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Best Souvenirs From Boston (Tea Anyone?)

Traveling to Boston and not sure what souvenirs to take home from the city? Then you’re certainly in the right place because this detailed guide features only the best souvenirs from Boston you can get your hands on!

From obvious things like a Red Sox jersey to some not-so-obvious alternatives like booze truffles from the city’s top chocolatier, our list of the best souvenirs from Boston is quite varied. Whether you’re looking for clothes, food, accessories, or anything else, you’ll find plenty of great options below!

Red Sox Merch

Red Sox Hat

Nothing says Boston like a Red Sox jersey or hat, and their iconic stadium – Fenway Park. The Boston-based baseball team is an icon of the city, and sporting their memorabilia while exploring Boston is bound to get you a few thumbs up and smiles.

You can find Red Sox merch all over Boston, but you’ll want to visit the team’s official shop for the best selection of gear. It’s right next to Fenway Park, the legendary stadium that is home to the Boston-based baseball team. It’s worth noting that the official MLB store also has a great online shop and that you can find Red Sox souvenirs even in places like Walmart.

Boston Baked Beans

Boston Baked Beans

Boston baked beans are famous for their unique recipe, which uses molasses instead of brown sugar and corn syrup. They’re absolutely delicious, and you should try them at least once while you’re in the city.

I’m not actually suggesting that you pick up a portion of baked beans to take home. Instead, look for vending machines that have candy-coated peanuts that look exactly like baked beans. The tasty snack can be found in markets all over Boston, and you can even have it shipped to your home address from sites like Amazon.

Boston Celtics Merch

Boston Celtics Souvenir

Although they might not be quite as popular as the Red Sox, the Boston Celtics are still an iconic symbol of the city. The basketball team is one of the most popular teams in the US, and a Celtics jersey is the perfect souvenir for all basketball fans who travel to Boston.

You can buy jerseys and caps at the TD Garden – the home arena of both the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins. If you’re a fan of the sports you can also attend one of the games at the stadium, and proudly wear your jersey supporting the home team.

It’s worth noting that Boston Celtics merch is also sold in lots of other shops throughout the city, plus you can easily order it online from sites like Walmart and Amazon.

Local Jewelry

Boston Token Necklace

Buying jewelry as a souvenir is always a good idea. You can usually find some stunning and unique pieces in the local shops, and they will always remind you of your trip to Boston. Look for either Boston-inspired jewelry that pays homage to the city’s most iconic symbols, or check out the stores run by Boston’s most famous jewelry designers.

Ore Jewelry by Sophie Hughes is one of the most popular stores in the city, and it’s the perfect place to grab unique, minimalist pieces that you’ll be able to wear for life. You’ll also be supporting the local designer, which is always a bonus. Alternatively, you can look for earrings and necklaces that incorporate the iconic MBTA tokens – they make great souvenirs, but they’re not the most refined pieces of jewelry you can buy in Boston.

Harvard Hoodie

Harvard Hoodie

One of the things that Boston is most famous for all over the world is Harvard. The prestigious Ivy League university is regarded as one of the best educational institutions in the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are Harvard-inspired souvenirs in various shops throughout the city.

A Harvard hoodie is an awesome souvenir from Boston, especially if you’re traveling to the city during the colder months. It will keep you warm in the chilly New England autumns and winters, plus it makes for an amazing gift to any high-schoolers you know that have the aspiration of getting into Harvard one day!

Bonnie’s Jams

Bonnie's Jams

Bonnie’s Jams are incredibly popular in Boston, so it’s a good idea to pick up at least one jar to take home as a souvenir. There is a lot of variety when it comes to flavors, and it’s best to try a couple of different jams and see which you like best. The jams are so famous because of the incredible quality that can only be achieved when slow-cooking small batches, as well as the amazing taste.

Bonnie Shershow of Bonnie’s Jams accredits the taste to her recipe, which uses half the sugar and double the fruit of most other recipes. All the fruit is handpicked and home-grown, so don’t be surprised if you end up getting hooked on Boston’s favorite jams. In case that does happen, you’ll be glad to know that you can order the jams online from both their official site as well as Amazon.

Walnut Wood Koozie

Walnut Wood Koozie

Wood shops and wooden souvenirs, in general, are very popular in Boston, but none are quite as well-known as their wooden koozies. These are beverage insulators that have two main purposes – to keep the drink at the desired temperature and to keep your hands from freezing while you’re holding a cold drink.

Wood koozies are mostly designed for beer since that’s the go-to drink of most Bostoners. You can find walnut wood koozies in most souvenir shops throughout the city, and you can even find some with Red-Sox-inspired designs.

Beacon Hill Chocolates

Beacon Hill Chocolates is a store that sells artisan chocolates from around the world. They’ve been around for some 15 years, and they’re an iconic Boston store, as well as a must for any chocolate-lover who visits the city. The shop is located on Charles Street, in the heart of Boston’s city center.

The shop owner travels the world searching for the rarest and most unique chocolate confections. The selection of chocolates in the store is varied, and it includes everything from boozy truffles to caramel fudge with Hawaiian red sea salt. It’s best to visit the shop on a full stomach, otherwise, you risk blowing most of your souvenir budget on the cacao goodness.

