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Best Coffee Shops In Mexico City

When you think of Mexico, what local delicacies come to mind? Mezcal and tequila are like to be at the top of your list as well as delicious Mexican beer. The one thing most travelers forget to try is Mexican coffee.

Some of the best coffee beans in the world are actually grown in Mexico, especially in the southern region of Mexico in areas like Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, and Veracruz. When popular Mexican coffee beans are locally roasted and blended, you end up with some incredible Mexican coffees that are just waiting for you to try.

If there is one place you’re going to find the best coffee in Mexico it’s at the gem coffee shops in Mexico City. The coffee culture in Mexico city has really stepped up a notch in recent years and it would be a crime not to frequent them so avoid Starbucks and go to these cafes in Mexico City.

Efimero Café

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Efimero is one of the most delightful specialty cafes in Mexico City and you will find it in the great location of the Condesa neighborhood. The owners of Efimero quit their corporate jobs and followed their dreams of making a coffee shop that felt like home and they nailed it.

The coffee shop is beautifully decorated and immensely cozy. You can either choose to have a great coffee inside in the homey space or sit outside on the wicker chairs and watch the lovely street go by.

They serve up delicious pastries on wooden boards and their specialty coffee is quite amazing. They use both local beans and international ones too to make their own blends.

Some great coffee drinks to try include their espresso-style coffees, iced coconut Vietnamese pressed coffee, and even a yummy pour-over coffee.

If you’re staying in the neighborhood chances are you will end up drinking at this coffee shop every day.

Centro Café


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One of Mexico City’s favorite coffee shops has to be Centro Café and it’s not just the delicious Mexican coffee they serve that makes this coffee shop so great, it is also the quaint and pretty location that goes with it.

Centro Cafe is in a lovely neighborhood and it has a great indoor area plus a lovely outdoor seating area too where everyone loves to bask in the warm Mexico City afternoons.

You will find a huge range of flavorful coffees at this Mexico City coffee shop and the baristas really know what they are doing. They will guide you through the menu so you choose the best coffee to your tastes and even discuss all their different pressing methods.

The cafe is equipped with an Aeropress as well as a Japanese siphon and more so if you are looking for a specialty coffee and some knowledge to go with it, this is one of the top Mexico City coffee shops to head to.

Triana Café Gourmet


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If you find yourself close by to the famous Mexico City market called Mercado de San Juan, and chances are this will be one of the attractions at the top of your list, then you have to go to Triana Café Gourmet to have what some say is the best coffee in Mexico.

Triana Café Gourmet is famed for making such good coffee that it is an award-winning cafe and even if you are a serious coffee snob, the specialty coffee here will be up to your standards.

You have the option of choosing between home-grown Mexican beans from Veracruz or a dark roasted Italian bean, both of which make great coffees and the knowledgeable baristas will help you make the right decision.

The coffee is best tried as an espresso in my eyes but you can pick whatever you fancy and get your energy levels up before hitting the traditional Mexican market. This cafe is more of an espresso bar where you pick up a pit stop coffee before moving on with your day.

Madre Cafe


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The Madre Cafe is located in the Colonia Roma neighborhood in Mexico City and is one of the more original cafes in Mexico City. It has a cool and unique design being housed in a mansion and the entire experience is about creativity having an original coffee experience.

All the coffee served at the cafe is sourced from Mexico from the Puebla region and the setting you get to be drinking coffee is out of this world. The outdoor tables are amongst a magical garden in a huge and open space, you can easily spend a few hours here.

The cafe also serves great food whether you are looking to eat brunch or delicious sandwiches. They even have a rooftop and a bar so you can visit any time of day and have a great time.

The cafe takes its coffee seriously and uses multiple brewing methods to create a delicious Mexico City coffee. You can even learn all about where the coffee you are drinking comes from and organize a visit to the coffee farm too.

Cafe Avellaneda


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While you’re in Mexico City chances are you are going to see the super famous Frida Kahlo Museum in the hip artsy neighborhood of Coyoacán.

Cafe Avellaneda is run by one Carlos de la Torre, a man who has won the Mexican Brewers Cup twice, so you know the coffee is going to be incredible. He roasts his beans in Mexico City and sources them from Oaxaca.

The cafe is tiny and has just five seats and it is very quiet inside. You can either go for a peaceful solo coffee or grab one to go with a friend and hang out in the nearby park.

A lovely thing about this cafe in Mexico City is that a % of every cup of coffee sold is donated to their partnered coffee farm to help prevent coffee leaf rust.

