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Getting From LAX Airport to Hollywood (Shuttle, Taxi, Bus & More)

If you are planning a trip to LA and want to get to Hollywood then there are a range of options you can choose from.

You can grab a taxi from LAX to the Hollywood Walk of Fame directly, or you can figure out which buses and metros travel there for a fraction of the price.

Some of these options will get your directly from LAX Airport near to the Hollywood sign, others are better like Uber if you have a more distant destination in Hollywood.

Bus From LAX to Hollywood

Public Bus From LAX to Hollywood

There are various bus connections from LAX to Hollywood.

It takes between 2 and 2.5 hours to complete the journey, so I would recommend using the Metro instead.

However, if you are interested in the bus options, here are some examples:

  • Walk to Sepulveda / Century
  • Bus 117 from Sepulveda / Century to Century / Crenshaw
  • Bus 210 from Century / Crenshaw to Vine / Lexington

Or take Bus 117 again to Century / Prairie then change to Bus 212 to Highland & Hollywood Blvd.

There are also various connections with FlyAway buses and metros. So just jump on Google Maps and see what comes up for your departure time.

Flyaway Bus From LAX to Hollywood

The Flyaway bus route from LAX to Hollywood has been discontinued. There are only two routes being operated by Flyaway to Van Nuys and Union Station and they do not pass Hollywood.

Metro From LAX to Hollywood

  • Travel Time:  1 hour 50 minutes
  • Trip Cost: $1.75
  • Operating Hours: 4 am – Midnight (later on weekends)

Taking the metro from LAX to Hollywood takes around 1 hour 50 minutes and involves three changes. It costs $1.75 which covers you for the metro rides and transfers within a time period of 2 hours.

Metro Fare details can be found here. You can use various methods of payment from card, cash, mobile payment and their TAP card system – which includes a $7 daily use card.

You have to take the shuttle bus and metro trains from LAX to Hollywood:

  1. Shuttle Bus to Aviation Station
  2. Green Line from Aviation Station to Harbor Fwy Station
  3. Gray Metro J Line from Harbor Fwy Station to Figueroa / 7th
  4. Red Metro B Line from 7th Street/Metro Center To Hollywood
LAX to Hollywood Metro Map

LAX to Hollywood Metro Map

Metro map can he found here.

Shuttle from LAX to Hollywood

There are a number of companies to operate shuttles from LAX to Hollywood. You need to book with them directly for the time and date you ar flying.

They typically cost around $80+ for 3 people.

Here are some companies that offer these shuttle services to LAX

Taxi From LAX to Hollywood

  • Travel Time:  35-50 minutes
  • Trip Cost: $50-80

The price of a Taxi from LAX Airport to West Hollywood range from $50-80 depending on the time and route.

It can take anywhere from 35 minutes to 50 minutes in typical daytime traffic.

Uber From LAX to Hollywood

  • Travel Time:  35-50 minutes
  • Trip Cost: $25-70
Uber from LAX to Hollywood prices

Example of an Uber ride offer from LAX to Hollywood

An Uber from LAX Airport to Hollywood is between $25-75. The cheaper times are very late at night, so, it is not much cheaper than a taxi if you are traveling during daylight hours.

It also takes between 35-50 minutes to get from the Airport to Hollywood with an Uber during the day.

From LAX To The Hollywood Sign

The best way to get to the Hollywood Sign viewpoints from LAX is to first get to Griffin Park. The same travel times apply for taxi and Uber above, but public transport takes 1.5-2 hours.

The last stop on the Red Line Metro is Hollywood/Western, from there you can take Bus 180 to Los Feliz / Hillhurst and then walk up to Griffin Park.

From LAX To The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hollywood walk of fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is in the center of Hollywood and you can take the same metro options to get there.

The nearest stop on the Red Line Metro is Hollywood/Vine which is right on top of the beginning of the Walk of Fame.

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