Last Updated: July 20, 2023
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Samsonite S’Cure Spinner Review (Lightweight & Secure)


Samsonite S'Cure Suitcase

The S'Cure is Samsonite's super rugged and secure zipperless suitcase. It's for anyone who loves simplicity and a suitcase that will last decades. View Latest Deal

Samsonite is one of the top manufacturers of luggage, and they’ve been at the top for a while. They manage to stay there because they make luggage that is of high quality, and that can last you years. Today we’ll take a look at the S’Cure Spinner, a relatively new addition to their wide range of luggage.

The S’Cure is a large hardshell suitcase, and it is the perfect option for longer trips, as you’ll see below. Scroll down to find out all you need to know about the Samsonite S’Cure Spinner, and whether or not it is the right choice for you!


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Zippless makes it secure
  • Top-notch spinner wheels
  • Lots of packing space


  • Very basic interior
  • Pricier than some

Product Information

  • Sizes: 28.5" x 18.0" x 11.5"
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs
  • Capacity: 102L
  • Material: HS Polypropylene
  • Warranty: Limited 5 year global warranty

Inside The S’Cure

The S’Cure is quite minimalistic both on the outside and on the inside. It has the top and bottom compartments, and that’s pretty much it. There’s no lining, which I think is a bonus because it gives you even more packing space. And, if you accidentally spill something in your suitcase, you can clean it up in no time.

There is just one additional pocket in the suitcase, and it is in the bottom compartment. There are also elastic straps in the bottom part and a divider in the top part. The divider can be zipped up, which is a plus. Personally, I prefer zipped dividers to those with hooks, because hooks can get undone accidentally.

Let’s go back to the elastic straps in the bottom compartment. They are positioned quite high, which could cause you some headaches. They won’t do their job if you pack only half of this compartment, and your clothes will inevitably get jumbled up. This is a very large suitcase, so the straps won’t bother you if you do a lot of traveling, and plan to fill up the S’Cure to the brim. If you need something to take with you on shorter trips, check out some of these suitcases.

Design and Materials

Samsonite Scure Spinner

The S’Cure hardside luggage is made of a new, revolutionary polypropylene material that is called Flowlite. This material is incredibly lightweight, but also very durable. The shell of the suitcase is, therefore, incredibly strong and resistant to pretty much anything. And it is really easy to clean, which is something I always look for in luggage.

The suitcase also has a rubber frame gasket. This was integrated into its build to make the suitcase as waterproof as possible. The rubber gasket also repels any dirt and moisture that tries to get into your suitcase, so you can have some peace of mind knowing that your possessions will stay dry and clean no matter what.

In terms of design, it isn’t the most stylish suitcase ever, but it looks okay.  It has a matte finish with a dot pattern on the front, and also the classic Samsonite logo in the middle. Overall, there is nothing really special about the design of the suitcase, but Samsonite made up for that with the color variety. You can get the S’Cure Spinner in 3 (currently in stock) different colors, but I have to single out the Dark Blue version.

TSA Approved Lock

The S’Cure Spinner is a zipperless suitcase. If you are not really familiar with zipperless luggage and its benefits, check out our review of the best zipperless luggage.

This suitcase features a 3-point locking system. The main lock is TSA approved, which is great for anyone who frequently flies to the United States. It’s also a combination lock, and you can easily set it up yourself.

Samsonite S'cure 3-point locking system latch

Samsonite S’cure 3-point locking system latch

Apart from the combination lock, there are also several latches on the sides of the suitcase. The latches are there to further ensure the safety of your stuff, and they cannot be opened before the main lock, naturally.

Spinner Wheels

Samsonite S'cure Double Spinner Wheels

Samsonite S’cure Double Spinner Wheels


The S’Cure Spinner has double spinner wheels, which means it glides as smooth as butter across the airport as you head to your check-in counter. Each wheel turns 360 degrees, which provides you with optimal maneuverability of your suitcase.

Many reviewers have said that they work really well on almost any surface. Except for cobbles and very rough roads of course. The glide smoothly and last a long time (one reviewer used his weekly for 3 years before the wheels gave way).

The only downside is that the hollowness of the suitcase means the wheels cause more noise than on more expensive cases.


Samsonite S'cure telescopic handle

Samsonite S’cure telescopic handle

The S’Cure Spinner has handles on the top, bottom, and sides. So, feel free to carry it sideways or upside down if you want to, for some reason. The main telescopic handle can be extended and locked to three different lengths, so you can set it up to fit your height best.

The handles are made of aluminum, and so are the tubes from the telescopic handle. They are very lightweight, but also really strong. Aluminum is a sturdy material, so you don’t need to worry about a handle accidentally breaking off in your hand.

I also really liked the style of the latest S’cure which you can see above. And, the grip I also found really comfortable as Samsonite have gone the extra mile and made it with finger impressions so it matches your hand far more than a straight plastic grip would.

Built-In Luggage Tag

Samsonite S'cure built-in luggage tag

Samsonite S’cure integrated tag

One last little detail worth mentioning is the built-in luggage tag on the back of the suitcase. If you are like me and always lose your tags because they seem to disappear every time you fly (break, get caught in the belt? who knows) then this is a godsend.

It is tightly integrated into the plastic and I can’t see it breaking anytime soon. I just found it a little fiddly to get open, but once you are set with your name/phone/email, then you are good to go.

Is The S’Cure Spinner Worth It?

Samsonite S'Cure Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Black, Checked-Large 28-Inch

Overall, the Samsonite S’cure is definitely worth the money. It is a durable, well-built suitcase with all the features you need while still being lightweight.

It is a great choice for people who go travel a lot and need a big suitcase. With a storage capacity of 102L, you can comfortably pack for a 2-week vacation, and there will still be room left. It should last you many, many years and, it also comes with a 5-year warranty.

It’s not really a cheap suitcase, but you will get your money’s worth. You shouldn’t even consider it a suitcase; consider it an investment. You will spend a bit more on the S’Cure, but you’ll save money in the long term – this one is so durable that you won’t need to buy another suitcase for a very long time.

Samsonite S'Cure Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Black, Checked-Large 28-Inch
  • Textured molds offer max protection and features fully integrated components
  • Multi-stage handle pull handle and aluminum wheel handle tubes for extra lightness

Samsonite, of course, offers the S’cure in a variety of sizes (Carry-on, Medium, Large and X-Large). So, even if the largest model does not suit, there are three others you can buy instead.

In this case, I suggest you check out our review of the best under-seat carry-on luggage – it’s the best option for those who pack lightly.
Anyway, head on over to Amazon to get an excellent deal on the Samsonite S’Cure Spinner!