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Sorel Tofino vs Joan of Arctic: Two Great Women’s Winter Boots

Sorel made a name for themselves in women's winter boots with models like the Tofino and Joan of Arctic.

Although these two boots share a lot of the same style and materials, there are still quite a few differences which might not be obvious from the pictures below.

Below are the overall specs, and then below a quick but deeper comparison for you to check out (just scroll on down :>).

Shaft Height

12 inches

11.5 inches

Temperature Rating

-25° F / -32° C

-25° F / -32° C

Upper Material

Waterproof suede leather  

Faux fur cuff

Fully waterproof waxed canvas

Faux fur cuff


Midsole: 2.5 mm bonded felt frost plug

Outer: Handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell with herringbone outsole

Footbed: Molded EVA

Outer: Moulded Rubber


Removable 6 mm recycled felt inner boot

Full-length fleece lining with 100 grams of fixed insulation


The Joan of Arctic is similar to a classic Sorel Caribou with the rubber lower section, the big laces and lace hooks up the front. But, it also has a big faux fur top to the suede leather, adding that little extra flair.

The Tofino is similar to a degree, but has a little less fur overflow on the top, and a criss-cross pattern on the waterproof canvas material. The newer model, the Tofino II has a more diagonal/interwoven cross which is in the picture on the right (you can click that image to see more models on Amazon).

The Tofino also comes in a few more fun colors like bright red, which the Joan of Arctic does not have.

Note: Although there is a Knit model (of the Joan of Arctic) which you can see to the right, which comes in pink, green and beige. This has a knitted finish at the top instead of the faux fur.

Tofino II

Joan Of Arctic Knit Model


When you are wearing boots around all day they can become quite tiring to wear, if they are super-heavy like the Caribous from Sorel. 

That is why it is nice to know that both the Tofino and Joan are quite light at 1.94 (Joan) and 1.34 (Tofino). So, the Tofino is nice and light mainly because of the canvas instead of leather on the upper.

The Tread / Grip

No big difference worth mentioning here. They both come with a durable rubber sole designed to cope with winter conditions.

Calf Height

There are some models that vary with the Sorels, but the "average" Joan of Arctic vs Tofino is pretty close. 

The Joan of Arctics come up an extra half inch on the calves, which is either good or bad depending on how long your legs are and how deep the snow is you will be wading through. Just keep in mind these are not snow hiking boots :>

Inner Lining

The lining on these two boots is a little different, and I have been unable to figure out exactly (material-wise) how that makes a difference. But let's just say they are both rated to -25 F/ -32 C, so they should be nice and toasty for most people walking around for shorter periods in sub-zero temperatures. Which, if we are honest, is the main thing people use them for (quick errand to the shops etc).

Which Should You Buy?

There is no easy answer to this question, because honestly these models are pretty similar.

The standard Joan of Arctic is more of a classic Sorel look with the fur top.

Whereas the Tofino is a bit more bold in it's canvas cross design and some of their colors.

The choice, ultimately, is up to you!

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