Last Updated: June 15, 2022
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Best Insulated Water Bottles: Affordable & Durable

Everyone needs a really good insulated water bottle in their life. Something that can keep your coffee hot for hours, and your water ice-cold for days. And that’s exactly what I will be showing you in this detailed review!

There are loads of different insulated water bottles out there, but I’m only showing you the best ones. All of the bottles that you see in this review are tried, tested, and rated highly by hundreds and thousands of happy customers.

And I will show you bottles in different price ranges, so it doesn’t matter how much you can afford to spend. Scroll down to find the best insulated water bottle for you!

The Best Insulated Water Bottles

CamelBak Podium Big Chill 24oz Insulated Water Bottle

CamelBak Podium Chill Insulated Bike Water Bottle - Easy Squeeze Bottle - Fits Most Bike Cages - 24oz, White/Black

Yes, this is a CamelBak water bottle at the very beginning of this review, which means that it is the cheapest option. You can get it for about $12 in the Prime Purple color, and that’s pretty insane! Especially considering that this is CamelBak – the quality and the performance are guaranteed to be there.

One thing to note is that this insulated water bottle is this cheap only in that specific color; other styles can go up to $25, so be careful what you’re purchasing.

The Podium bottle uses double-walled construction to keep your drinks cold longer than regular sports bottles. However, this is the only bottle I’m showing that is not made from stainless steel – that’s the catch behind the attractive price tag. Because of that, it’s not really something you can use with hot drinks.

But if you’re looking for a bottle that will keep your water cold when you’re out riding your bike or hiking, then this is an excellent option. It’s cheap, durable, and actually performs really well.

The cap features a self-sealing Jet Valve, which is leak-proof, spill-proof, and delivers high water flow. However, it’s a nightmare to clean – you have to take apart the entire spout, which requires watching some online tutorials.

And if you don’t manage to take it apart, there’s a good chance the interior will get moldy. But the rest of the bottle is fairly easy to clean, even though it is not dishwasher safe.


  • Great for cycling and hiking
  • Leak-proof spout
  • Very affordable


  • Cap is not easy to clean
  • Not suitable for hot beverages
  • Not dishwasher safe

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 10.8” x 3” x 3”
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Volume: 25oz

Most Affordable

Drinco Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

DRINCO Stainless Steel Water Bottle Spout Lid Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Water Bottle Wide Mouth (40oz 32oz 22oz 18oz 14oz) Leak Proof Keeps Cold or Hot (22 oz, 22oz Royal Blue)

The Drinco insulated water bottle is a good option if you’re on a really tight budget. It’s a vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle that can keep drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours – nothing too remarkable, but pretty great for the price point.

It is only available in two sizes (20 ounces and 30 ounces), so you don’t have a lot of options there. But, both sizes are BPA-free and you can actually get a pack of both of them for less than $30.

The cap has a loop that you can use to attach this bottle to your backpack with a carabiner. However, it is not the most durable; the lid is made from plastic, and if you drop it and it lands at a nasty angle, it will break.

In addition to that, the Drinco bottle features a very simple lid, which doesn’t have any remarkable leak-proof features. All you need to do to get access to that drink is unscrew the lid, which is nowhere near as sophisticated as on some other bottles you will see. Because of that, you should try to keep this bottle upright, to prevent any leaking.

The great thing about this water bottle is the price – both sizes are under $20, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something inexpensive. However, keep in mind that it is not going to perform as well as a bottle that costs twice as much, so don’t be too disappointing if your tea doesn’t stay warm for 15 hours.


  • BPA free
  • Inexpensive
  • Loop for carabiner


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Leaks

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 10” x 3” x 2.2”
  • Weight: 1.05 lbs (shipping weight)
  • Volume: 20 ounces (also available in 30 ounces)

Contigo Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Contigo 2076682 Autoseal Chill 24 OZ SS W, 24oz, Iced Aqua Lid

The Contigo bottle is another good inexpensive option. It is under $25, and you can even get some of the colors for only $15 – definitely check out Scuba, Monaco, and Very Berry. The only issue with the Contigo is the size range – there really isn’t one. You can only get the bottle in the 24 ounce size – if that’s too small or too big, you should skip ahead to the next bottle.

