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5 Brightest Headlamps (Never Fear The Dark Again)

Everyone should own at least one headlamp. Why? Well, you never know when you are going to get stuck, outside, in the dark! What if your car breaks down in the middle of the night? You will need a good source of light so you don’t scare yourself to death, as well as the use of both your hands.

There is only so much light (and hands-free practicality) your smartphone battery can produce, and what’s even worse? Traditional flashlights. They are sooooo unpractical. And sure, you can get one of those super-luminous watches to see the time, but what about hiking in the dark?

Our Top Picks

Whether you need a headlamp for hiking, hunting, or fishing, I have prepared a selection of the best brightest headlamps for you. With the top headlamps below you will be able to illuminate even the darkest of places. And, your friends will love you for it – you’ll be like their own portable sun.

So, join me in this review of some super bright headlamps and find the perfect one for your next adventure (in the dark)!

Specifications Of The Brightest Headlamps In This Review

Before we begin to examine all of them in detail, you can check them below, side-by-side.

So, if you are looking for a headlamp with a specific feature (lasts the longest, most lumen output, etc.) you can just jump to it via the quick navigation above or click on the link to head over to Amazon. Additionally, the battery life of the headlamp will also depend on the settings you use. For example, if you set a lamp to minimum brightness, it will last much longer than if you set it to maximum brightness more often. So, your average use of the lamp will also determine the battery life.

The Brightest Headlamps

Brightest Headlamp

Outero 8 LED Headlamp

The Outero bright headlamp uses 8 LED bulbs that, when combined, have an output of 13000 lumens. Now that is what I call a bright lamp! This will allow you to see somewhere between 800-1500 feet before in you the dark, which is amazing.

This is the brightest headlamp and can also be set to 7 different modes, and each mode utilized a different number of bulbs:

  • Strong or weak beam
  • Side or center lights
  • Super bright – All LEDs
  • Strobe mode – all 5 LEDs flash (use in an emergency)
  • Red light, and Red light SOS

Of course, the different settings will drain your batteries faster. If you set the lamp to energy-saving mode, it can (allegedly) last up to 7-9 hours. On the other hand, if you set it to super brightness, you can expect it to last a lot less.

You won’t get a dedicated charger for this lamp, but you will get a USB charging cable. That means that you can’t actually take out the batteries and recharge them (unless you already own a compatible charger). In fact, you will have to plug the lamp into your computer.

You can rotate the bulbs by 90 degrees, which will allow you to shed light exactly where you need it. Because of that, this headlamp is an excellent choice for late-night hiking adventures. Just be sure to fully charge it beforehand!


2nd Brightest Headlamp

MsForce LED Headlamp

The MsForce headlamp is insanely bright at 12000 lumens. It is the second brightest headlamp in this review, and it has 5 LED bulbs, which allow you to choose between 4 different lighting modes:

  • Low – uses 4 small LED bulbs
  • Medium brightness – large center LED
  • Bright  – All LEDs
  • Flashing strobe

Naturally, if you choose the lowest setting, your battery will last the longest (15 hours). In fact, when you set the headlamp to the maximum light setting, it will last less than 8 hours, which is something you should bear in mind.

There are also two rechargeable batteries built into this lamp, so you don’t have to worry about buying any or having another charger around. It has a USB to charge it.

It is also IPX55 rated waterproof, so good to go in almost any sort of wet conditions. And it has a handy charge indicator on the back so you know how your charge is going.

All in all a great buy for those that need a seriously bright headlamp!


Most Affordable

Eornmor 3000 Lumen Headlamp

This headlamp utilizes one LED bulb, which means that it is not as bright as the other lamps in the review. However, it is packed with useful features, which is great considering it’s less than $50.

It has two lighting modes: weak and bright. There is a built-in 6000mAH rechargeable battery which can be charged by USB. So, no specific plug or car charger, but we are all used to USB charging so it’s good enough for me.

It also rotates up to 45 degrees allowing you to focus the bulb where you need it to shine, which is super handy and saves you having to adjust your head, instead!

