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Things to do in Trogir, Croatia

Planning to visit Trogir and you’re not sure what to do while you’re there? Then you’re definitely in the right place because this guide offers all the info you need on the top things to do in Trogir, Croatia!

The stunning waterfront promenade, Trogir’s city center, and the best historical landmarks of this charming town are all on our list. Read on to learn more about the tiny town of Trogir and its historic buildings, and see which places you shouldn’t skip on your walking tour of this medieval town!

Visit the Cathedral of St Lawrence or Trogir Cathedral

Trogir Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence is perhaps the most famous landmark in Trogir. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated in the center of the old town, on one of the city’s largest plazas. All the tiny alleys in Trogir’s old town lead to the cathedral, and you’ll notice the bell tower towering over the roofs of the neighboring buildings from most alleys in the old town.

In fact, you’ll get the best view from one of the allies behind the main town square. There are steps you can climb to the top of the old town walls – you’ll get a great look at the tall tower on one side, and the rest of Trogir on the other.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the plaza around the cathedral isn’t too big, and it gets very busy. One group of tourists is enough to block your view of the beautiful detailing on the cathedral doors and walls, so try to get there earlier in the day to avoid crowds.

Also, you likely won’t be able to get any great pics of St. Lawrence Cathedral from the square in front of it – it’s way too tall, and the square is quite small and surrounded by buildings.

The Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas

The Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas is easy to miss if you don’t specifically look for it. It blends in with the old town walls perfectly, and there are very few markings to let you know you’re in the right place.

The female monastery is situated in the southern part of Trogir’s old town. It was first founded in 1064, so it’s been around for more than a thousand years! It’s one of the city’s most important historical landmarks, and it’s certainly worth it to stop by just to see the thousand-year-old building.

However, you can’t really go inside the monastery to explore, due to the way of life of the Benedictine nuns.

Trogir Promenade

Trogir Promenade

You can’t go to Trogir and not go for a stroll along the city’s beautiful waterfront. I mean you could, but your trip to Trogir would certainly not be complete without it.

The Trogir promenade extends from the Karlamengo Castle to the Zudika park, on the southern edge of the old town island. It offers stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and the Trogir Marina, and you can even see the parts of Trogir on the Ciovo island, as well as the beautiful bridge that connects the old town to the much bigger island.

The Trogir waterfront is lined with palm trees, cafes, restaurants, and bars, plus it’s very easy to escape back into the old town alleys. It’s worth noting that it’s extremely windy here, so you will need to bring some sort of jacket if you plan to sit down for a cup of coffee. The wind is unbearable at moments, and it gets pretty cold in the shade, even during the warmer months.

The Clock Tower and City Loggia

Trogir Town Loggia

When you’re wandering through the cobblestone alleys of Trogir old town, you’ll eventually stumble upon a beautiful stone building with a roof covered in grass. That’s the Trogir town loggia, and right next to it is the stunning clock tower that towers over the roofs of the nearby buildings.

Both buildings are on the edge of one of the bigger town squares in Trogir, so you should be able to get a great view and awesome photos of both, even if there are lots of tourists in the area.

There’s also a cafe here, so you can sit down for a drink and admire the views – the city walls will shield you from the neverending winds on the waterfront promenade, so it’s certainly something to consider if you just want to chill for a bit.

Kamerlengo Castle and St. Mark’s Tower

Kamerlengo Castle

Kamerlengo Castle is situated in the southwest part of Trogir’s historic center, and it’s easily one of the best attractions in this tiny town. The 15th-century fortress is absolutely impressive, both for its tall stone walls and the breathtaking views that those offer from the top.

You will need to purchase tickets to get inside the fortress grounds, but they’re worth every penny if you want to see some stunning views. Also, you can watch a quick, 15-minute film about the history of the Kamerlengo Castle, and that’s a great way to get acquainted with one of Trogir’s most important historical landmarks.

