Woolrich Vs Canada Goose
Last Updated: January 4, 2021

Woolrich Vs. Canada Goose: Best Winter Jackets

Walk into any high-street store and you’ll see a bunch of cheap winter jackets. But you already know that they will eventually disappoint you. And if you want a jacket that you will wear for the next several years, Woolrich and Canada Goose are your best options.

Both of these brands are incredibly popular, precisely because they rarely disappoint. Their jackets are made from premium materials, and they never underperform.

In this review we’ll check out some of the most popular and best-selling winter jackets from both Woolrich and Canada Goose. And I’ll show you men’s and women’s jackets, so there’s definitely something for you here!


Woolrich Men’s

Woolrich Men's Classic Hunt Coat, Red Black Plaid, Medium

Canada Goose Men’s

Canada Goose Carson Parka (XL, Black)

Woolrich Women’s

Woolrich Women's Bitter Chill Wool Loft Jacket, Oxford, X-Small

Canada Goose Women’s

Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka (Medium, Admiral Blue)

Woolrich Winter Jackets

Arctic Parka

Woolrich Women's Arctic Down Insulated Parka, Old Red, Small

A parka is a must-have this winter. And if you want a really warm one, this is one of your top options. It’s an incredibly warm jacket, insulated with 550 fill power duck down, which is pretty good. I’m not sure about the exact down-feather ration, since Woolrich has a lot of different versions of the Arctic parka, but it’s definitely not less than 70-30.

The jacket is made from a mixture of Cotton and Nylon, so it should feel soft and comfortable. Plus, it’s coated with DWR, which makes it water-resistant. That helps the parka perform better in wet weather – most down jackets really underperform when they are wet. They become heavy and pretty cold. The DWR here helps keep the water away from the down insulation by repelling it as soon as it hits the outer shell.

The Arctic Parka has a two-way front zipper, as well as button closure. This really helps it stay warm, and helps make the jacket somewhat wind-resistant. The elastic hand cuffs also help with that, since they keep the draft out of your sleeves.

You get plenty of different pockets on this parka, and I love that there’s the same amount of them on both the men’s and women’s jackets. But one thing I’m not really a fan of is the coyote fur trim on the hood. It’s a little disappointing to see natural fur in jackets, when most of the big fashion names are completely moving away from it. But at least it is removable, so you don’t have to wear it.


  • Water-resistant
  • Exterior is soft


  • Natural fur on hood (removable)
  • Not fully windproof

Classic Hunt Coat

Woolrich Men's Classic Hunt Coat, Red Black Plaid, Medium

The Hunt Coat is an interesting choice. For one thing, it is insulated with wool, which actually performs better than down in some cases. For one thing, the shell of the coat is tightly weaved, and it does an amazing job at repelling water. Also, wool keeps you warm even when it gets wet, which down does not do.

You’ve probably seen dozens of coats that look like this, likely in your grandfather’s closet. And that’s because this design has been around for centuries, and it still holds up today – that speaks volumes about the Hunt Coat’s functionality. And keep in mind that the tightly weaved shell also does an awesome job at keeping the draft out, making this jacket wind-resistant, in addition to everything else.

There are six pockets on both of these jackets – four snap pockets, and two hand-warmer pockets. The body of the jacket is fully lined, and so are the sleeves – something I absolutely love, as it’s often overlooked. And there are storm cuffs in those sleeves, to keep you extra warm. Additionally, the women’s version also features a button in the back, which allows you to cinch in the waist a little bit, for a better fit.

Overall, you won’t really understand this coat until you put it one. It’s one of those jackets that just looks like it’s going to underperform, and then it blows you away with how good it is. Plus it’s retro – perfect for 2019!


  • Insulated with wool
  • Wind and water resistant


  • No plus sizes
  • No color variety

Bitter Chill Parka

Woolrich Women's Bitter Chill Wool Loft Jacket, Oxford, X-Small

I love the name of this parka – it immediately brings up the image in my mind of the coldest winter days I experienced so far. And this parka can keep you warm even in those days; it is waterproof, breathable and insulated with Arctic Air Insulation, which is a combination of wool and wool loft insulation.

