. As good as any boot can. And they are very popular with outdoor lovers.

If this suits your needs, you will unlike to be disappointed (just remember to order a size up).


  • Strong winter hiking boots
  • Warm and dry with Keen's custom tech
  • Good grip in most conditions


  • Not as high as some dedicated snow boots
  • Difficult to get on/off with laces
  • Runs small (order one size up)

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