Last Updated: April 4, 2022
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Sorel Joan Of Arctic Review: Warm Winter Boots For Women


Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot

The Joan of Arctic boots is one of the most stylish, warm boots you can get for winter. They are waterproof, super warm, and really comfortable to wear. Along with really good grip, traction, and stability, they also excel on snow and ice. View Latest Deal

Are you considering getting the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots for this winter? Then you’re in the right place! I can tell you everything you need to know about them, both the good and the bad, so that you can figure out if they are the right choice for you!

I’ll also tell you a bit about the Joan of Arctic wedges since every woman needs a warm dress boot!

So, whether you’re looking for boots to wear in the mountains or ones that you can pair with dresses, I’ve got something to show you. Scroll down to find out which Sorel Joan of Arctic boots is the perfect choice for you!


  • Exceptionally warm – good even for temperatures below 25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vulcanized rubber outsole provides you with great grip and traction
  • Versatile boots - the liner can be removed and you can wear them three different ways
  • Liner itself is really soft and comfortable


  • The felt liner is not too breathable
  • No proper insole, due to the removable inner boot
  • You still don’t have great traction on icy surfaces

About the Boots, Materials And Insulation

SOREL Women's Joan of Arctic¿, Black 2, 10.5 B US

The upper part of these boots is made from waterproof suede leather. They have a seam-sealed construction which ensures no water can get in. However, I would still recommend using an impregnation spray on these, for the added security.

The Joan of Arctic boots are insulated with felt, and they are super warm to wear. Sorel actually certified these as warm even in temperatures as low as – 25 degrees Fahrenheit (- 32 degrees Celsius), so you’ll be fine even in the dead of winter. The seam-sealed construction also helps there, since it ensures that they stay waterproof at all times.

These Sorel boots actually feature a removable inner boot. There are two clips on the top sides that allow you to detach the liner from the exterior of the boot, and then take it out. It’s actually great for maintenance – it’s super easy to clean the inside of the boots if they get dirty or smelly. This could be an issue since these aren’t too breathable.

Do you know what else you get when you take out the liner? A really warm and comfortable pair of bootie slippers with faux fur cuffs! Something you can even wear around the house, on those extra chilly days.

Additionally, you can also just wear the external boot without the liner. That could be useful on warmer days when you don’t actually need the 6mm thick felt insulation. Plus, since the boots have elastic laces, you can easily tighten to boot to fit you well even without the insulation.

Because of that, I’d say these boots are really versatile. You get a proper winter boot that you can wear pretty much wherever you want, and then you also get the option to just wear the layers separately.

Grip And Traction

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot

The Joan of Arctic boots is equipped with a vulcanized rubber shell with a herringbone outsole. Since that doesn’t really tell you much, take a look at the photo – apparently, it tells a thousand words. :>

First, keep in mind that the outsole is rubber – that tells you a lot about performance in wet weather. Rubber is sturdy and not slippery, so you should also have great traction. Then, consider the way the outsole looks, all those waves – that’s why it is called the herringbone outsole. They are designed so that the outsole bends with your foot, and that it grips the surface underneath, ensuring that you won’t slip.

That type is actually used frequently in tennis shoes – and that tells you a lot about grip. This is expected since Sorel advertises these as hiking and skiing boots – both of those activities require you to climb uphill in the snow. And for that, you need some really good grip and traction.

However, they still don’t perform that well on ice. They are slippery, so you will need to be careful. But honestly, can you really expect any boots to have perfect traction on frozen ground? I mean, maybe if they head cleats on the outsole. But generally, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of boots that felt stable on ice – and I’ve worn dozens.

Comfort And Insole/Midsole

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot

Because they have a removable felt liner, they don’t really have a proper footbed. The inner boot is pretty soft and comfortable but doesn’t offer too much in terms of support and stability.

Maybe you could try inserting an anatomical footbed in the liner? But I’m honestly not sure how that would work, since I did not try that myself. What I am sure of is that thousands of people swear by the comfort of these boots, so I don’t think the lack of a proper insole is a big deal.

Plus, they do have a bonded 2.5mm felt frost plug as the midsole, which is probably why how they manage to be so comfortable.

And, if you are actually looking for boots that have a comfortable, preferably even an anatomical footbed, I advise you to scroll just a little more down – to the wedges section. A couple of the options there actually feature an EVA molded insole, which sounds like the perfect option for you!

Style And Function

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot

I already told you about the overall versatility of these boots – they kind of remind me of the North Face Triclimate jacket in that regard. You’re buying a pair of winter boots that consist of two separate layers. And you can wear each of the layers individually – the inner one is great for lounging, while the outer layer is just a waterproof spring/autumn boot.