It is also IPX4 waterproof, so you can drop it in water and not worry it is going to stop working all of a sudden.


Jasmoc LED Headlamp

Jasmoc was also thoughtful enough to include both a wall charger and a car charger for the two rechargeable batteries. And, the double 3000 mAh batteries can last you up to 8 hours, depending on the brightness of the lamp that you choose.

However, since the batteries are so large, it takes a while to charge them – you will need to leave them in the charger for about 12 hours if you want them to be full of juice.

The 4 different brightness settings you can choose between are:

  • Low brightness – uses one LED
  • Middle brightness – uses 2 LEDs
  • High brightness – uses 3 LEDs
  • Strobe/SOS – uses 3 flashing LEDs

The output of this headlamp is 6000 lumen, which puts it somewhere in the middle of all the lamps in the review. This output will give you visibility of 300 feet in pitch dark, which is definitely more than you need. Well, for hunting you might need better visibility, but I definitely wouldn’t suggest a headlamp for that – it will scare off the animals.

There are 3 LEDs on the Jasmoc headlamp, and you can rotate them by 90 degrees (includes both upward and downward mobility). In addition to that, this lamp is IP65 water-resistant, which makes it immune to rain or splashes, but you should never fully submerge it in water.


Totobay Ultrabright LED Headlamp

This bright headlamp from Totobay produces a respectable 6000 lumen output! So, if you want to see well in the dark, then this will do the job for most people.

It uses 3 LED bulbs with four light settings, including the usual handy SOS (or disco mode as I call it):

  • Low (1 LED )
  • Middle(2 LED)
  • High(3 LED)
  • Strobe(3 LED)

As with all these kinds of bright headlamps, it has built-in rechargeable batteries that you recharge via a USB cable they provide. So, no need to remove and recharge separately which is handy.

It is also IPX55 waterproof, so it should be fine in the rain, and maybe even if you drop it in a puddle!


What To Look For In A Good Headlamp

Lumen Output

To be perfectly clear, we are only looking at the brightest headlamps in this review. Regular headlamps that people mostly use for reading and similar activities have a lumen output of 100-200lm. The lumen output of the lamps in this review is in the thousands.

Logically, the higher the output, the brighter the light. And, the highest lumens headlamp will also illuminate a bigger area, and often further too. For example, a headlamp you would use for reading will light up your room without a problem, but these lamps will allow you to light up hundreds of feet ahead of you – depending on the lamp you choose.

Battery Life

The battery life of a headlamp depends on two factors: the size of the batteries that go in it and the number of lumens that will drain that battery. The stronger the lamp, the shorter its battery life is.

So, if battery life is important, you should opt for a battery with a smaller lumen output, because it will ultimately last longer.

Additionally, the battery life of the headlamp will also depend on the settings you use. For example, if you set a lamp to minimum brightness, it will last much longer than if you set it to maximum brightness more often. So, your average use of the lamp will also determine the battery life.

Which Bright Headlamp Is The Best Choice For You?

Obviously, that largely depends on what you are looking for in a headlamp. If you just want a powerful headlamp, as strong as it possibly can, then get the Outero headlamp.

The 13,000 lumens this lamp can produce will provide you with more than enough brightness. And, not to mention that it can help you see about 750-1500 feet in front of you, which is certainly impressive!

On the other hand, if battery life is your priority, then go for the Eornmor headlamp. It is still an incredibly bright headlamp, with an output of 3000 lumen. And, the batteries on this lamp can last you an incredible 25 hours on the lowest brightness setting, which is impressive if I am honest.

This particularly makes it a great lamp for any longer activities in the dark, such as hiking, mountain biking, or skiing.

Last, but not least headlamp I will recommend is the MsForce Headlamp. Also impressive with its 12000 lumens, but this baby can also last up to 15 hours and is IPX55 rated, so one of the best in terms of waterproofing.

Well, I’ve shown you the best and brightest headlamps that money can buy. The rest is up to you. Choose the one that you like the most and head over to Amazon. Not only will you get a great deal, but you can also return any of these for free if you happen to experience any issues!

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