While you can get an amazing espresso or a creamy rich latte at this coffee shop, this cafe sells coffee in Mexico City you will struggle to find anywhere else. Their specialty is coffee cocktails so try out the Juanito cocktail which has tamarindo mixed with espresso, juniper, tonic, and grapefruit, or an espresso Old-Fashioned with tonic water and a squeeze of lemon.

Cafe La Habana


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If it is not for the coffee then a visit to Cafe La Habana in Mexico City is a must simply for its historical location. This is the cafe where Fidel Castro and Che Guevera used to drink coffee in Mexico City and make their plans, so while you’re sitting there you can just imagine the scenes that went down in the past.

The coffee they serve at this Mexico City coffee shop is incredibly strong so be cautious when you choose to order one. Locals tend to order food with their coffee as otherwise, they end up having the shakes.

You only have 3 different drinks to choose from at the coffee counter which include cappuccino, americano, and the la Habana which is an americano served with milk on the side for you to pour-over.

The food at this cafe is pretty awesome too and they are known for serving up some of the best chilaquiles and for incredibly affordable prices too.

Cafe Regina


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If you need to hop online and do some work while you’re in Mexico City then this place is a great shout.

It has a cool ambiance with wood tables, comfortable chairs, and excellent WiFi so you can nestle into this cozy place and enjoy a few great cups of absolutely delicious coffee while you get some work done.

You will find this cafe in downtown Mexico City on Calle Regina street which keeps an old-school cafe vibe and it has a ton of charm which you will notice once you are cozy inside.

The outdoor spaces feature wooden benches with umbrellas so you can get some shade and the coffee along with the food is fantastic. Their breakfasts are great with eggs as you like and you should try this top cafes’ cafecito or americano.

Café Passmar


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Café Passmar is another gem of a coffee shop in Mexico City and one that you will find in the middle of an old market in the center of the city. The market is enclosed and features a ton of different vendors, one of which is Café Passmar.

This coffee bar sources its own beans from Guerrero in Mexico, unlike most other coffee shops that source them from the southeastern coffee regions of Mexico. You might wonder why but there is no need to since their coffee is quite famous.

This cafe has won multiple awards and competitions for its amazing coffee and one of its most prized coffees is its magical latte. It’s smooth, creamy, with a huge depth of flavors and it comes with some amazing latte art to top it off too. So order the latte, not the classic café de olla.

Café Negro


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Café Negro is another of the great coffee shops in Mexico City and you’ll find it in the trendy neighborhood of Coyoacán. They are pros at roasting their own coffee and they only serve coffee from Mexico, supporting small local producers rather than big global brands.

This cafe is usually pretty full and has a very friendly atmosphere with Wifi, so if you can get a table you will find that it’s a great place to do some work online.

The coffee served at Cafe Negro is all about keeping things simple which is why they specialize in making amazing black coffee. You will also find a load of sweet treats to choose from and if you don’t want a black coffee, matcha latte and chai lattes are on the menu too as well as normal coffees too.

Ojo de Agua


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Ojo De Agua is not quite a coffee shop. This establishment is a concept where you can buy your groceries, eat some brunch, and have a coffee all in the same establishment.

It’s a wonderful place to spend a weekend morning if you’re working or a great place to have a coffee, a bite, and pick up your fresh groceries for the week too.

The setting is delightful and well lit and most of their locations have WiFi too so you can get some work done or head outside and simply people watch as you enjoy sipping on some latte art.

You can also order cold drinks to go with your food and even pick up things like bread and granola to take home too.

Chiquitito Cafe


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The Chiquitito Cafe is known as a hard place to leave as it is a tiny cafe that the local neighborhood has fallen in love with. The service is incredibly friendly and the neighborhood is great so all the customers are wonderful too.

You can choose to sit inside at the lovely tables or outside on a bench or tables too. All their coffee is sourced from local Mexican coffee plantations in Oaxaca and Veracruz plus the central regions of the country too.

Chiquitito is a neighborhood place, so it’s fun to watch locals roll in ordering their usual, in a friendly manner. You can sit inside at several tables that line the wall, or outside, at high-top tables, or on a bench.

You will find a great range of coffees on offer from a cold brew to a seasonal special, a great espresso, and americano. They also sell things so you can use different brewing methods at home, bags of coffee, and even gooseneck kettles.

Cucurucho Cafe


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The Cucurucho Cafe has two locations in Mexico City, Planco and Cuauhtemoc and they both serve up some amazing coffee, breakfast, tea, and yummy sweet treats too. They really do have it all.

The menu includes a ton of different espresso options as well as milk-based coffees too with excellent lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, and more. You can also opt for a cold brew or pour-over options too with hot milk.

There are a few tables outside and some inside too. If you are planning to eat at this coffee shop you should try and get there early as the tables outside fill up quickly.

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