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DJI Mavic Pro: Which Micro SD Card Is Best?

Sandisk Micro SD 32 Gig for Mavic Pro

Just got your DJI Mavic Pro and wondering what micro SD memory card to buy?

Don't worry, it is a very common question. And one that is often hard to find a good answer for online.

So, I decided to go on the hunt and find out all about Micro SD Cards and the Mavic Pro. A marriage made in heaven :>

There is one simple answer to this question (first) and then further down I also go into more detail and consider all the questions people have asked and answered on the subject of memory cards for the Mavic Pro.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Mavic Pro SD Card

The Simple Answer: Which Micro SD Memory Card For Your Mavic Pro?

There are a couple of technical factors to take into account when choosing your micro SD card.

  • The Mavic Pro technically only supports micro SD memory cards up to a maximum 64 Gig (according to the manual)
  • It is recommended to have a Class 3 SD card to shoot 4K video

If you have both of those two things, you should be good to go. Below are two great options. If you want more info and details, keep scrolling...

What Is The Largest Size SD Card The Mavic Can Handle?

I was watching a Mavic Pro pilot (Timothy Sunday) on Youtube the other day and he successfully tested a 256Gig micro SD in his Mavic.

So, although DJI states that the Mavic can only take a 64Gig card, he was able to use a 256Gig.

BUT: Although he tested it, and it worked, the controller threw up warnings that it had exceeded the maximum recommended size. So, there is no way of knowing what an "over 64Gig" card will do (or not do) in the long run. Maybe you will lose footage, or the software might become a big glitchy, no idea.

So, should you buy a larger card? I wouldn't. Having worked for software developers and manufacturers as an Engineer myself I can tell you they "usually" have recommended specifications for a reason (they are tried, tested, and they work). But, if you have a 256G card already, you could give it a shot. It will probably work.

The Best micro SDs for The Mavic Pro

Here are a few top notch micro SD cards that should be just right for your Mavic Pro. Of course, there are lots of other options, but for quality and storage vs price, you can't go past the SanDisks.

Sandisk Micro SD 32 Gig for Mavic Pro
  • 32 Gig
  • UHS Class 3
  • Video speed Class 30 (V30)
  • Write Speed 90Mbit/s
  • Read Speed 60 Mbit/s
Sandisk Micro SD 32 Gig for Mavic Pro
  • 64 Gig
  • UHS Class 3
  • Video speed Class 30 (V30)
  • Write Speed 90Mbit/s
  • Read Speed 60 Mbit/s

Other Things To Consider When Buying A Micro SD

I have combed the drone forums and guides to find out as much useful information as I can about which is the best SD card for your Mavic and why.

And I discovered some other useful info along the way.

How Long Will You Fly For (Or How Many Batteries Do You Have)?

The size of the micro SD you need really depends on how much 4K footage you can shoot in one drone flying session.

Most experienced drone pilots say that a 32Gig is more than enough if you only have 1 or 2 batteries.

However, if you

  • Plan to fly for longer periods (or have more batteries and can)
  • Tend to store video on your cards (ie. don't empty them between sessions)
  • Just want to be sure you don't lose any footage by running out of space

Then I would grab the 64Gig micro SD card to be safe.

How Long Do You Want To Wait When Downloading The Files?

The speed of your micro SD can be measured in two ways:

  1. Write speed (the speed at which data can be saved on the card - relevant for the drone to save movies)
  2. Read speed (the speed at which you can get the data/files off the card)

The class 3 part of the specification shows that you have a fast enough card to write 4K movies, so you are good to go on the drone side.

But, how long do you want to wait when downloading? This is where the cards also differ in price (apart from size).

The SD cards mentioned above have a write speed of 60 Mbits/s.

However, if you don't want to wait for the files to slowly transfer to your computer you can up the speed to 90 MB/s by buying a better card. (that is 50% faster transfer times).

Do You Want To Store The Files On SD Or Have More Cards In Case?

Another thing to consider (and mentioned by many pros in the forums) is that having just one card is not always ideal.

You might want to change cards more often, rather than have one big card with all your files.

So, instead of a 64Gig card, some people like to go with multiple 16G cards or 32GB cards instead of say, one 64GB.

That way you can:

  • Swap out cards after key moments/shots to ensure you have the data.
  • Keep certain files safe or even stored on SD Cards 
  • Change SD cards when you change batteries

This option is not for everyone, but it is something worth considering. Sometimes, bigger is not always better :>

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