This bottle is made from double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel with Thermalock technology, which ensures that the temperature of your drink stays the same temperature for a long time. Contigo claims that their bottle can keep a drink cold for up to 28 hours, and that is really good.

There is no information on how long it can keep a drink hot, so I’m assuming that it doesn’t perform too well in that area. However, if you’re looking specifically for something that can keep your drink cold, then this is still a very good option.

The lid is dishwasher safe, but the body of the bottle is hand wash only. But, the lid of the bottle is really good – it has a carry handle so that it’s convenient to take this bottle anywhere. It also features an autoseal button that seals the lid between sips, which ensures that there are no leaks or spills.

Another thing worth noting is that the Contigo bottle has a protective cover on the spout, which protects you from germs and bacteria.


  • Lid is dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Autoseal lid prevents leaks


  • No size variety
  • Not great for keeping drinks hot

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 2.8” x 2.8” x 11”
  • Weight: 8.6 ounces
  • Volume: 24 ounce

Best Mid-Range

Coleman FreeFlow AUTOSEAL Insulated Water Bottle

Coleman AUTOSEAL FreeFlow Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Black, 40 oz

Coleman FreeFlow is a great bottle if you tend to spill a lot. First, you can’t get a sip from it unless you push the button in the back. And you can also completely lock that button in place, with a slide lock on the top of the cap.

This means that you can block the flow completely, which is perfect if you would just throw this inside your bag. With the security latch, you don’t ever have to worry about spilling water all over your stuff.

The Coleman bottle is available in two sizes, 24 and 40 ounces. That is not the best size range you will find, but it’s decent enough for the price point of this water bottle.

The inside of the bottle is made from durable, double-walled stainless steel, which does a great job at retaining the temperature of your drink. Coleman claims that the bottle can keep drinks cold up to 58 hours and hot up to 20 hours, but that is a little optimistic.

Realistically, you will get maybe 10-15 hours for a hot drink, and about 20 for (ice) cold ones. But that is still pretty good.

This insulated water bottle is completely BPA-free, so it is safe for both the environment and your health. However, it is not entirely dishwasher safe – you can throw the lid in the dishwasher, but you will have to wash the actual bottle by hand.

Another thing I want to mention is the pricing – be sure to check the prices of all colors, because you can get the bottle for 50% in certain styles.


  • BPA free
  • Slide lock prevents leaking
  • The lid is dishwasher safe


  • Does not really work without ice (for cold drinks)
  • Not a lot of size variety

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 3” x 3.8” x 10.5”
  • Weight: 14.2 ounces
  • Volume: 700ml/24oz (also available in 40oz)

Thermoflask 50063 Double Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

ThermoFlask 40 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Spout and Straw Lids, Capri

Thermoflask is one of the brands that make outstanding insulated water bottles. You can rarely go wrong with one of their products, and that also applies to this insulated water bottle here.

It is made from vacuum-insulated double-walled stainless steel, and it will keep drinks hot up to 12 hours, and (ice) cold up to 24 hours. The latter means that you need to add ice to your water in order to keep it cold; do not freeze water inside this, unless you want to have a block of ice in the bottle the entire day.

One issue is the size variety; this bottle is only available in 24oz and 40oz. But it does come with two lids, and that is pretty great. One of them is a straw lid, which is best for casually sipping water. This lid is not insulated, so keep that in mind.

The other one is the chug lid, which is perfect for when you’re really feeling thirsty. Both lids are completely BPA-free and allow for one-handed hydrating. They are also leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about water getting everywhere, as long as you re-seal the bottle properly after drinking.

Overall, the Thermoflask is a really good mid-range option. It is not as cheap as some of the other bottles, but it’s also not really that expensive – both sizes are under $30. When you take into consideration the quality of build and performance of this bottle, this easily becomes the best value for money you can get.