The shell is made from two different materials – nylon dobby and polyester herringbone, both of which are waterproof. Overall this is a really warm jacket, so it is a great fit for people who live in really cold areas. But if the winters in your city are mild at best, I don’t think it’s the right parka for you.

The Bitter Chill parka has zipper closure, with a button-over storm flap. It also has internal storm cuffs and an elastic hem, which keep the draft out, but also help you get a really good fit. The hood is Sherpa-lined, and features a faux coyote fur ruff. I like that they used faux fur in this jacket, and it is also removable, in case you are not a fan of fluffy hood trims.

Both the men’s and women’s parka have a ton of different pockets. There are hand warming pockets, external snap pockets, and a couple of interior ones. Which includes a media pocket with a cord port for your headphones. On top of all that, the jacket is available in sizes up to XL for the ladies, and XXL for the gentlemen.  


  • Exceptionally warm
  • Windproof and waterproof


  • No color variety
  • A heavy parka

Patrol Down Parka

Woolrich Men's Patrol Down Parka, Deep Navy, Medium

This parka is pretty similar to the Arctic Parka – it actually draws a lot of features from its design. But this one is insulated with 650 fill power goose down, which does a much better job at keeping you warm in cold weather. The Patrol Down parka fits true to size and it is pretty roomy, so there is enough space for a thicker layer of clothing underneath.

The shell of this parka is made from Nylon, and it is water repellent. It features zipper closure, as well as a snap placket that makes the parka windproof. Which is always a bonus. And the elastic cuffs inside the sleeves also help with that.

Both the men’s and women’s jacket feature chest hand warming pockets. Their positioning is slightly awkward, since they are pretty high. Keeping your hands in them for prolonged periods of time can become uncomfortable. There are also two lower pockets, which have snap closure and are large enough to fit your necessities.

The hood of the parka has a coyote fur trim, which is removable. Again, I don’t really like that they used natural fur, but at least you get the option to remove it from your jacket. Overall, this is a great jacket for really cold weather. And the best thing about it is that it’s about $150 cheaper on Amazon than in store. If you like it, do not pass on that deal!


  • Windproof and water repellent
  • Really warm thanks to 650 fill power goose down


  • Natural fur on hood (removable)
  • Hand warming pockets are positioned high

Wool Loft Insulated Jacket

Woolrich Women's Wool Loft Insulated Long Jacket, Burgundy, Medium

This jacket is perhaps the best option for people who live in areas where the winters are mild. It’s a pretty thin and lightweight jacket, but it is still insulated and warm. Just not as warm as some of the parkas we saw earlier in the review. And the fact that it’s a short jacket also impacts the level of warmth you can expect. But it does have a drop tail hem that keeps the cold out a little better than your regular short jacket.

The insulation of this jacket is a mixture of wool loft and polyester, similarly to the Bitter Chill parka. The jacket is water repellent, but it’s not really windproof – there’s only the one zipper that you see in the photos. But, considering that this is the most affordable Woolrich jacket so far, I am perfectly fine with that.

And also that it’s a jacket for mildly cold weather. It fits true to size, but there’s not too much space underneath it. It’s not super tight, but I doubt that you’d be able to wear it over a really thick sweater. Definitely go a size up if you would like that.

The men’s jacket doesn’t have a hood at all. The hood on the women’s jacket is not removable, but it is adjustable. And it doesn’t have any kind of fur or faux fur trim, which I actually like. It’s simple and it does its job just like it should. But keep in mind that you only get two pockets on this jacket, which is kind of disappointing.


  • The most affordable Woolrich jacket
  • Good for mild winters
  • Lightweight and thin


  • Not suitable for really cold weather
  • Only two pockets
  • Not windproof

Canada Goose Winter Jackets

Women’s Jackets

Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka (Medium, Admiral Blue)

The Trillium is a regular fit parka, and it’s perhaps the best choice for you who are looking for something roomier that you can wear over thick sweaters and hoodies. It’s also a mid-length jacket, so you will have better range of motion in it.

