Last Updated: June 4, 2021
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Travelrest Review – Finally Get Some Sleep While Traveling


The Travelrest Pillow

The TravelRest pillow is a great alternative to those U-Shaped travel pillows. It's especially handy for side sleepers and will help you keep your head in place while sleeping. View Latest Deal

Ever tried to get some decent sleep while traveling?

Maybe you have even tried one of those U-shaped travel pillows?​

Personally, my head ends up rolling around. I sleep at all sorts of weird angles.

And the best part is (sarcasm alert) I end up with massive neck pain for days after the trip.

I thought it was time someone invented a travel pillow that works, so I went hunting and found the Travelrest pillow!

If you suffer from lack of sleep or useless pillows while traveling – this might just be the answer!


  • Stays put while you are sleeping
  • Keeps your head from falling all over the place (perfect for side-sleepers)
  • Comfortable and durable materials
  • Seconds to inflate
  • Can be used almost anywhere while traveling (plane, train, car)


  • May require a little testing at home before you get used to how it works
  • If you like super soft pillows - invest in the Plush Cover option
  • May be a little too weird looking for some people

Product Information

  • Material: Synthetic (covered in a Velour/Velvet-like material)
  • Inflated Dimensions: 2.2 x 4.8 x 10.8 inches inches (when inflated)
  • Rolled Dimensions: 2 x 9 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 ounces / 187 grams
  • Colors: Four Colors: Blue, Red, Green and Gray

Why Is The Travelrest Pillow Different?

Unlike most of these U-shaped pillows (or even just standard small travel pillows like you get on the plane) this pillow is designed completely differently.

In fact, when you first see it, you will probably say – what is that! And you will definitely get some weird looks from the people around you on the plane.

Don’t worry, it is worth it!​

The Travelrest pillow is designed to completely support your head from the side and the best part is it will stay in position once you fall asleep.

No more being woken up because your pillow falls down.

No more trying to get your pillow to stay in position.

This travel pillow comes with a couple of features designed to make sure it stays put – and you get some decent sleep!

How Does The Travelrest Work?

The Travelrest pillow looks a bit weird because it is really long. But that is where the beauty of the design comes in.

By allowing you to wrap your arm around the pillow it helps secure it into position.

But wait, there is more…

This pillow is designed to be secured in 3 different ways, depending on what works for you and where you are traveling.​

1. You can use the tether to loop it around your body so it stays with you no matter how you move.

2. You can use the tether  to help secure it to say the headrest of a plane seat. Your arm then holds the bottom.

3. If you are in a car, you can hook the tether around the head rest and there is a buttoned loop at the bottom you can put around the seat belt.

I grabbed a video from Travelrest’s youtube channel below so you can see method 1 and 2 more clearly. ​

It sounds complicated, but actually it’s pretty simple once you see it.​ Just check out the youtube video below:

Awesome huh!

No more disappearing pillow while you are sleeping.

No more struggling to get the pillow to just stay put while you get comfortable and finally get some rest.

I can’t believe someone has solved my biggest travel pain!​ Not to mention the embarrassment of having to go looking for you pillow in the middle of a flight while everyone is sleeping!

Details Of The Travelrest Pillow

The Travelrest pillow is pretty similar to most of those inflatable travel pillows you might have seen or used. However, I think it’s worth taking a look at all the details so you can see what you are getting.

Comfortable Material – Including Optional Cover

Travelrest Velour Cover

It is made out of a Velour/Velvet-like material that is quite kind to your face.

So no stress about being uncomfortable.

It is obviously not as soft or comfortable as your pillow at home, but you can play around with the softness by letting out a little air once it is inflated.​

Another more comfy option is to buy the ​Luxurious Plush Velour cover that comes with memory foam. (image on the right)

This takes the comfort up a level, but of course, means you have to pack a little more. A trade-off I think is worth it!

Easy Inflation/Deflation

You saw how big this baby is, so you are probably wondering how easy it is to blow up.

Well, it comes with a big hole to help inflate it in about 4-5 breaths (depending on how big your lungs are!). So it is more than those little travel pillows but only takes a few seconds to inflate.​

And the air does not escape once you stop blowing as the valve is designed to hold it in.​ In fact, you have to push it in a little to let the air out.

And the valve is so big, it also deflates in seconds (just don’t do it while people are sleeping – it’s a little noisy!)

Check out how it works in the video below:

Pack & Carry - A Very Small Package

If you just buy the pillow alone it is pretty easy to roll up and carry.

They have designed the bottom buttoned clasp to not only hook around a seatbelt when you use it, but also to tie up the whole bundle when you roll it up.

Another cool idea I saw online is to use the clasp to hook it around your carry on – on the outside. So you are ready to use it once you board the plane!​

Fully rolled up it is 2 x 9 x 3.5 inches – so pretty small.

Final Verdict

This pillow is a little “out there” in terms of how it looks and how big it is when you inflate it, but don’t let looks put you off.

If you have never quite been satisfied with travel pillows you have bought before, give this one a try.

It is great for side sleepers (like me! yay) and will help you

  • Keep your head in place while sleeping
  • Stop losing your pillow while you are sleeping

Can’t ask for much more than that in a travel pillow!