  • Two lids included
  • Dishwasher safe lid
  • High quality


  • Lids are not insulated
  • Very littler size variety

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 4.6” x 3.8” x 14”
  • Weight: 1.54 lbs
  • Volume: 40oz (also available in 24oz)

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle - 32oz, 3 Lids (Straw Lid), Leak Proof - Stainless Steel Gym & Bottles for Men, Women & Kids - Double Walled, Insulated Thermos - Valentines Day Gifts for Him or Her

The Iron Flask insulated water bottle is one of the best affordable options. It’s under $25, and that is great value for money considering just how much product you’re getting.

The best thing about this bottle is that you actually get three lids and two straws with it. You get the stainless steel lid, the straw lid, and the flip lid, all of which are dishwasher safe. I think that’s insane value for money, especially when you check out some other brands that only give you a basic lid, and that requires another $15-20 for a more functional one.

Another thing worth noting is that only the straw lid features a loop that you can use to attach a carabiner; the other two don’t.

The bottle itself is not dishwasher safe, as is the case with all double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles. It can keep your drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold up to 24 hours, which is pretty good.

There is not a lot of size variety with the Iron Flask insulated water bottle – it is currently available only in 32oz and 40oz. However, it is usually available in two more sizes (22oz and 64oz), and they should be back in stock fairly soon.

One downside of the bottle is the durability of its exterior; just like Klean Kanteenit has a powder coat finish. However, unlike the pricier alternative, the finish of the Iron Flask is not chip-resistant, so don’t expect this bottle to look new for a while. Especially if you’re taking it outdoors.


  • Three lids included in the purchase
  • Lids are dishwasher safe
  • Great value for money


  • Not a lot of color and size variety
  • Stainless steel lid is plastic on the inside

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 9” x 2.25”
  • Weight: 0.83 lbs
  • Volume: 32oz (also available in 40oz)

Takeya 50015 Originals Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

Takeya Originals 32 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid, Ocean

The Takeya bottle is a good mid-range option. It’s a very popular choice because it is a really good stainless steel insulated water bottle, and it’s not too expensive. The bottle can keep drinks hot for some 12 hours, and cold for about 24 hours – but that’s only if you put ice in the bottle.

It is usually available in 5 sizes, which is pretty great even though the 14 ounce bottle is not available at this moment. The one I’m talking about here is the 32 ounce bottle, and the price point for it is pretty good. Additionally, the 40 ounce bottle is only about $1 more expensive, and that is pretty cool. The wide mouth also helps when you want to throw some ice cubes in there!

The lid is leak-proof and it features a spout, as well as a convenient carry handle. You can also use the handle to attach the bottle to something with a carabiner, which is pretty convenient.  And what makes it even better is that the lid is dishwasher safe!

This should be a very durable bottle; the exterior is double powder coated, for a more secure grip and improved durability. It is not supposed to chip easily; in fact, some customers even reported washing this in the dishwasher, and not experiencing any issues with insulation or chipping.

But I would not recommend that, as it can seriously damage the double-walled insulation of the bottle. And the exterior does scratch somewhat if you rub it against other metals.


  • Lots of color and size variety
  • Lid is dishwasher safe
  • Reasonably priced


  • The lid is not insulated
  • Exterior gets scratched

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 3.9” x 3.9” x 10.4”
  • Weight: 14.4oz
  • Volume: 32oz (also available in 18oz, 24oz and 40oz)

Healthy Human Classic Collection Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Healthy Human Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Water Thermos for Adults | Eco-Friendly Travel Bottles with Leak Proof Lid (Red Hot, 32 oz/ 946 ML)

Healthy Human insulated water bottles are available in 4 sizes and lots of different colors. All of them are made from food-grade stainless steel and feature 5-layer insulation. The TempMax double-walled insulation promises to keep drinks hot up to 12 hours and ice cold up to 24 hours.

That doesn’t sound as impressive as the 50 hours of some other brands, but it is a very realistic estimate.

Another thing worth noting is that this bottle has a fairly wide mouth, and it can easily fit ice cubes. This also means that it’s easy to clean, which is a big bonus, considering that nothing about this bottle is dishwasher safe.

