Last Updated: April 22, 2020

Annual Daylily Sale

Saturday June 20th 2020

The annual Daylily Sale is held at 6005 4th Street from 9am until 5pm or until the supply is sold. All proceeds from this sale go to the Kimmswick Visitor Center to help fund it’s daily operations.

The Daylilies for our annual sale come from a state inspected garden and all of the bulbs are cultivated right here in Kimmswick.

Daylilies are perennials meaning they return year after year without re-planting. The flowers of most species open at sunrise and wither at sunset, usualy replaced by another one on the same stem the next day.

Daylilies can be grown in zones 1 through 11, making them some of the most adaptable landscape plants around.

For more information please call the Kimmswick Visitor Center at 636-464-6464.

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