But interestingly enough, this is also the warmest Canada Goose parka for the ladies we’ll see here. This is one has a 4 TEI (Temperature Experience Index) rating, while the other two parkas have a TEI 3 rating. And what that means is that this jacket keeps you warm in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. If you’re looking for the warmest parka, here it is.

Even the hood of this jacket is insulated with 625 fill power duck down, to be precise. That’s the insulation throughout the entire parka, so it’s understandable why it is so warm. On top of that it’s both wind and water resistant, which is great for snow.

There are several pockets on the Trillium – four external and two internal ones. You get two hand warming pockets on the outside, as well as two lower pockets with flap closure. One interior pocket has zipper closure, while the other one features a shoulder strap. Yes, that’s a shoulder strap that you use to carry this parka like a purse, which is incredibly convenient!


  • Shoulder strap in back pocket
  • Warmest women’s parka


  • Natural fur ruff
Canada Goose Shelburne Parka Graphite XS

If you want a parka that feels like you are wearing a blanket, then this is one of your top choices. It’s designed to keep you toasty in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, which is amazing. That warmth comes from 625 fill power duck down insulation, which performs great in cold weather.

This parka is both wind and water resistant, so it’s perfect for snow. However, it’s not really the best choice for rain and really wet weather, as down becomes really heavier when wet. And it doesn’t perform as well, so definitely avoid wearing the parka in heavy rain.

The Shelburne parka has elastic inner cuffs that keep the draft out, as well as adjustable exterior cuffs. It features zipper closure and a snap placket – it’s a two-way zipper, which allows you to unzip the lower part of the jacket if you need some extra range of motion. The hood isn’t removable, and it features a (natural) fur trim, which luckily is removable.

The jacket has two hand-warming pockets, and those are the only exterior ones you get. You do have two interior pockets though; one is a drop-in pocket and it’s pretty big, while other one is a security pocket with zipper closure.


  • Extremely warm parka
  • Wind and water resistant


  • (Removable) natural fur trim on hood
  • No closed exterior pockets
Canada Goose Women's Kensington Parka,Black,Large

The Kensington parka is really similar to the Shelburne. There are two big differences though; one is the design of the shell. The exterior of this parka is smooth, as compared to the quilted shell of the parka we previously saw. And the other major difference is color variety – this particular parka is available in nearly 40 different colors!

The jacket is insulated with 625 fill power duck down, which is pretty standard for Canada Goose. Actually, this parka is supposed to keep you warm even when it gets 20 degrees Celsius below zero. It’s definitely not the best jacket for people who live in areas where the winter temperatures stay above zero, so keep that in mind.

This is a long parka, and it might even come down to your knees – depending on your height, naturally. It’s also a slim fit parka, so you might struggle fitting it over really thick sweaters and hoodies. But I honestly don’t think you need to wear super thick clothing on your torso, since the jacket itself is so warm.

The hood has a removable coyote fur trim, and the rib-knit collar is adjustable. There are several exterior pockets, including hand warming ones as well as snap ones. But what I like the most is the interior back pocket with a shoulder strap. It allows you to carry this parka on your shoulder, which is pretty much a life safer. Just imagine taking it off at the mall and having to carry it in your hands for the next hour or so. Yikes.


  • Shoulder strap in back pocket
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Super warm


  • Natural coyote fur on the hood (removable)
  • Pretty heavy

Men’s Jackets

Canada Goose Carson Parka (XL, Black)

If you want a shorter parka, then this is the best choice for you. The Carson is hip-length, and it is one of the shorter Canada Goose jackets you’ll find. It’s also slim-fit, so definitely go a size up if you prefer roomier jackets.

It is insulated with 625 fill power duck down, and it’s a really warm jacket. In fact, it’s designed to withstand temperatures as low as 25 degrees Celsius below zero, so it’s a great choice for people who have to endure extremely cold winters. It is also wind and water resistant, and perfect for snowy weather.  

The hood is adjustable, and it actually has a built-in wire for enhanced fit. And the rest of the jacket is also pretty adjustable – the cuffs are elastic, and they keep the cold out. The zipper is two-way, and you can unzip the lower part if you need a wider range of motion. Plus, there is also a storm snap placket over the zipper, which does an awesome job at keeping the draft out.