The lid of this insulated water bottle is very interesting; it is designed so that it fits any Healthy Human Stein bottle, regardless of its size and shape. In addition to that, it has a wide loop that allows for three-finger carrying, which is pretty convenient. It also comes with a carabiner, so that you can attach this bottle to your pack when you’re outdoors.

The interior of the lid is lined with steel so that your drink never comes into direct contact with plastic. It is also completely leak-proof, meaning that it is completely safe to just throw this bottle into your purse. However, this lid doesn’t have a spout or a straw, so you do have to remove it completely whenever you want to take a sip.

You can purchase the Healthy Human Flip N Sip lid that’s a lot more functional, but that adds another $15 to the price of the bottle. Additionally, the Flip N Sip lid is not recommended for use with hot drinks.


  • Leak-proof
  • Carabiner included in the purchase
  • BPA free


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Flip N Sip lid is only for cold drinks
  • Generic lid does not have a spout or straw

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 10.25” x 3.5” x 1.7”
  • Weight: 15.3oz
  • Volume: 32oz (also available in 16oz, 21oz and 40oz)

Best Premium

Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap, 32-Ounce, Mineral Red

The Klean Kanteen bottle is a good option if you want something pricier that you can use for a long time. It is available in three sizes – 20oz, 32oz, and 64oz – and in lots of different colors.

This double-walled stainless steel water bottle features Climate Lock insulation, which is able to keep drinks cold for up to 100 hours (64oz bottle), and hot up to 30 hours. Now, that does sound like an overstatement, but even if you only get half that time, it is still more than enough to get you through the day. And better than lots of cheaper bottles.

One small downside of this insulated water bottle is that you can’t drink directly from the cap. You need to unscrew it first, and then screw it back every single time you want to take a sip.

That’s not really ideal, and it also means that you could spill your drink if you’re not careful. However, there are plenty of other Klean Kanteen lids you can buy, that are more functional than this one.

And not everything is that bad about the lid you get on the bottle – it is completely leak-proof, so no liquid will leak when the bottle is properly closed. In addition to that, it has a loop that allows you to attach this to your backpack with a carabiner, and that’s pretty convenient.

The Klean Kanteen bottle is completely BPA-free, and it features a Klean Coat powder finish, which is chip-resistant and durable. Because of that, your bottle should look brand new for a while, especially if you take care of it properly. Hand washing is recommended, so avoid putting this in the dishwasher.


  • BPA free
  • Leak-proof
  • Climate Lock Insulation


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • No spout on the lid
  • Pricey

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 3.7” x 3.7” x 10.8”
  • Weight: 15.5oz
  • Volume: 32oz (also available in 20oz and 64oz)

Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

Hydro Flask 32 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle, Wide Mouth with BPA Free Flex Cap, Flamingo

Hydro Flask is a brand known for its high-quality insulated water bottles. Their bottles are not cheap at all, but they easily outperform most of their competitors. And the same goes for this water bottle – its interior is made from double-walled stainless steel that does an amazing job when it comes to retaining the temperature of your drink.

The also helps with that, since it is also insulated. However, the basic lid you get with this bottle is just bad – it screws over the mouth of the bottle and that’s it. There is no spout or any kind of mechanism on the leak-proof lid, and that’s a bit disappointing.

The good news is that Hydro Flask makes lots of different lids, so you can buy something a bit more functional. But, one of their lids will cost you as much as a cheaper water bottle, which sucks.

If you can afford to spend a bit more money on a water bottle and a cap, then I would highly recommend Hydro Flask. The quality of it is undeniable – the TempShield technology can keep any drink hot for up to 6 hours and your cold water cold for up to 24 hours. And, the wide mouth options are great.

That might sound a bit disappointing when you compare it to 50 hours other companies promise, but Hydro Flask is much more realistic in their estimates.

The Hydro Flask insulated water bottle is available in four sizes – 18oz, 32oz, 40oz, and 64oz. And there is also a lot of color variety, so it should be easy to find something that’s exactly your style.


