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Best Black Sand Beaches In Santorini

Santorini is quite a famous Greek Island, in fact, it is, without doubt, one of the most famous and popular islands in Greece. Sitting slap bang in the middle of the Aegean Sea with mainland Greece to the west and Turkey to the east, its location is simply to die for.

The landscape, the culture, the views of rolling hills, a volcano, azure blue waters, and white-washed houses with blue outlines, it truly is a slice of heaven on earth.

But, the magic of Santorini doesn’t stop there, it is one of only four volcanic islands in Greece and the eruption of its volcano, Thera, some 3600 years ago changed the island in quite a big way history at the same time.

What the volcano has given to Santorini outside of eruptions is black sand beaches, which only add to the beauty of the island. The dark volcanic sand can be found on a load of the beaches in Santorini. They are quite magical places to see and a must while you are there.

Join me as we take a look at all the great black sand beaches in Santorini so you can ensure you see the best of them while having an amazing vacation on this paradise island.

Black Beach

The Black Beach in Santorini refers to the long stretch of black sand beach on the island but it isn’t just one beach, it is actually two beaches, Perissa and Perivolos joined together.

Sitting on the southeastern side of Santorini, this beach is incredibly long and seemingly goes on forever. It is perfect for long walks, sunbathing, swimming, watersports and lots more.

I would highly recommend arriving there early before the crowds to simply gaze at the black sand and see the contrasts between the cliffs, the black sand, and the deep blue seas.

Getting to the black beach is easy if you have hired a car, otherwise, you can get a bus down there for the day. You will find all the facilities you need to spend the day there and it is great for families too.

Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach

Perissa beach lies at the northern end of the black beach and it features a stunning headland to the north with amazing ridge lines that are beautiful to gaze upon while you swim in the crystal blue waters and catch some rays.

This black sand beach is very black and is stunningly beautiful and you will find everything you need on the beach to enjoy a day out with friends and family. But, this beach does get crowded, especially in high season so it’s not a place where you will have some nature to yourself.

There are lots of beach bars and restaurants lining the shores serving up great food and yummy cocktails. You can also use the comfy sunbeds and umbrellas so you can spend the whole day there swimming, renting boats, and doing other water sports too.

Perivolos Beach

Perivolos Beach

Image courtesy of Flickr

Perivolos beach is on the southern end of the black beach, and it joins Perissa beach, as I mentioned earlier. Perivolos beach is lacking the large headland feature at the end and is more of a long strip of beautiful black sand that seemingly goes forever.

If you continue to walk as far south as you can go on this beach, it does get more remote and you will be able to find a little pocket of black sand paradise away from people to call your own.

The sea is crystal clear and great for swimming with families, and there are lifeguards on duty too. You can also rent water sports equipment like paddle boards to go exploring around the area and there are plenty of beach bars and tavernas where you can have lunch, enjoy a cold beer and get comfy on a sunbed under an umbrella.

It is very much worth doing Perissa and Perivolos black sand beach in a single day if you have to travel to see it. Just take a long walk from one end to the other stopping for refreshments and swim along the way. The beauty will astound you!

Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach

Kamari beach is one of the largest black sand beaches in Santorini and one of the blackest too. You will find it to the north of Black Beach but still on the southeastern side of the island, making it very easy to access from the island capital Fira.

Kamari beach is rated as a Blue Flag beach because it is pristine and extremely well organized with everything you could want from a day on the sand. There are lifeguards, restaurants, bars, hotels, toilets, showers, umbrellas, and sunbeds for you to enjoy while you are there plus trees for natural shade.

You can also do a ton of different water sports on this black sand beach from taking diving lessons to renting snorkeling equipment, canoes, kayaks, standup paddleboards, and lots more too.

This black sand beach is extremely popular and it gets crowded quickly so get there early if you want to avoid the crowds. If you want to have a fun time, arrive in the afternoon and stay through dinner and you might find yourself dancing on the beach at one of the clubs.

Vlychada Beach

Vlychada Beach

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Vlychada Beach lies on the southwestern side of Santorini and it is one of my favorite black sand beaches on the island as it has a great balance of facilities and space for you to find your own slice of paradise to chill on for the day.

The sand on this black sand beach isn’t as dark as some of the other beaches and is more of a light gray color than black, but it is more than beautiful enough. As the crystal-deep blue seas lap the dark sand with a backdrop of rugged cliffs, you could be in heaven here.

At the southern end of the beach, you will find restaurants and bars with sunbeds and umbrellas while at the other end, there is nothing, so you can relax in peace and enjoy the water and then stroll over for drinks and great food. Also, stay for sunset as this beach faces west and provides some of the most stunning sunsets you might ever see.

