Last Updated: March 17, 2021
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Best DJI Spark Bags & Backpacks (To Carry Your Drone)

Want to head out and fly your DJI Spark, but have way too much stuff to carry?

Now it’s time to invest in the perfect bag or backpack for your new baby!

Carry all your Spark gear with ease, protect your drone and be ready with backup batteries and chargers!

Now that is what I am talking about.

I was just on a recent trip overseas and having everything in one easy bag ready to go is crucial.

Now, let’s take a look at the best options you have for the DJI Spark in terms of bags.

Best DJI Spark Bags & Backpacks To Carry Your Drone

Shoulder Bags

Powerextra Small Portable Shoulder Bag

Powerextra Waterproof Carry Case for DJI Mavic Air Portable Quadcopter Drone

This simple yet handy shoulder bag from Power Extra is perfect for carrying your Spark.

It has a nice padded interior including a divider (which you won’t need with the Spark).

There is also a roomy front pocket under the flap (where you can put your phone, charger, cables, etc).

There is another on the front flap for a few more things.

Under the top is a useful zippered mesh pocket where you can throw your SD cards etc.

Product Information

  • Size: 9.45 x 6.3 x 5.12 inches
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces

DJI Sling Bag

DJI Goggles/Mavic Sling Bag

Taking simplicity to the next level is this sling bag from DJI.

It is simply an adjustable shoulder strap and a bag with a padded interior. There is also a divider as it was designed originally for the Mavic + controller.

It can also fit the DJI Goggles as well as the DJI Spark.

So, it’s super simple, light and smalland can fit your Spark, controller, and spare battery (see image on the right/below).

Note: like all DJI accessories, it is also expensive for what you get.

Product Information

  • Size: 13.38 x 9.44 x 5.51 inches
  • Weight: Not given by the manufacturer

DJI Shoulder Bag

DJI Spart/Mavic Shoulder Bag (Part 14)

Similar to the sling bag from DJI, this shoulder bag is a simple bag to carry most of your Spark gear.

It can fit the Spark, controller, and spare batteries. Check out the video below to see how it all goes in.

There is also the usual zippered mesh pocket in the flap for cables or SD cards (always handy). And another pocket on the front for other gear.

It is made of quality materials and is made by DJI themselves.

It is about 20-30 bucks cheaper than the sling, so if you are comparing the two options, this one might be the cheapest.

I believe it is also in many Fly More combos you can get for the Spark too.

Product Information

  • Size: 9 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb

Lowepro Adventura SH 140 II

Lowepro Adventura SH 140 II - A Protective and Compact Shoulder Bag for a DSLR or DJI Spark

Lowepro makes some of the best camera bags out there, and lucky for us they also double as great drone bags!

The Adventura is a simple and well-made shoulder bag to carry your Spark and gear in.

It has a nice padded shoulder strap, as well as nylon padded and divided (removable) interior for spacing your gear how you want.

There are also lots of handy pockets – side elastic pocket (tripod, water bottle), front slide pocket, top zipper, interior mesh (SD cards, cables). See the video opposite/below for more details.

If this is the kind of bag you want, you won’t regret it. I use the CS 80 for my Mavic Pro and carry it inside other bags. It is super well made and designed and easy to adjust.

You can also check out all the other options in that range on Amazon.


Product Information

  • Size: 6.81 x 4.33 x 6.69 in
  • Weight: 0.66 lb


Lowepro ViewPoint BP250 Backpack

Lowepro LP36913 ViewPoint CS 80 - A Soft-Sided Protective Case for DJI Spark, 360 Fly or 3 GoPro Action Cameras,Black

Another great Lowepro option is this backpack with a separate drone case.

The Viewpoint is a great backpack that has a dedicated slide-out slot on the side for your drone case. So, when you are moving around (hiking, walking, traveling) you can simply stop and slide out your drone for use.

The separate case is a Lowepro CS 80 (show on the right with the Mavic). Specifically designed to fit in this backpack, the case also has space for extra propellers, under that a pocket for SD cards, as well as a flexible divider system for your Spark and gear. (see image on right/below on mobile)

Inside the backpack is also super well organized. There is a back slot for a tablet or small laptop (15″), accessed from the top.

A good-sized inside compartment is on top of the slot for the drone, which can be used for other gear. There is also a small pocket and headphone loop in there. This area can also be opened up to make a full backpack space when you are not using it for your drone. Making it perfect for other options.

The straps and back padding are well designed and meant for carrying loads and avoiding sweating.

There is also a side pocket for water and front clips for a tripod or other things you might carry (skateboard?).

All in all, this is a pro backpack at a reasonable price (often under $100 for the pack alone, and under $40 for the CS 80) for a great day out with your Spark!

Product Information

  • Size: 12.01 x 5.71 x 17.91 in (backpack only)
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds (backpack only)

Lowepro Tahoe BP 150

LowePro Tahoe BP 150. Lightweight Compact Camera Backpack for Cameras (Black)., Medium

The Lowepro Tahoe is a more compact and light version of the Viewpoint. That means a little less space of course, but it might just be the perfect option for your Spark and gear.

There are two main sections to check out with this pack:

The interior has a divided/padded area for arranging your drone, controller, spare batteries, etc. Above that is a zippered open pocket for things like the charger or cables.

The front pocket is well-designed with a space for a tablet (suspended above the bottom for protection) as well as other gear like cables, pens, phone, keyholder, and SD cards.

On the side are two pockets for things like a water bottle, tripod, or umbrella.

This kind of bag is more minimal than the larger and more versatile ViewPoint, and lighter (almost one pound lighter).

Price-wise it is also a lot cheaper (under $70 and does not need the CS case either) at almost half the price when the extra case is considered.

The only downsides I can see on this backpack is lack of hipstrap, and also once it is set up internally for your gear it is less easy to change fast for other purposes. Something the Viewpoint can do better with the slide-in case.

Product Information

  • Size: 10.83 x 8.54 x 15.87 in
  • Weight: 1.76 pounds (backpack only)

Choosing The Right Bag For Your Spark

In this review, I have tried to give you a broad range of bags to choose from so you can find one that fits you and your Spark flying needs.

The first bags in the review are shoulder bags, and the latter two are backpacks with more storage and features.

The following are some of the things you might want to think about when choosing your Spark bag.

Big Or Small

If you only have your Spark and phone, then you are better off with a simple and small bag that you can simply sling across your shoulder and go.

However, if you have more gear (chargers, batteries, remote, etc) or intend to, then look for something you can either fit it all in or grow into with time.

Comfort, Straps, Padding

Some of the smaller and cheaper bags have a simple and thin strap (often just for one shoulder) because the load will be small (drone only).

If you want to carry more or for longer, consider a backpack with nice padding, venting for your back (sweat!), and maybe even a hip belt if you intend to carry a lot more (water, another camera, etc).

Storage Features

Although you often pay more for features like handy slots for SD cards or spare propellers, they really come in handy. Not only for organizing your stuff for your flying but also for storage. I used to have all my drone stuff all over the place and not only does it annoy my girlfriend but you lose or misplace things.

Do you only need a bag for your drone and controller? Or, would you like to also carry and find your spare props, batteries, and charger as well as have space for your phone or tablet?


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