Nestle Toll House Cookies

Nestle Toll House Cookies

What does Nestle Toll House have to do with Boston? Well, everything! It all started with Ruth Wakefield, a woman from a small town in Massachusetts who ran the Toll House Restaurant. Once upon a time, she was making a batch of cookies and she decided to add chopped-up pieces of Nestle Semi-Sweet chocolate to the dough because she didn’t have any nuts handy, which were actually in the recipe.

The cookies turned out amazing, and this is how chocolate chip cookies were born. The recipe was first printed in a Boston newspaper, and the rest is pretty much history. The world’s most popular type of cookie is forever linked to the American city, and that’s why Nestle Toll House cookies are easily one of the best souvenirs from Boston you can buy!

Newbury Comic Books

Newbury Comics was founded by MIT students Mike Dreese and John Brusger in the late 70s. They started by selling comic books on Newbury Street in Boston, which is how the company got its name. Today, there are more than 28 Newbury Comics stores in the five New England states, and 20 of those are in Massachusetts.

Head to Newbury Street to check out their most iconic store location and get some authentic Boston souvenirs to take home. It’s worth noting that you can find more than just comic books in their stores. They also sell music records, clothing, and lots of other accessories and memorabilia inspired by pop culture icons.

MBTA Tokens

MBTA Tokens

MBTA tokens are an iconic piece of Boston history and they make an awesome souvenir. After all, who wants to come home with just t-shirts to snow globes!

The city of Boston has a very long and rich history of public transportation. In fact, they were the first city in North America to establish a subway system, and the vintage tokens functioned as a fare for rides.

The most popular type of MBTA tokens are those used from 1987 to 2006. They have the letter “T” in the middle, or even a photo of an MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority) train. You can purchase the tokens as they are, or you can look for jewelry and other accessories that somehow incorporate this iconic symbol of Boston.

It’s also worth noting that MBTA tokens are very inexpensive (about $2 per token), so they’re the perfect Boston souvenir to stock up on if you need to bring home gifts for lots of people!

A Brick Of Tea

Black Tea Brick

Boston is famous for many different things, but none are quite as well-known as the Boston Tea Party. The 18th-century protests against the Tea Act saw the Sons of Liberty destroying an entire shipment of tea by throwing it in the Boston Harbor, and the rest is history. Literally – the historic event put into motion a chain of events that are nowadays known as the American Revolution.

A brick of tea is an awesome Boston souvenir and you can find it in the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum gift shop. Head to Congress Street to check out one of Boston’s best museums! It’s dedicated to this historic event, and don’t forget to stop by the gift shop to get yourself a brick of tea. Throw it in the Boston Harbor if you like, but don’t forget to check out the other souvenirs inspired by the iconic historical event at this shop!

Where To Buy Souvenirs In Boston?

Now you know what the best souvenirs from Boston are, but where should you go and look for them? Avoid the overpriced souvenir shops that exist only to extract money from tourists, and instead visit one of the places below, to get your hands on some truly authentic and iconic Boston souvenirs!  

Quincy Market / Faneuil Hall

Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall marketplace is a historic market complex in Boston, originally constructed in the early 19th century. The iconic market is designated both a National Historic Landmark and a Boston landmark, and it is one of the largest market complexes that were constructed in the United States in the 19th century.

Today, the Quincy Market / Faneuil Hall area boasts three market buildings with hundreds of shops throughout them. The odds of finding awesome and unique Boston memorabilia here are pretty high, so be sure to check out the historic market while you’re buying your Boston souvenirs!

If you are doing a general tour of Boston, this is one of the stops on The Freedom Trail. What is the Free Trail? Essentially, it is a 2.5-mile trail that passes by a multitude of historic buildings in Boston, most of which are to do with the American Revolution.  Such places as Paul Revere House, the Bunker Hill monument, the USS Constitution and many more

SoWa Market

SoWa Market is one of the best places in Boston to shop for souvenirs. Whether you’re looking to buy food, art, fashion, or antiques, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Boston’s most popular open market. It’s worth noting that the SoWa Open Market is seasonal – it’s open only on Sundays from May to October. In case you visit Boston during this period, don’t miss out on the chance to visit one of the best places in Boston to buy souvenirs.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Giftshop

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum giftshop is the absolute best place in the city to buy Boston souvenirs related to the Boston Tea Party. They sell all sorts of memorabilia relating to the historic event, so they’re definitely worth checking out if you want to get your hands on some iconic Boston souvenirs. The store offers everything from 18th-century-inspired playing cards to a replica of George Washington’s pistol, so you’re bound to find a couple of things you like here.

Harry Potter Shop

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan so I have to mention this one for all my fellow Potterheads. There’s an awesome Harry Potter Shop in Boston where you can buy everything from Butterbeer to Harry Potter-inspired jewelry. This is an absolute must for all Harry Potter fans since anything relating to the Wizarding World makes for an awesome Boston souvenir. The shop is on Newbury Street, so it’s nearly impossible to miss it while exploring Boston’s most famous sights.

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