Just around the corner from the beach is a marina too where you’ll find more restaurants, can book fishing trips, and even book sailing too.

Caldera Beach

Caldera beach lies on the southwestern side of Santorini but just a little bit north and on the other side of the peninsula from Vlychada Beach.

Caldera beach is very different from all the other Santorini black sand beaches featured so far as it is small, out of the way, remote, uncrowded, and has close to no facilities whatsoever.

This black sand beach sits at the end of a steep road in a sheltered bay. You will most likely have this spot to yourself, or with few people, and will find a small taverna and a dive center near the parking area.

The views from this beach are stunning as you are surrounded by rugged cliffs and you can see over the deep blue sea into the neighboring islands too. It is also a great place for swimming with the family as the water is calm and shallow.

Monolithos Beach

Monolithos Beach

Image courtesy of Flickr

Monolithos Beach is one of the best black sand beaches in Santorini as the sand is very dark, the beach is relaxed and not overly commercialized plus it is magically beautiful.

Monolithos Beach is a long beach that is perfect for long walks and it is very wide too, so you will be able to find some space to chill out and relax away from other people. It is also a fantastic beach for family fun days in the sun as the waters are calm and great for youngsters to swim in.

There are a few restaurants serving up delicious fresh fish and yummy cocktails plus you can use their sunbeds and umbrellas to take your relaxation to another level.

If you enjoy water sports, Santorini Kite offers kitesurfing rentals and lessons, as well as canoe and paddle board rentals so you can explore the stunning seas surrounding it.

Vourvoulos Beach

If you like walking on empty beaches and spending time in nature, then Vourvoulos Beach will be right up your street. This beach is on the north end of the island, easy to access via a car, it seemingly goes on forever.

The sand on this beach isn’t as black as the others and is more of a pencil gray but it is still incredibly beautiful especially since it is not crowded and surrounded by rugged cliffs.

At the southern end of the beach is a small port with a single restaurant where you can get food and drinks. I would, however, advise bringing everything you need for the day when heading to Vourvoulos Beach as there are no sunbeds or umbrellas here so shade is important and lots of water too.

The beach is great for swimming as the waters are shallow enough and calm, so it is great for a private-ish family day by the sea.

Eros Beach

Eros Beach is another example of perfection when it comes to beauty, remoteness, and facilities.

Sitting on the southwestern tip of Santorini, it is quite a remote beach but when you arrive you will walk through the awesome Theros Wave Bar that offers sunbeds with umbrellas, great food, and even better drinks.

You can easily spend the entire day under the umbrellas ordering delicious goodies to your sunbed while hopping in and out of the water to cool off.

If you want some space to yourself, a quick ten-minute stroll down the beach will have you sitting in all the space you could want. The beach goes on and on so is therefore great for long walks, chats, and finding a little spot to call yours for the day.

It also faces west, so you should not leave this beach before the sun goes down as the sunsets from here are simply magical.

Exo Gialos Beach

Exo Gialos

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Exo Gialos Beach sits on the northeastern side of Santorini and is accessed via Exo Gialos Harbor where you will find boats moored up, restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood, and a bar or two as well.

The beach runs south from the harbor and seemingly goes on forever. There are miles and miles of black sand and pebbles for you to stroll along while towering cliffs sit on one side and the crystal blue waters of the Aegean sea sit on the other.

This is the perfect beach to find a romantic spot for the day while still being close enough to bars and restaurants for when you want to take a break from the sun.

Just north of the harbor is another small black sand beach where you will find a restaurant and bar with umbrellas and sunbeds, so you can hop from a remote private experience to a shared comfortable one.

White Beach

White Beach

Image courtesy of Flickr

White Beach might be the most beautiful little black sand beach on Santorini. Tucked away in the southwest corner of the island, this is a tiny black sand/pebble beach surrounded by white cliffs (hence the name), and with a little bistro set up along the shores.

The contrast between the white cliffs, black sand, the turquoise water, and the deep blue sea offshore all create a delightful scene for your eyes to take in. It is pretty mind-blowing, especially if you have some polarized sunglasses that really bring the colors of the sea to life.

Accessing this beach isn’t easy as it requires driving down some dusty roads and then hiking down the cliff to it. Once you are there though, you will be able to relax to the max and enjoy the seclusion and awesome vibe this beach has.

Columbo Beach

Columbo Beach sits on the northern tip of Santorini and again has a perfect mix of rugged landscapes and nature with enough facilities for you to enjoy the area without packing all the supplies needed for a day at the beach.

This black sand beach is long, stunning, and great for swimming. You can find a little spot for yourself on the eastern end or head to the western end for delicious seafood, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

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