St. Mark’s Tower is actually on the opposite side of the old town island, just north of the Kamerlengo Castle. It’s a walk of a few minutes, and at one point in time, it was even connected to the castle with a walkway.

Both the castle and the tower are part of the ancient Venetian fortifications of the city of Trogir, and they’re worth seeing if you’re into architecture and history. However, it’s worth noting that the tower isn’t always open for visitors, so you might not be able to get that perfect shot of the Trogir marina from above.

Cipiko Palace

Cipiko Palace is a 15th-century palace situated in the prettiest part of the Trogir old town. It’s on the same square where you’ll find the town loggia, the tall clock tower, and a variety of other historical buildings that make this town as charming as it is.

The medieval palace is best known for its unique Gothic Venetian architecture, and it’s truly a marvelous sight. There’s intricate detailing on the doors and windows, with some beautiful details on the balcony rails as well.

However, it’s worth noting that the palace isn’t exactly prominent – it blends in with the rest of the stone buildings, and the only way to tell is to look for the plaque near the entrance. Unless you’ve mastered Venetian Gothic architecture – in that case, you’ll easily spot it because the details are quite impressive!

Enjoy the Beaches around Trogir

Beaches Near Trogir

There are a few beaches in Trogir’s old town – there’s a small beach near the Karlamengo castle, and there’s easy sea access from the city’s waterfront promenade. But this isn’t quite the best way to experience the beautiful beaches of the Dalmatian coast, so you’ll need to venture a bit outside the town, for the absolute best experience.

Head to southern Trogir (on Čiovo island), and check out the public beach near the Hotel Brown Beach House. It’s one of the largest beaches in Trogir, and the best place for travelers with kids since they offer quite a few amenities and fun things for the little ones.

If this is too busy for you, you should check out the nearby beach directly opposite this one. It’s the main Trogir City beach with lots of sand and pebbles, as well as pine trees that you can enjoy your time here without getting sunburnt.

Gelato at Gelato Bar Bella

If you’re visiting Trogir during the warmer months, you’ll need something to help you cool down for a bit. When you start feeling too hot, head to the Gelato Bar Bella, to try some of the best gelatos in the city of Trogir!

It’s considered the best place for gelato in the entire town of Trogir (and wider), and it’s a necessary stop on any proper walking tour of this beautiful town. They offer a wide variety of flavors, including some that are quite rare to find.

The gelato bar is also a good place to grab an iced coffee and fresh juices, which should offer just the right amount of refreshment.

Trogir City Museum

Trogir City Museum

The Trogir City Museum is a small museum in the northeastern part of Trogir Old Town. It’s a great place to learn more about this historic town, thanks to the exhibits that chronicle the history of Trogir. Parts of the town date back to the early 13th century, so it’s definitely an attraction you should make time for if you’re into historical landmarks.

The small museum also boasts period furniture and famous portraits, as well as sculptures and other relics that are unique to Trogir. It doesn’t take too long to tour this museum, so it’s certainly something you can do while you’re on a walking tour of the town.

Additionally, some of the attractions at the museum explore the different architectural styles of the Trogir old town. The medieval city is known for beautiful architecture, and if you want to see a close-up of the intricate detailing that can be seen on Trogir’s many stone buildings, the museum certainly does not disappoint!

St. Dominic Monastery

The St. Dominic Church and Monastery is another attraction in Trogir that’s really hard to miss. It’s situated at the waterfront promenade, overlooking to town’s many cafes and bars.

The church building is absolutely stunning, featuring ancient stone walls and intricate carvings on the doors. It’s also worth it to tour the inside of the church, and especially the beautiful garden with the well.

This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Trogir, originally established in the 14th and 15th centuries. There’s a small entrance fee to see the interior of the church, but I think it’s something like 10 kunas, and it’s worth every lipa!

