Last Updated: May 30, 2021

Samsonite Aeris Review


Samsonite Aeris

The Samsonite Aeris is a simple, lightweight, zipperless suitcase that will last you for years to come. If you are on a budget and need something that will go with you anywhere, it's a great option. View Latest Deal

Samsonite makes some of the best luggage you can find. They have a wide array of products, and sometimes it can be hard to discern great ones from the mediocre ones.

In this post I will take a look in detail at the Samsonite Aeris, quite possibly one of the great (and not so expensive) ones.

The Samsonite Aeris (called F’lite in the USA) is a hardshell, zipperless suitcase. It is available in 2 variants: the spinner and the upright. We will focus on the Aeris Spinner in this review, because of its obvious benefit (spinner wheels!).

Keep reading for a detailed review of the good and bad things about the Samsonite Aeries!

NOTE: If you are in the USA, this suitcase is known as the F”lite. We have covered it in this Zipperless suitcase review.

AERIS 25”Body Dimensions: 26.8” x 19.3” x 11” Weight: 9.7 lbs Capacity: 64.5 L Best For: 1 week vacation
AERIS 28”Body Dimensions: 29.5” x 20.5” x 12.2” Weight: 10.6 lbs Capacity: 87.5 L Best For: 2 week vacation
AERIS 31”Body Dimensions: 31.9” x 23.2” x 13.4" Weight: 11.9 lbs Capacity: 118.5 L Best For: Vacation longer than 2 weeks

Materials And Design

Samsonite Suitcase, Black

The Aeris is a zipperless suitcase and it features latch closing. Zipperless luggage is generally considered to be more secure, because zippers are quite easy to break into, regardless of whether your suitcase has a lock.

In terms of the materials, this Samsonite suitcase is made with 100% polypropylene material. Although this is a lightweight material, it does not perform as well as polycarbonate, in terms of durability and impact resistance. However, it is also cheaper than polycarbonate, which is reflected by the price of the Aeries. It might not be a cheap suitcase, but it is less expensive than the Neopulse, for example, which is made of polycarbonate (which is often more expensive).

A cool thing about these suitcases is that they are available in a variety of vibrant colors. You could go for the classic black if you want to, but you could also be bolder and go for the turquoise one (I would)! All colors feature a matte finish and grey accents (handle, latch, wheels, etc.). Matte is always great for not showing scratches too, another bonus.

Additionally, the front of these suitcases has a subtle Samsonite logo print, which I actually find to be very nice.

I did find one downside in the design of the 31” Aeris – it is a very big suitcase, and if you pack it fully, you will most likely go over the airline’s weight limit for checked luggage. If you don’t want to pay extra fees, your suitcase will be half empty most of the time. On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying the extra fees and really need the space, then this isn’t even a downside for you.

With the Aeris, you will get a limited 10-year global warranty. However, the warranty only covers manufacturing defects. And, in the case of a manufacturing defect, Samsonite will gladly repair or even replace your suitcase. If, however, your suitcase should need repair due to damage in transport, you are left to your own devices. So, always have travel insurance.

TSA Approved Lock

Aeris TSA

Good news for everyone who travels to the United States often – the Aeris has a TSA-friendly lock. It is a 3-digit combination lock; the initial combination is 000 but you can set up your own in a matter of minutes. Once you set it up, your belongings will be protected, and no one will be able to access them.

Well, that is not entirely true. The point of TSA locks is that TSA agents are the only ones (apart from you) who can unlock them. They will randomly choose luggage for inspection, and if it doesn’t have a TSA lock they will open it up forcefully. This could damage your suitcase irreparably, or leave you without a lock. So, my advice,  always choose one with this type of lock!

Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Aeris Review

Are you tired of sore arms and back pain? Well, with the Aeris you can say goodbye to them! This suitcase is equipped with 4 spinner wheels that will make your travels much more pleasant. They put less strain on your arms and shoulders, and guarantee you a pain-free trip.

Each wheel can turn 360 degrees, which means that you will never again have to tilt your suitcase so you can roll it. You can push it alongside you, or even in front of you – whichever way you find most comfortable.

Multi-Stage Pull Handle And Carry Handles

Aeris Handle

The handle on the Samsonite Aeris is a single-barrel pull handle, and it can be locked to several different heights. A benefit of the single-barrel design of the handle is that the indent inside the suitcase itself is as small as it can possibly be. Additionally, this type of wheel handle weighs less than a double-barrel one, so it’s a cool way for Samsonite to make the Aeris as lightweight as possible.

The pull handle also has an integrated address tag in it. Additionally, there are 2 carry handles on this suitcase. One is on the top, and the other one is on the side, next to the TSA lock. One thing I don’t like about these handles is that they are pure plastic – they don’t feature any other material on them that would make them feel more comfortable in hand. This could be a problem if you actually have to carry your suitcases for a long period of time (up a few flights of stairs, for example).

Interior Of The Samsonite Aeris

Aeris Interior

The Aeris opens up into 2 packing compartments. In the bottom compartment, there are elastic straps to keep your stuff in place. In the top compartment, there is a divider panel that can be secured with hooks. The divider panel has one meshed pocket, and it is the only pocket in the suitcase. That is a shame because (if you read some of my other reviews) you know how much I love pockets!

One obvious thing that makes the Aeris stand out is the lack of lining on the inside. I consider this a plus because when you think about it, lining just takes up unnecessary space and adds to the weight of the suitcase. Plastic is also much easier to clean than fabric, especially if you have to deal with a shampoo explosion. Overall, the interior of the Aeris is very minimalistic, which I find to be a good thing.

Should You Get The Samsonite Aeris?

Samsonite Suitcase, Black

If you need a new suitcase, the Aeris looks like a pretty good option. You can get it in 3 different sizes, so choose wisely – you don’t want to end up with a suitcase that is smaller or bigger than you need.

It has some cool features, like the spinner wheels and the TSA lock. The biggest benefit of the Aeris is that is zipperless and has a latch closure. With both the latches and the TSA lock, you will always have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your luggage.

The interior of the Aeris is very simple with no lining, and with a small protrusion of the single barrel pull handle. This allows you to optimally make use of the space inside the suitcase and pack as much stuff as you need.

Samsonite Valise Aeris
290 Reviews
Samsonite Valise Aeris
  • Samsonite Aeris Spinner 75cm hard sided suitcase. Spinner 4 wheel facility.
  • 87.5 Litre Interior offers an extra divider pad with zipper pocket for easy and organised packing.

However, be careful with the largest version. You could easily exceed the weight limit for checked luggage if you over-pack it, which will result in extra baggage fees.

If you love the Samsonite Aeris, head over to Amazon to get an outrageously good deal on it!