Last Updated: July 10, 2019

Osprey Comet 30 Backpack Review – Is It The Perfect Day Pack?

Osprey Comet 30

Osprey Comet 30

The Osprey Comet 30 is a travel and commuter pack with plenty of space for all your gear.

This is the perfect backpack for anyone needing a decent amount of space, organization but not overloaded with hiking style features you don't need.

It features:​

  • A roomy interior space to pack your gear (including document sleeve)
  • A padded laptop sleeve right down the pack for easy carrying & access
  • Comfy shoulder straps and a simple chest/hip strap to secure your pack in place
  • A deep front organizer pocket with a lots of room for smaller items
  • The usual side pockets for water bottles
  • A handy little spot for your bike light on the back

For a day out while traveling or just heading to school or work, this pack should do you well for years.

Here are the overall specs for the backpack, followed by more detail on each feature to help you figure out if the Osprey Comet is for you...

Note: jump to each using the navigation on the side (below on mobile).​


  • Bag Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 12 inches
  • Laptop Sleeve: 18 x 11 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 2.13 lbs (0.97kg)
  • Material: 210D Nylon Oxford
  • 5+ Colors: Gray, Black, Blue, Green, Red
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The Osprey Comet 30 Features

Osprey Comet Laptop Sleeve

Osprey Comet Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

Having a padded laptop sleeve in your backpack is a great way to protect your computer when you are on the go.

But what is even better is when it is right at the back.

Why? Because it puts the load closer to your body which means it stresses your shoulders and back less. It's the perfect spot for a heavy object like your laptop and Osprey have got that right!​

It also makes for easy access if you have to go through security at an airport, or just grab your laptop at work or in class, without having to open the whole back, push your other gear out of the way and struggle to pull your laptop out of the back document sleeve.

Done that before? I have and it is not fun.

Osprey Comet Top Pocket

Osprey Comet "Scratch-Proof" Top Pocket

Top Pocket (Scratch Free)

On almost every model of Osprey backpack you will find this super-roomy top pocket.

Not only is it a great place to throw lots of those smaller items (waller/purse, glasses, phone etc) but it is also coated in a scratch-free material to protect things you don't want to ruin.

Of course, you don't have to put "scratchables" in there. That is up to you, but I find it's great to have the option (especially if you forgot your glasses case).

Being right at the top this pocket is almost as handy as the laptop pocket. So, be sure to make use of it!

Osprey Comet Interior With Document Sleeve

Osprey Comet Interior With Document Sleeve

Main Compartment

The main compartment is one of the simplest and biggest on the Comet.

The zipper, although not full length, gives you plenty of access to the main inside compartment. And at the back you will find an elastic sleeve for documents. 

I always throw things in there like my travel itinerary and copies of important documents when I travel - they are out of the way, and you can keep them in there no matter what you put in the rest of the pack.

Water Bottle Pockets

Right on the sides are reasonably sized water bottle holders. 

YOu might struggle to squeeze a big 1L bottle in here, but they are enough for a normal size drink/bottle or an umbrella.​

Osprey Comet Straps

Osprey Comet Straps

Harness Straps & Padding

Osprey does not overload day packs like the Comet with a complex and heavy harness/strap system. This means a lighter pack, but with enough padding and straps to carry everything you need for the day in comfort.

You get:​

  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps with wicking material to reduce sweat
  • Padding backing also with wicking material
  • Simple / removable hip straps to reduce load on shoulders (if you are carrying a lot)
  • Adjustable sternum strap to stabilize and center the pack on your back

This is a comfortable set up if you are not hauling a huge load. The hip straps will help a bit if you want to carry more (or just secure the load on your back while running/hiking/cycling, but don't expect it to be hiking grade comfort).

The hip straps are also removable if you find they are just getting in the way and you don't want to use them. Personally, I like to reduce the load on my shoulders whenever I can.​

A Few More Things

As usual on any Osprey backpack, the Comet comes with quality materials and zippers.

The main material is 210 denier Nylon that is very durable.

There are two nicely padded grab handles on this pack, which is great when you need to just get up and go (on a train, plane etc). There is one on the top, and maybe a bit unusually one on the back (this is great for when the backpack is lying flat - which can happen a lot).

There is also a handy little slot for a rear bike light if you are a commuter riding to work.

The Osprey Comet backpack comes in 6 colors:  Gray (with red accents), black, blue, two greens and red.

To sum it all up here are the pros and cons as I see them on this backpack.


  • Tonnes of room inside the pack, including a document sleve
  • Dedicated laptop & tablet padded pocket can easily fit a 15.6" laptop and is easy to access on the top
  • Roomy organizer pocket on the front for all your smaller gear
  • Scratch-proof pocket on top for other delicate items (phone etc)
  • A decent strap and harness system for such a day pack
  • Nice little additions like the bike light slot and front carry handle


  • Lack of hiking grade hip straps might annoy people carrying heavier loads
  • No padding below your laptop (so if you are a bag "dropper" it might not be enough protection)
  • Side compression straps can get in the way when opening / closing zippers

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