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Best Gelato In Florence

If there is one thing Italy is famous for it is amazing Italian food and a part of that is the delicious gelato they served up all over the country, but especially in Florence.

Florence, Italy is, without question, one of the most beautiful cities in the world that is packed full of incredible architecture, a stunning culture, and more art galleries than you can shake a stick at. Combine this with an amazing Florence gelato and you have a match made in heaven.

It is even suspected that gelato was invented in Florence by Catherine de Medici in the 16th century but this is not confirmed and many Italians would disagree with you. But, it is safe to say that Florence gelato is some of the best gelatos in the world, but where are the best gelato shops in Florence? That is what we are here to find out!

Join me as we run through where to find the best Gelato in Florence so you can try a different one each day and make up your own mind about the best place to have gelato in this romantic city!

Gelateria dei Neri


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For some of the best gelato in Florence, you should head to the perfectly located Gelateria dei Neri. This gelato shop is nestled right between the Santa Croce Basilica and the Uffizi gallery so it is the perfect place to stop for some much-needed gelato after wandering around the galleries.

Gelateria dei Neri has been in the gelato business for more than 30 years and if you think the charming interior is welcoming, wait until you try what is on offer at the gelato counter.

You will find gelato in a wide array of flavors from more exciting and experimental options to classic flavors too. You can find everything from salted caramel gelato to pistachio, dark chocolate, and even matcha green tea or fig and ricotta.

If you love chocolate hazelnut gelato then this is the shop for you too and it is worth tasting the pistachio ricotta cremino, pretty much pistachio, and Nutella combined.

La Sorbettiera


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La Sorbettiera is another contender for the best gelato in Florence and their quality comes from the dedication of owner Antonio and his family.

Antonio has been working with gelato since he was 16 when he was an apprentice in a gelato shop in Germany. Eventually, he made his way to Florence and with his wife set up the La Sorbettiera gelato shop in Piazza Tasso in Florence’s San Frediano neighborhood.

Every day, they create 16 fresh gelatos ranging in flavors from the classics to the experimental and you can guarantee they are made with the best ingredients Antonio can find.

The salted caramel is to die for at this gelato shop, as is the Catrame, a 75% dark chocolate offering that also comes as a sorbet too.

The creamy gelato is heavenly but the flavors don’t stop there and if you are feeling adventurous, why not try the almond and turmeric or the pine nuts and gorgonzola?

Il Procopio


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If cream is your vice then the best gelato in Florence you are going to find is at Il Procopio which sits just off Florence’s Piazza Ciompi.

Il Procopio is one of the many family-owned gelato shops in Florence and the reason their gelato has such a creamy flavor is quite simple: they use more cream than milk in their recipes when compared to most gelato shops.

The interesting flavors on offer are excellent too and their signature flavor called La Follia features pistachio paste, orange zest, figs, and toasted almonds – what a combination! You can also find flavors like bread pudding, Viennese chocolate cake, lemon and basil, and even black forest cake to boot.

This spot also makes heavenly fresh-fruit sorbets using seasonal fruit flavors! If you are looking to taste all the amazing gelato Florence has to offer, a stop at Il Procopio is a must!

Sbrino Gelatificio Contadino


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One of the newer gelato shops in Florence and somewhere that serves up some of the best gelatos in Florence is, without a doubt, Sbrino Gelatificio Contadino.

All the gelato made here uses the best ingredients around. The milk is 100% organic and sourced from a farm owned by the owner’s mother, and every ingredient is sourced in Italy, nothing comes from abroad.

One of their less unique flavors but a flavor they do better than everyone else is their dark chocolate. It is super rich, very dark, and puts on a stairway to heaven. If you love to eat gelato, then you should also try the pistachio cremino, as it is simply mind-blowing.

Sbrino Gelatificio Contadino started off as a single shop but now has three locations across Florence which is only a testament to just how good their gelato is!

Gelateria de Medici


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Some gelato in Florence that is very hard to beat can be found at the family-run and famous old gelato institution of Gelateria de Medici.

The setting inside what is one of Florence’s favorite gelato shops is to die for with high ceilings, a huge chandelier, and such a classy vibe. The gelato makers use the same family recipes that have been passed down through generations and everything is made fresh with the best ingredients;

Some of their most popular flavors are pistachio gelato, chocolate rum, plus ricotta, and fig. They have over 40 different flavors of classic artisanal gelato and more modern flavors to choose from too.

You can find Gelateria de Medici in two locations in Florence, either at their original shop in the Statuto zone or in Piazza Beccaria on Via dello Statuto. There are some weird and wonderful flavors here too for anyone who likes to get experimental.

Cantina del Gelato


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Cantina del Gelato is also one of Florence’s newer gelato shops and it serves up some of the best artisan ice creams you are going to find in the city.

