Last Updated: July 10, 2019

Sorel Tofino vs Tofino II: Is It Any Better?

Sorel made a name for themselves in women's winter boots with models like the Tofino and Joan of Arctic.

And recently they have done a major style upgrade on the Tofino II. 

In this detailed comparison I will show you what has changed and what has stayed the same.

Shaft Height

10.25 inches

11.5 inches

Temperature Rating

-25° F / -32° C

-25° F / -32° C

Upper Material

Waterproof coated canvas upper

Faux fur collar

Waterproof breathable membrane construction

Fully waterproof waxed canvas upper

Faux fur collar


Midsole: 2.5 mm bonded felt frost plug

Outer: Handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell with herringbone outsole

Footbed: Molded EVA

Outer: Moulded Rubber


Full-length fleece lining with 100 grams of fixed insulation

Full-length fleece lining with 100 grams of fixed insulation


Style-wise quite a few things have changed on the Tofino II, which might not be so obvious when you first look at them.

First, the stitching on the canvas is not more of a staggered/interlaced pattern, whereas before it was a standard/regular criss-cross.

Second, the lace loops now have a far smaller leather attachment piece. On the Tofino original it went back a lot further on the boot. And the Sorel log has moved around closer to the front. And the leather vertical piece now extends down to the sole.


Tofino Back

Tofino II

Tofino II Back

The back of the boot is now more elegant looking, with the addition of a leather band and extension of the vertical leather down to the heel area.

The faux fur also has a slightly different look, although remains much the same. However, the leather band that went over the lip on the side has now gone.

All in all, the look is quite similar, but has changed enough to warrant a closer look if that is important to you. Fit and function wise not much has actually changed, apart from a few things I will mention below...

The Tread / Grip

This has remained the same.

It is not as crazy/grippy as say a snow hiking boot with a vibram sole, but then again it is not intended for that. Most people will find it does a good job on snow and decent enough on ice. Although, no matter what sort of "amazing" shoe I am wearing, I am always super cautious on ice and I recommend the same for anyone else.

Calf Height

There is a slight change in the height. The Tofino II is a little shorter, but not enough to make a huge difference, unless you are always wading in knee deep powder. In which case, the older model might suit you better. Or, another great option, with a similar style is the Sorel Joan of Artic.

Inner Lining

Both of these boots features 100g of lining that is enough to keep you warm on most outings to run errands or a shorter walk. However, if the temperatures drop and you intend on spending lots of time outside, then there are better boots for the job. The classic Sorel Caribou or again maybe the Joan of Arctic with 200g of lining, so a fair bit warmer.

Which Should You Buy?

Both of these boots will serve you will for those colder days in winter, while still giving you that stylish edge while walking around town.

They are warm enough and grippy enough to cope with those snowy days too!

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