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Skyway Luggage Review: Lightweight Suitcases On A Budget

 skyway luggage review

Skyway remind me a lot of TravelPro because they produce quality luggage at affordable prices.

Their range of soft and hardcase luggage can hold it's own against a lot of the more expensive brands like Delsey and Samsonite. They have the same features, great materials, zippers and wheels. Which is perhaps not surprising when you find out they are owned by Ricardo Beverly Hills based in the USA.

They are also well known for making seriously light luggage. And the cases last for years, despite the fact that you have not paid a fortune for a suitcase.

In this review I want to show you some of the best options you have with Skyway and why they are a good buy.

There are also a couple of downsides, so I will be sure to highlight those as we go.

In the end you will be able to decide whether a Skyway suitcase is for you or not.

SKYWAY Epic Softside Large Check-in

Eastlake 22" Carry on

Skyway make some seriously light and affordable luggage and the Eastlake range is their flagship range when it comes to that.

Here are the quick specs on the 3 sizes you can buy with the Mirage:

As you can see from the weights, they are extremely light cases.  

If you compare the  with the Maxlite 5 from Travelpro (which is also super-light) except for the carry on, which for some reason seems to be about the same weight as the 28 inch model. Maybe they put in some extra pockets?

The Features

These cases are light, but also have all the standard softcase features you would expect

  • 4 spinner wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • 2 Zippered front pockets
  • Deep internal compartment that is easy to access and pack in
  • Lockable zippers
  • Expander zipper for those who overpack or bring home extra souvenirs


  • Very light weight
  • Deep easy to pack interior
  • Expandable size
  • Spinner wheels for easy moving


  • No bottom handle (useful for moving from overhead or trunk of car
  • No inside compression straps
  • Only 2 positions on telescopic handle

Eastlake 22" Carry on

Skyway Nimbus 2.0 Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage, Black, Carry-On 20-Inch

The Nimbus series is hard case luggage that opens clam shell style for packing in two convenient halves. Made from strong ABS material, it is a little heavier than the Mirages above, but has a stronger protective exterior.

As you can see from the weights, they are quite light pieces of luggage, although if you want to go insanely light, you can look no further than the Samsonite Firelite and Cosmolite series.

The Samsonites are more expensive of course, so the Nimbus is a great compromise!

Packed With Features

The hard cases work a little differently as everything needs to be on the inside, however you still get quite a few nice features:

  • Top section mesh zippered cover
  • Bottom section compression straps and side zippered pocket (for smaller items)
  • Expandable packing with a zippered-expander
  • Smooth 360 spinner wheels
  • Gel cushioned handles


  • Two sided packing with zippered mesh and pocket
  • Comfy gel handles
  • Easy 360 degree spinner wheels
  • Hard ABS shell gives extra protection
  • Simple design without any frills or fuss


  • A little heavier than a soft case
  • Two-sided packing might not suit everyone (compared to one deep side on soft case)
  • No extra pockets on outside (like soft case)
  • No built in TSA locks (like in Delsey and Samsonite)
Skyway Epic 25 Inch 2 Wheel Expandable Upright, Black, Checked-Medium 25-Inch

The Epic series is softshell luggage is a more luxurious version of Skyway's Eastlake cases above. You get all the same kind of features plus a few more. So, if you want to spend a little more and have extra comfort on your travels, this is the suitcase for you.

These cases are also quite a big lighter than the Eastlake cases, so you get even more (or in this case less :>) for your money. However, just keep in mind these suitcases use old-school skate wheels and not 4 spinners like more modern cases, the Eastlake and Nimbus included. 

Packed With Features

  • Lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant material
  • Multistage collapsable handle with ergonomic grip
  • 2 in-line skate wheels
  • Expandable packing with a zippered-expander (2 inches)
  • Gel cushioned handles


  • Super lightweight and durable
  • Multistage collapsable handle
  • Straps to secure luggage in packing section
  • Simple design without any frills or fuss


  • Skate wheels instead of spinner
  • No Built-in TSA locks
  •  More expensive than the other Skyway luggage

Other Skyway Luggage

The Mirage and Nimbus are two of Skyway's bestselling products, but they also have a couple of others you might want to check out such as the

Skyway Sigma 

Skyway Sigma 5.0 Expandable Spinner Luggage, Forest Green, Checked-Medium 25-Inch
Skyway Kennewick 21' Carry On Luggage, Sunset Grey, One Size

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