The shop uses only natural ingredients and they come with some pretty incredible flavors at this great gelato shop that are hard to find elsewhere. Flavors like whiskey and cinnamon, walnuts and goat cheese, Nutella and mascarpone, and vin santo and cantuccini cookies are just some of the magical gelatos on offer.

There are lots more to try though, especially when it comes to their seasonal fruit flavors which include melon, orange and pear. This shop also specializes in tropical fruit smoothies using ingredients like passion fruit, acai berries, pineapple, and lots more.

You can find the original location near Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery on Via dei Bardi or head to their second shop close to Piazza Beccaria on Borgo La Croce.

Gelateria La Carraia


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For a gelato tasting experience at some of the best prices in Florence, one has to go to Gelateria La Carraia.

You can choose to get a tasting gelato cone for just 1 euro which means trying two flavors or five is very affordable, and when you see the flavor selection on offer, you will be so happy they sell a tasting cone.

Their Delizia Carraia gelato is quite ingenious and comes with pieces of white chocolate inside and is covered with a pistachio sauce. Their salted peanut gelato is heavenly, as is their tiramisu. All the gelato here is very creamy until you go into the fruity seasonal flavors which light up on your tongue.

If you want something more substantial than the tasting cone, the 2.50 euro cone is large and generous, and for the price, it is hard to beat. Chances are you won’t be able to handle more than one though unless you are a gelato-eating pro.

Gelateria della Passera


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If you see a line outside a gelato shop full of locals from Florence then it is well worth stopping and joining the queue. This is always the case outside of Gelateria della Passera which certainly makes some of the most delicious gelatos in Florence.

There are some special flavors to try here too like milky mint gelato which is as yummy as it gets, the pistachio and coffee are hard to beat too. Outside of the more traditional options, you can also find some more experimental flavors such as profumi d’oriente which has lemon, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, and fresh ginger!

You will find this shop in Oltrarno just near to the Passera square which is a delightful neighborhood by the river and a great place to watch the world go by while tasting some of Florence’s best delights.

La Strega Nocciola


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La Strega Nocciola which translated means the hazelnut which has two shops in Florence and they are open late until 10:30 pm so you can call in after a delicious pizza or pasta on your way home!

This shop is all about making the best creamy gelato in town and every batch is made fresh every day. As you might have guessed by the name, they specialize in hazelnut gelato but their other offerings such as Buontalenti or cinnamon and white chocolate are to die for as well.

This shop also makes some of the best sorbets in Florence too with flavors such as bergamot, blood orange, and rosemary too!

The interior of La Strega Nocciola is lovely too and you couldn’t find a nicer vibe to have your gelato taste buds explode in. They have two locations, one at the Ponte Vecchio and the other at the Duomo, both of which are very central and easy to pop into while sightseeing.

Rivareno Gelato


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Rivareno Gelato is slightly different from the other gelato spots featured as they are about a lot more than gelato and specialize in providing those with diet preferences such as lactose intolerance a taste sensation like no other.

Their gelato is deliciously creamy and some of their flavors are a bit off the wall. The Alice gelato is a combo of Marsala Vergine Soleras wine and mascarpone finished with a drizzle of chocolate-hazelnut sauce.

Their Cremino Rivareno is as decadent as it gets with white chocolate, cream, chocolate hazelnut, and hazelnut butter.

You don’t have to go for their special flavors though, as the dark chocolate gelato, for example, is as good as it gets.

For anyone who can’t eat gelato, the sorbet will blow your mind! Have the chocolate sorbet, it tastes like it is full of milk and cream but there isn’t a trace of it!

Gelateria Pasticceria Badiani


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Gelateria Pasticceria Badiani has been serving up amazing gelato to the residents of Florence since 1932 and is one of the posher shops in the city. The interior is smart and sophisticated yet very warm and charming and their gelato flavors are presented in the most mouth-watering way possible!

All the gelato in this shop is made fresh every day and they have a load of different flavors on offer the most special of which is a creamy delight called Buontalenti whose recipe is a closely guarded family secret.

This is also the place to find some of the best cakes and pastries in Florence so be sure to pick some up to take home with you along with your gelato!

Perche No!


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Perche No means Why Not in Italian, and when it comes to gelato, it is the perfect saying. This gelato spot has been in Florence since 1930 and they make fresh gelato every day from the best Italian ingredients they can find.

We are talking about Langhe hazelnuts, San Gavino saffron, Tuscan rose, and Bronte pistachios that come together to create a taste sensation.

There is always a queue outside this shop and it is often for their unique flavors such as rose, sesame honey, and matcha offerings. You can also find 6 dairy-free vegan options too which are served on a gluten-free cone.

You can find Perche No in the heart of Florence between Piazza Della Repubblica and Piazza Signoria, so it is the perfect place to stop off while exploring the city!

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