The Carson jacket has four pockets total. There is one internal zippered pocket, which is great for your phone and wallet, and the other three are all external. Two of those are hand warming pockets lined with fleece, and the last one is a zippered chest pocket.


  • Exceptionally warm
  • Wind and water resistant


  • Just one interior pocket
Canada Goose Men's Expedition Parka, Navy, Large

The Expedition parka was originally designed for scientists working in Antarctica. You can imagine how warm it is then – in fact, the jacket has a TEI 5 rating. In numbers, this is the jacket that you can wear when it is 30 degrees Celsius below zero, and you will still stay warm.

It is definitely not a versatile jacket, and it’s a good fit only for people who live in extremely cold areas. But if you are looking for the warmest jacket money can buy, this is the one. Every part of it is insulated with 625 fill power duck down, and the chin guard is fleece lined for ultimate comfort and warmth.

The Expedition parka also has a hide away nylon snow skirt for added protection, as well as a drawcord at the waist that allows you customize the fit and helps retain warmth. This is a relaxed fit jacket, so you can wear over thicker clothing and you will have a good range of motion.

It features zipper closure with a Velcro storm placket. That, in combination with the elastic cuffs, makes the Expedition parka wind resistant. There are eight pockets total on this jacket – six external and two internal ones. There are four pockets on the front of the jacket, all of which are double-entry – the tops have Velcro closure, while the sides are zippered. The other two pockets are on the sleeves, and they also feature Velcro closure.


  • Warmest Canada Goose parka
  • Wind and water resistant


  • Not really versatile – suitable only for extreme colds
Canada Goose Langford Parka (Black, X-Small)

The Langford is a really stylish parka.  It has a TEI 4 rating, which means that you will stay warm even when it’s 15-25 degrees Celsius below zero. That’s due to the combination of water-resistant shell materials, 625 fill power duck down and breathable lining.

This is also a wind resistant jacket – it has a two-way closure zipper, as well as a Velcro storm placket. Plus, pretty much everything about it is adjustable, including both the hood and the waist, so basically anyone can get it fit just right. However, keep in mind that this is a slim fit jacket – not really the best choice to wear over multiple layers of clothing.

The parka has a webbing grab strap on the upper back, which makes it super convenient to carry around. Also in terms of your convenience, I love that it has six pockets. Four are external – two hand warming pockets and two lower ones with Velcro closure, plus two internal pockets. One of those has zipper closure, while the other one is a simple drop-in pocket.

If you are interested in this parka, I suggest you check out a more detailed review I did a while back. It will tell you every little detail you need to know before you go ahead and purchase the Langford.


  • A total of six pockets
  • Wind and water resistant


  • It’s a big and heavy jacket – not great for travel

Woolrich Vs. Canada Goose: Our Top Choices 

Well, that was a lot of winter jackets. To make this easier, I’ll tell you what my favorites are, and why I think they are the best choices.

Out of all the men’s jackets, the Carson Parka from Canada Goose is my top choice. It’s super warm, wind and water resistant, and it has a bunch of different pockets. The entire body of the jacket is insulated with duck down, including the hood. I especially like that the hood had a built-in wire, which really helps you get it to fit just right.

Canada Goose Carson Parka (XL, Black)
  • Material: [body] Arctic-Tech, [trim] coyote fur
  • Insulation: power white duck down

The Classic Hunt Coat from Woolrich is my second choice. It’s just different from everything else, and that has to count for something. Plus, it is insulated with wool, which actually performs much better than down insulation in wet weather. The only downside to it is the lack of color variety, but that plaid is just a classic design that wouldn’t really work that well in other colors!

Woolrich Men's Classic Hunt Coat, Red Black Plaid, Medium
56 Reviews
Woolrich Men's Classic Hunt Coat, Red Black Plaid, Medium
  • Vintage six-pocket front
  • Oversized weather protection collar with tab

Woolrich's Bitter Chill parka is my favorite options for the ladies. It’s really warm, waterproof, loose enough that you can wear thick sweaters underneath it, and it has plenty of pockets. Which includes an internal media pocket with a tiny hole for the cord of your headphones. But what I like the most about this jacket is the unique insulation – a combination of wool and wool loft, which performs great in all weather conditions.

