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Best Beaches In Sithonia, Greece

Sitting on the northeastern side of Greece on the shores of the Aegean Sea is the stunning peninsula of Sithonia in the Chalkidiki region. Sitting pretty with the Kassandra Peninsula to the west and the Mount Athos peninsula to the east, the Sithonia beaches are some of the most beautiful in the whole of the country.

The waters along this stretch of the Greek coastline are as pretty as they get with every shade of blue lapping on the white sands. It’s not like anyone needs any encouragement to travel to Greece, what with the stunning scenery, ancient sites, amazing food, seas, and fun beach bars and I would highly recommend Sithonia for your next trip.

Once you are booked to Sithonia, you are going to want to spend your time in the best spots, since vacation time is valuable, so we have put together a list of the best beaches in Sithonia so you don’t waste any time in the wrong places.

Lagomandra Beach

Lagomandra Beach

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Lagomandra Beach is a sandy beach and is by far one of the best beaches in Sithonia. This is a blue flag beach meaning it has the highest award a beach can have. The bright blue waters are enticing, the soft sand is wonderful to sit on, and the long sandy stretch is also surrounded by pine trees so you can always find shade.

The sea is shallow and calm at Lagomandra Beach, so it is a very family-friendly place for swimming plus there is also a lifeguard on duty just in case.

If lying on the pure sand isn’t quite your style, you can also find sunbeds and beach umbrellas at Lagomandra Beach for shade plus a beach volley court for you to play on and you can rent water sports equipment to explore the crystal clear waters from. There are beach bars to hang out at too.

Orange Beach (Kavourotripes Beach)

Kavourotripes beach, also known as Orange beach is by far one of the best beaches in Sithonia and it is very famous too. When you gaze upon it, you won’t think that you are in Greece anymore.

The crystal waters are about as blue as they get and the shallow area around the beach creates a kind of blue lagoon feel that laps on to the white sand. It is literally a sandy beach that looks like it dropped out of heaven.

Lined with a stunning pine forest on one side and bright white rocks on the other, it is picture perfect. You can go to the beach bar for a cocktail, use their sun beds, and stare at the amazing views of Mount Athos.

Koviou Beach

Koviou Beach

Image courtesy of Flickr

If you like your beaches to be less crowded, like I do, then you might find Koviou Beach to be your favorite beach in Sithonia. It is less known and has far fewer people on it, but you will need a car to get to it as it is about 5 km from the nearest town of Nikiti.

This is a long sandy beach with turquoise waters that has some unique blue-tinted pebbles that make the shore and sands have a blue tone to it. It really is fabulous to see and it is also blue flag rated as it is pristine.

There are no beach bars on this beach or any services whatsoever bar one hotel with sunbeds, so be sure to bring all the food and water you need for the day and be cautious when swimming out into the deep waters but the shallow clear waters are still great for kids.

Oneirou Beach

Oneirou Beach also known as Dream Coast beach is a part of a luxury camping establishment that has a gigantic beach bar that pretty much takes up the whole beach. This is a great place to spend the day at if you want everything brought to you while lying on a super comfy sunbed under a shady umbrella.

The beach bar serves great food and awesome drinks but you will have to access the beach through the beach bar and rent an umbrella and sunbed to be there (only 5 euros per day). Once there the shallow waters are great for swimming, the fine sand is a delight in your toes, the crystal clear waters are stunning, and there is a fun vibe too.

Goa Beach

Another of the awesome Sithonia beaches you should spend some time at is Goa Beach. This beach sits at the end of a long and bumpy dirt road so it really is out the way and is home to Goa Beach Bar too.

This beach is stunning with an amphitheater of cliffs surrounding it, white sand, crystal clear water, and amazing views. The natural beauty is incredible and nature lovers will love spending time on this beach, especially in the morning.

This paradise beach has two sides to it, one of nature in the morning when it is peaceful and empty making it great for a skinny dip, yoga, and exercise. While, in the afternoon/evening, this popular beach comes alive with people and the vibe really gets going.

Porto Koufo Beach

One of my favorite Sithonia beaches is, without a doubt, Porto Koufo Beach. Porto Koufo is the largest natural harbor in Greece and is a bay surrounded by large cliffs that make it super protected.

This beach is sandy, lined with pine trees for natural shade, and it has about 2 meters of azure blue waters before it drops off into the deep, so be cautious when swimming here. This beach is less crowded than most beaches and is very popular for fishing due to the deep drop-off.

You can also take a stroll down to the port where you will find a bunch of little tavernas serving up fresh seafood that has been caught just off the beach.

