Last Updated: March 7, 2023
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Samsonite Magnum Eco Review (Maxsum Eco)


Samsonite Magnum Eco

Samsonite Magnum Eco is a hardside carry-on suitcase. It’s a zipperless case with latch locks, crafted from Polypropylene and post-consumer recycled waste. View Latest Deal

Interested in the Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase? Then you’ve come to the right place because this detailed guide will tell you everything you need to know about Samsonite’s new luggage!

The Magnum Eco – or the Maxsum Eco as it’s known in some markets – it s a lightweight polypropylene suitcase. It’s an international carry-on, meaning that airlines all over the world will accept it as a cabin bag, including budget airlines. Keep reading to learn about all the different features of the Magnum Eco, and decide whether it’s a good option for you!


  • Very lightweight
  • TSA-friendly lock
  • Height adjustable wheel handle
  • Adjustable dividers inside
  • Double spinner wheels


  • No expandable capacity
  • No interior lining
  • Pricey

Product Information

  • Overall Dimensions: 21.6" × 15.7" × 7.9"
  • Case Dimensions: 19.5" × 15.3" × 7.8"
  • Weight: 6.04 lbs
  • Capacity: 38 liters
  • Materials: Polypropylene, Recycled PET Polyester
  • TSA Lock: Yes
  • Expandable Capacity: No

Materials & Design

Samsonite Unisex Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Forest Green, Carry-On 21.5-Inch, Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner

The materials used in the manufacturing of this Samsonite suitcase are easily its main selling point. The shell is made from polypropylene, a lightweight but very durable type of plastic that’s often used to manufacture luggage.

While there is a lot of debate about whether polypropylene is the better option over polycarbonate, it’s undeniable that this is the lightest material used in the manufacturing of hardside suitcases. And since we’re talking about carry-on luggage here, every ounce matters. The Magnum Eco weighs only 6.04 lbs, which is an excellent weight for a 21” carry-on suitcase.

The shell is also textured, which helps protect it from scuffs and scratches that are bound to happen with regular use. The luggage will still get scratched, but the texture will make any scuffs less noticeable.

The materials inside the suitcase (lining and accessories) are made from post-consumer recycled PET plastic. That’s where the Eco in the name of the luggage comes from, and it’s Samsonite’s way of showing customers that they’re trying to improve the overall sustainability and environmental friendliness of their product line.

TSA-Friendly Lock

Samsonite Unisex Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Forest Green, Carry-On 21.5-Inch, Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner

This Samsonite luggage is equipped with a three-point locking system that includes a TSA-friendly latch lock. This is zipperless luggage, so the lock is the only way to open up and close the suitcase. It’s an extremely secure bag, mostly because it doesn’t have any zippers that thieves could break open with a ballpoint pen.

The suitcase has a total of three latch locks, but only the main one is TSA-friendly. This means that TSA agents can easily open your bag with a master key should they choose to inspect it, but that’s something that usually happens with checked bags.

There’s a latch lock at the top of the case, and one at the bottom, and the main TSA lock is on the side. The locking mechanism is intuitive and easy to figure out, and you can set up the main lock to any combination you want.

One thing to note is that zipperless suitcases are not very forgiving if you overpack the bag. While you might be able to force a zippered suitcase to close by sitting on it, latch locks won’t close if there’s too much space between the two compartments.

Double Spinner Wheels

Samsonite’s Maxsum Eco suitcase is equipped with four smooth rolling double spinner wheels. They’re capable of turning 360 degrees, for easy rolling in any direction. The wheels are perfectly silent on smooth airport floors, but they might make some noise on city streets.

All four wheels are attached to the exterior of the luggage, which allows for easy repairs in case of damage.

You can roll this suitcase upright on all four wheels, or you can wheel it behind you just like a two-wheel bag. The wheels are very versatile and allow for easy maneuvering of your luggage.

Multi-Stage Handle

Samsonite Unisex Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Forest Green, Carry-On 21.5-Inch, Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner

The suitcase features a double-barrel telescopic wheel handle that is mounted to the exterior of the case. It still protrudes inside the main compartment a little, but it takes very little away from the capacity of the packing compartment.

Also, the main moving parts of the handle are exposed inside the suitcase, which allows for easy repairs in case the handle gets stuck or damaged. But that’s something you need to worry about only after years of regular wear and tear.

The wheel handle is height-adjustable and it locks into multiple positions. This is great because it means it will be easy for people of different heights to adjust the handle to fit them best, for effortless rolling of the suitcase around the airport. The wheel handle has two stops – one at 15” and another at 20” – and you can use the built-in push button to lock it in your preferred position.