Visit the Town of Marina

The town of Marina is west of Trogir, just a short drive (or a boat ride) away from the city. It’s a great place to visit if you’re up for a day trip and you want to get away from Trogir’s crowded alleys.

Marina is a small town situated in a bay, best known for its beaches. It’s one of the best places close to Trogir to escape to if you just want to spend the day on the beach. The town doesn’t get too many visitors, and it’s rarely crowded, even in the summer months.

Also, it’s a town named Marina, so as you can imagine, you’ll see lots of boats here. The beaches are away from the main marina, and the sea is surprisingly calm and clear here.

The City Gates: Land Gates

Trogir City Gate View

If you arrive at Trogir by car or bus, you’ll need to walk across a bridge to get to the old town. After you’ve crossed the bridge, you’ll pass through stone city gates – the Land Gates. They’re narrow and charming, and they’re a tourist attraction you literally cannot miss if you want to go inside Trogir’s old town.

Also, there are steps that will take you to the top of the gates, from where you can admire spectacular views of the old town rooftops. On the other side, you can see the bridge you just crossed and some areas of the more urban parts of Trogir, including the bus stops and the big Konzum supermarket. But turn your back to those boring sights, and instead, get a good look at all the tall towers that peak above the old town rooftops.

It’s worth noting there’s no such thing as an entrance fee or anything like that – experiencing this view is entirely free of charge, and it’s honestly one of the best views of the Trogir old town. It shouldn’t be very crowded – there might be a couple of other people at the top of the steps, but the large groups of tourists usually skip this attraction.

Day Trip to the Blue Grotto and Split

Split Croatia

Trogir’s location on the Mediterranean coast is ideal for day trips. You can be in a Split in some 10-15 minutes, you’re about an hour away from Sibenik, and just a short boat ride away from some of Croatia’s prettiest islands. If you’re up for a day trip or two, consider staying in Trogir for a while, and using that time to explore the rest of the Mediterranean coast of Croatia.

There are a few agencies in the city that offer day trips to the Blue Grotto, which is a sea cave on the island of Bisevo. It’s a stunning sight, and definitely worth the time if you’re up for a quick day trip.

It’s even possible to go inside the grotto in kayaks, so consider this if you’re feeling adventurous. The interior of the cave is absolutely breathtaking, and a sight you can’t experience anywhere else.

Also, it’s worth noting that there’s a small restaurant close by, right next to the ticket office for the cave. It’s a great place to sit down and relax for a bit while admiring the mesmerizing views this charming little island offers.

Try Street Food at Big Mama’s Kiosk

Big Mama’s kiosk is one of the most popular street food venues in the city of Trogir. It’s a bit outside the city center – just across the bridge that connects the old town with the northern city area. If you’ve arrived at Trogir by car, you’ll most likely pass by it at least twice, since it’s very close to the biggest parking lot near the old town.

It’s also right next to the bus station, so you really can’t miss it. Big Mama’s is best known for their pizza, which is pretty good for street food. They also sell a bunch of other local foods, and there’s usually none to very little wait.

Additionally, I feel like I have to mention that there’s also a Big Daddy bar in Trogir. The Big Daddy is situated on the Trogir waterfront, and it’s a great place for a cup of coffee or a drink if you want to sit down and enjoy the spectacular views for a moment.

Relax at the Zudika ParkZudika Park

Visit the Zudika Park towards the end of your exploration of the Trogir old town for the best experience. It’s really like the cherry on top of the cake – it’s away from all the crowds of the old town alleys, and it’s much less windy here than on the waterfront promenade.

The park features lots of trees and benches, so you can sit down and enjoy the views shielded by the shade. Also, there are steps that go down into the sea, so if you want to go for a quick swim while you’re here, you absolutely can!

Zudika Park is rarely crowded, and you might encounter a few teenagers or people walking their dogs while you’re there. But there are rarely crowds here – it’s surprisingly peaceful, and a great place to just sit down and take in the beautiful views while inhaling the salt air.

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