Karidi Beach

Karidi Beach is nothing short of delightful and is a gem along the peninsula making it a beach you should visit during your time at this destination. Karidi beach is formed of two beaches that wind their way around delightful bays with sand dunes, rock formations, and trees for natural shade.

If you love nature, being in peace away from crowds, and swimming in the pristine sea, then this is the beach for you. I can get quite busy in high season and there is a restaurant/beach bar set back from the beach where you can grab some food and drinks but I would suggest bringing all the supplies you need along with a towel to lie on since there are no sunbeds.

Nikiti Beach

Nikiti Beach

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

If you are traveling as a family or a large group and want a beach to hang out on that isn’t remote and has a vibe, you should head to Nikiti Beach.

Nikiti is long and mostly sandy, pine tree lined for natural shade, and is home to a load of beach bars that give you sunbeds and umbrellas for free so long as you drink and eat there.

The water is crystal clear and shallow for family-friendly swimming, you can rent paddle boards and kayaks to explore the sea with, and there is even a beach volleyball court to have fun on.

If you do end up on this beach, do not go home early as the sunsets from here are absolutely magical so be sure to order a cocktail and watch that ball of fire drop over the horizon.

Kriaritsi Beach

Set on its own little nook of nature in a secluded bay lies Kriaritsi beach and there is nothing surrounding it bar a campsite and some beach bars.

The beach is long and sandy making it perfect for long walks and it is never too crowded, just walk up a bit and you will find your own little spot to hang out on. The waters are crystal blue, shallow for swimming, and the incredible views of Mount Athos are something you will never forget.

You will find 4 or 5 beach bars/restaurants where you can get some great food, have some lovely drinks, and get comfy under an umbrella and on a sun bed. The surrounding area is also great for hiking so I would recommend arriving early and hiking around the cliffs before it gets too hot and then heading to the beach for lunch and a refreshing dip.

Kalamitsi Beach

Kalamitsi Beach sits in southern Sithonia and it is absolutely magical with just enough of everything one needs while having a Greek vacation.

The sand is bright white, super fine, and the waters are crystal clear. The depth drops slowly into deep water off the beach making it great for both swimming safely and going snorkeling/scuba diving. There are even spots that offer scuba courses around the beach if you want to book one.

Around the beach are delightful beach bars with umbrellas and sunbeds that are free when you buy a drink. You can rent water sports equipment, play volleyball, and you will also find all the amenities and facilities you need here.

It is a great place to hang out for the day and have everything you need right there and ready to go.

Fava Beach

Fava Beach

Fava Beach is more of a local beach than any other as to find it you will have to drive through a quiet local neighborhood until you come upon a stunningly uncrowded beach that is home to nature and nothing else.

When you find Fava Beach, you won’t find crowds or beach bars making it perfect for a romantic picnic, long swims, quiet walks, and generally having a peaceful time in nature.

The beach is sandy and long, the sea is crystal blue and shallow, plus you can walk around little peninsulas into even more hidden coves where you can find your own little secret spot.

Trani Ammouda Beach

Trani Ammouda Beach is a well-organized beach with many beach bars and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region too. What makes it so pretty is how long it is and how white the sand is plus at one end there are some ancient Greek ruins that are worth exploring.

The waters are azure blue, gin clear, great for swimming, and you can rent water sports equipment to explore one of the most beautiful beaches in the region from the sea. There are also lots of bars on the main beach and a good restaurant nearby.

Kalogria Beach

Kalogria Beach

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Kalogria Beach is a super nice beach for families and one to head to while enjoying your summer vacation. Kalogria Beach is a bit off the beaten track which I love and its long white sands are lined with nothing but nature.

It is a great place to hang out with kids as it is open, there are no waves, and the water is super shallow for paddling and swimming. You can go to the one hotel on this beach to rent some umbrellas and sunbeds if you like plus use their nearby bar/restaurant but I would recommend bringing all the food/drinks/shade you need for the day.

Valti Beach

Valti beach is a super long beach that seems to go on for miles and miles, making it an excellent beach to escape the crowds and go for a super long walk too. There isn’t much in the way of facilities on this sandy beach but the waters are shallow and great for swimming and the views are endless.

Be sure to bring everything you need for the day and enjoy the amazing amount of space this magical beach offers you.

Klimataria Beach

Klimataria Beach

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Klimataria Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the area as it has everything you could ever want from a beach.

The beach is white sand, there are little secluded parts, the water is as pristine as it gets, it is not crowded, there is a taverna and a bar to get refreshments from, umbrellas and comfy beds to lie on, and you can snorkel around all the little rocks.

We haven’t even got to the best bit yet, the sunset. Sunsets here are out of this world so do not leave this spot early, stay until dusk, after which you will get to stare at the stars and maybe even see some shooting ones too. 

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