It feels very sturdy in your hand, and there’s minimal wobbling. The handle is made from plastic, but it still feels rather comfortable in your hand. It’s also wide enough that people with big hands can hold onto it comfortably.

Inside The Samsonite Magnum Eco

Samsonite Unisex Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Forest Green, Carry-On 21.5-Inch, Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner

The Magnum Eco doesn’t have a fully lined interior, which is both good and bad. It’s good because it’s a way of minimizing the weight of the luggage while maximizing the packing space. But it’s not ideal because your clothing is lying directly on the shell, so it could soak up some of the smell of the plastic and get dirty faster.

However, it’s important to note that it’s a hundred times easier to clean a plastic shell than a fabric lining. You can usually just wipe any dirt off with a wet wipe or a damp towel, but getting a stain out of the suitcase lining is nowhere near as easy.

And it’s not like there’s zero fabric inside the suitcase. The Magnum Eco carry-on has two padded dividers that help keep your belongings in place, as well as what appears to be a padded laptop sleeve on one of the dividers. The pocket is shaped and sized like a laptop sleeve, but you’re free to use it to store whatever personal belongings you want.

The dividers can be secured to the sides of the packing case with buckles, and they can also be taken out of the luggage entirely.

Additional Features

The Samsonite Maxsum Eco also has two grab handles – one at the top next to the wheel handle, and one on the side next to the TSA lock. This is a good thing because it makes it easier to pick up the suitcase, and it can be helpful for placing it in the overhead bins in airplanes. The handles are grippy and feel comfortable in your hand.

There’s also a name tag on this Samsonite suitcase. It’s built into the back of the case, between the tubes of the wheel handle. It’s a convenient feature to have on your bag, especially if for some reason your luggage ends up getting lost.

Value For Money

The Samsonite Magnum Eco carry-on suitcase retails for a full price of approximately $250. That’s pricey for a carry-on, but to put things in perspective, this is one of the more affordable international carry-on suitcases by Samsonite. The brand’s product line also includes $500 carry-on cases, and the Magnum Eco is cheap compared to those.

My issue with the price tag is that Samsonite has polycarbonate carry-ons that are cheaper than this bag, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense because polycarbonate is the more expensive material. So yes, it is a pricey suitcase, and I personally would wait for some sort of sale before buying it.

But if you need a sturdy carry-on and you need it now, it’s worth paying the full price. While polycarbonate might be considered the more durable material because of its incredible flexibility, that matters a lot more with checked bags that get thrown around a lot. The material of the shell doesn’t matter as much with carry-on bags, at least not in terms of impact resistance. What matters most is the weight, and this is by far the lightest Samsonite carry-on you can get for less than $300.

Is Samsonite Magnum Eco Right For You?

Samsonite Unisex Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Forest Green, Carry-On 21.5-Inch, Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner

Whether or not it makes sense for you to get the Samsonite Magnum Eco suitcase depends on what you’re prioritizing in your ideal carry-on. If the main thing you’re looking for is a lightweight suitcase that will make it virtually impossible for you to exceed the airline’s weight restrictions for cabin bags, then this case is a really good option.

The luggage is incredibly lightweight thanks to the durable polypropylene construction. It’s also a zipperless case, so it’s more secure than a traditional zippered suitcase that can be forcefully opened with a ballpoint pen.

On the other hand, the latch locks also mean it will be a lot harder (if not impossible) to get this suitcase to close when it’s overpacked, plus the lack of expandable capacity means there’s very little flexibility in the overall capacity of the bag.

Samsonite Unisex Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage- Carry-On Luggage, Forest Green, Carry-On 21.5-Inch, Magnum Eco Hardside Carry-on Spinner
  • Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant
  • Made in Europe, the Magnum ECO collection is crafted with recycled post-consumer waste: using recycled yogurt cups for the shells and recycled PET bottles for the interior lining. Polypropylene with post consumer recycle material, Post consumer RPET Recyclex lining.

It’s also pricey for a suitcase of this size, especially since it’s made from a pretty affordable material. Perhaps the recycled materials make it a bit more expensive to produce, or it’s just Samsonite’s way of making you pay more with the excuse of environmental friendliness.

It’s a great suitcase and if you want it and you can afford it, go for it. If you want it but you can’t afford it, wait for a sale – Samsonite often discounts their products. And if you don’t think this is the right luggage for you, check out our related posts for some other great options!