And when you actually wear the two layers together, you have exceptionally warm, waterproof inter boots. Because they are pretty high, they are also suitable for deep snow. And because of their great traction, they make a great hiking boot as well.

You can safely wear these in the mountains, and not have to worry about your feet being cold or wet.

On the other hand, they also look pretty stylish. Maybe not fancy enough to wear with a formal dress or a suit, but definitely good enough for everyday errands. Pair these with your favorite jeans and a warm-down parka, and you’ll be rocking winter street style!

The Wedge Options

SOREL Women's Joan of Arctic¿, Black 2, 10.5 B US

It’s hard to resist a good-looking wedge boot. I mean, you need something you can dress up in, and they’re so much more comfortable and easier to walk in than regular heels. And you can drive in them! At least, that’s what I tell myself every time I see a cute wedge boot and I’m desperate to justify buying it.

But with the Joan of Arctic, that’s actually true – they are also waterproof on the outside and warm on the inside, so there’s no reason not to wear them in snow. Plus, the outsoles of the wedges are super similar to the outsoles of the flat boots, meaning you should have plenty of grip and traction in them.

Obviously, they’re not the best choice for deep snow or winter hikes, but they’re perfect for holiday parties. And since there are actually quite a few styles, here are the top ones:

The Tall Joan of Arctic

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot
The Tall Joan of Arctic wedges is the ones to get if you want dress boots that you can wear when there’s lots of snow on the ground. Or just dress boots that you can wear in the rain. Not only do they look really good, but they are also really comfortable, thanks to the molded EVA footbed with a synthetic cover.

Plus, the wedge isn’t really too tall, so your feet shouldn’t really hurt at all. Especially if you’re used to wearing heels. They feature pigskin and synthetic lining, which is decently warm, but not really warm enough for really cold weather.

The Shearling Joan of Arctic

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot

The Shearling Joan of Arctic is the option that I like the best, simply because they look so luxe. Plus, the genuine shearling combined with microfleece lining is exceptionally warm – I’d say these are the wedges to get if you want to look extra stylish, but still, stay really warm. Their exterior is waterproof, so you can definitely wear these in the rain and light snow.

And the PU-like EVA footbed will ensure your feet stay comfortable, even after several hours. By the way, the footbed in these is removable, so you can easily replace it with a different one if you have to wear specific footbeds for health reasons.

The Joan of Arctic Chelsea

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot

The Joan of Arctic Chelsea boots is perfect to pair with skinny jeans and leggings. There are lots of different colors to choose from, and each of them makes a statement. And generally, a Chelsea boot is a staple in every woman’s closet – something that is comfortable and that you can wear with pretty much anything.

These also have a removable EVA footbed like the previous boots, but they are not as warm. They feature synthetic lining, and I would recommend them for fall or early winter. They are waterproof so you would stay dry even in some light snow, but you’ll probably wind up with really cold feet.

The Joan of Arctic Mid

Sorel Joan Of Arctic Boot

The Joan of Arctic Mid boots is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable wedge. They are insanely easy to walk in since you have lots of ankle support in them. And not to mention how comfortable they are.

These booties also have a removable EVA footbed, as well as a waterproof exterior. They are only lightly lined (pigskin plus synthetic), so I wouldn’t really recommend them for temperatures below zero. But if sacrifice warmth for style, at least you know your feet will stay dry in these no matter what.

Sorel Joan Of Arctic: Final Thoughts

The Joan of Arctic boots is one of the best boots you could get this winter. They are waterproof, super warm, and really comfortable to wear. They feature a vulcanized rubber herringbone outsole, which provides you with really good grip, traction, and stability. Well, as long you avoid the icy spots.

These Sorel boots are a great choice not only for every day but also for sportier activities. You can wear them hiking and in the mountains, and you will stay both dry and warm in them – which is exactly what you want.

Plus, the insulation in them is actually a removable inner boot, so you can also easily transform them into light, waterproof boots for the spring!

Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Snow Boot, Elk, 8.5 M US
  • Waterproof suede leather upper. faux fur cuff. Seam-sealed waterproof construction.
  • Removable 6 mm recycled felt inner boot

And if you’re looking for the same level of warmth and comfort but in a dressier option, I would recommend you check out the Joan of Arctic Shearling wedges. They are lined with microfleece and genuine shearling, so they are super warm. Their exterior is waterproof, meaning that you can wear them in rain and snow without worrying about your feet getting wet. Plus, they are ridiculously comfortable – you’ll forget you’re wearing wedges in no time.


Head over to Amazon to check out the prices of these Sorels, and to see what people are saying about them. And if you’re looking for a warm winter jacket to pair with the boots, check out our posts below.