Woolrich Women's Bitter Chill Wool Loft Jacket, Oxford, X-Small
  • Water resistant herringbone shell
  • Critically seam sealed

My other choice would be the Trillium Parka by Canada Goose. It’s the shorter option, and it’s the best fit for those of you who don’t really want a knee-length jacket. But it’s still really warm, thanks to the 625 fill power duck down. I really like that you can cinch in the waist of this jacket, since that is much more flattering for a woman’s figure. Plus it has a shoulder strap in the back pocket, so that you don’t have to carry it in your arms!

All of the jackets featured in this review are best sellers. These four are just my favorites. But whichever one you decide to get, you can expect premium quality and performance. Head over to Amazon to check out their prices and all the color options!

What To Look For

Men’s Or Women’s 

With Woolrich it’s pretty simple – the jackets and parkas that I show you are available in both men’s and women’s version, and I will link to both options. This is something many popular brands do, and I think it’s super convenient. You like your spouse’s jacket but you wish they had it in a version for you? Here it is!

With Canada Goose it’s not really that simple. They rarely make jackets that are available in both men’s and women’s version, and most jackets are just completely different. So, I will divide their section into two parts – jackets for the ladies, and jackets for the gentlemen. That way it’s easier for you to find what you are looking for!

Jackets Vs. Parkas

This one is really up to your personal preference. But parkas are usually warmer because they are longer and cover larger portions of your body. Plain jackets will cover just your torso, while a parka will cover a good portions of your thighs as well.

So, it depends on the level of warmth you are looking for, but also what fits your personal style better. Anyway, I will show you both jackets and parkas, as well as a couple of coats from Woolrich. With Canada Goose though, you will mostly see parkas. They do make some other types of jackets, but those are usually spring or fall jackets. When looking at their winter jackets, the parka is really dominant.

So, if you are looking for a shorter jacket, you should stick with Woolrich. But if you’re fine with a parka, Canada Goose has much more options.

Insulation And Warmth 

We’ll mostly check out jackets that insulated with down, as they tend to be really warm. However, Woolrich also has several jackets that are insulated with wool, which is actually the warmer type of insulation.

It's because wool performs better when it gets wet. It will still keep you warm, while down will get heavy and shrink. That’s because of the way down works – the warmth level of down depends on its fill power. A higher fill power number means that a single gram of down can insulate a larger area. But that only works if the down is dry.

When it gets wet it shrinks together, and you basically have holes and blank spaces in your insulation. And then when it gets dry it expands, and it can keep you warm again. Whereas wool is just wool – it’s warm no matter what. But it’s also much more expensive, which is why most brands use down insulation.

There’s also a difference between duck down and goose down. Duck down is what you see in jackets most often, because it is more widely available and cheaper to manufacture. Goose down is warmer, but more expensive. That’s also the reason why brands like Patagonia often use a hybrid type of down insulation, which is usually a mixture of both goose and duck down.

Generally, you want to get the jacket that’s appropriate for the winters in your area. If they are really cold, then get the jacket with the highest fill power of down available. Or with an insanely innovative type of insulation, which guarantees to keep you warm no matter how cold it gets.

But then again if you live in area where the winters are mild, you’ll waste your money getting a really warm jacket. It might seem like a good idea, but most of the time you’ll find it to be too warm, and you won’t get much use of it. And then you definitely won’t get your money’s worth.

Price Range

Neither of these brands is cheap. And that’s fine, since you can’t really expect premium quality for $50.

In general, you will see that Woolrich products have lower price tags. And you are more likely to find a Woolrich jacket for $150-300, than you are a Canada Goose one.

And that’s not to say that they are any less good or lower quality. In fact, if you look at the prices in stores they are actually pretty similar. But for whatever reason, you will find a good deal for a Woolrich jacket on Amazon much more easily.

So, if you are on the budget ad are looking to spend as little money as possible, I definitely recommend Woolrich. But if you don’t really care that much about the price, and are willing to pay more for premium quality, then Canada Goose might be a better fit for you.  

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