  • Plenty of size and color variety
  • Insulated cap
  • Does not leak


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • The cap that comes with the bottle is not great
  • Pricey

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 3.6” x 3.6” x 9.1”
  • Weight: 1 lb (shipping weight)
  • 32oz (also available in 18oz, 40oz and 64oz)40oz (also available in 24oz)

What To Look For

Size, Weight, And Volume

The main thing you need to know before getting an insulated water bottle is how large it should be. Do you normally carry around a 16-ounce bottle or a 40-ounce one?

Also, how do you carry the bottle? If you stash it in the side pocket of your backpack, you should make sure that you get a bottle that will actually fit. In addition to that, some bottles are designed so that you can attach them to the exterior of your pack with a carabiner, and others are not nearly as convenient for carrying around.

This doesn’t make a big difference if you need a bottle for day-to-day life; something that you can carry around town or to work. However, if you’re looking for an insulated water bottle to take on your outdoor adventures, you will need something lightweight, easy to carry around and that’s very durable.

To make sure that you’re getting the right water bottle for you, be sure to check the product infoboxes. That’s where you can see the dimensions, volume, and weight of each bottle in the review.

I will only list the dimensions and weights of one size of the bottle, but I will indicate which other sizes are also available.

Price Range

How much money can you afford to spend on a water bottle? Depending on that, you should look for something in your price range – I will start off the review with the most affordable products, and then move on to the more expensive ones later.

And yes, water bottles can get quite expensive. Especially when you get to the premium brands that make bottles in sizes up to 2 liters, and only from premium materials.

In the long run, it is always better to get a more expensive product, because you will get to use it for a longer time. But if you’re not really in the mood to spend north of $50 on a water bottle, you will still have lots of affordable options in this review.

Ease Of Maintenance

Dishwasher safe are two of my favorite words in the entire world. But you are usually going to see the word “not” precede those words here – the bottles in this review are all double-walled, and that’s pretty much never dishwasher safe.

A water bottle should be easy to clean, there shouldn’t be any fuss there. Just look out for any bottles that have a really narrow throat – these are usually much more difficult to clean, as you can’t really get your hand inside the throat, and you can struggle even with some of the cleaning sponges.

However, most of the bottles that I’m going to show you here have a pretty wide mouth and are not really difficult to clean. Whenever that’s not the case, I will make sure to indicate that in the con boxes.

In addition to that, some of the insulated water bottles here come with lids that are dishwasher safe. That’s at least one part of the bottle you don’t have to wash by hand, and you can find that info in the pro boxes.

Best Insulated Water Bottles: Top Options

Not sure which insulated water bottle to help? Go for one of our top choices and you won’t have any regrets!

If you’re on a really tight budget, the Drinco water bottle is probably the best option for you. It is very affordable, and it works just as well as many of the other bottles I’ve shown you here. There are only two sizes to choose from, though, so grab this bottle only if you’re looking for something that is either 20oz or 30oz. This stainless steel bottle is insulated, BPA-free, stain-resistant and it comes with a spout lid with a carry handle.

DRINCO Stainless Steel Water Bottle Spout Lid Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Water Bottle Wide Mouth (40oz 32oz 22oz 18oz 14oz) Leak Proof Keeps Cold or Hot (22 oz, 22oz Royal Blue)
  • ✅ Premium Quality: The Drinco water bottle is constructed with rust-resistant (18/8) food-grade stainless steel double walled body, a material lauded for its durability. The powder coating paint treatment makes the insulated water bottle virtually indestructible, scratch resistant and restricts temperature transfer.
  • ✅ Superior Insultation: Stainless steel water bottle construction made from copper coating helps the water bottle to retain the cold or heat. Effective insulation with a sport lid helps to maintain the temperature up to 24 hours for cold and 12 hours for hot beverages. These premium quality water bottles are safe and easy to clean.

Most of the bottles I’ve shown you are actually in the $20-25 price range. And out of all of them, I think the Coleman bottle stands out the most. It is very reasonably priced for a 40oz bottle with double-walled insulated stainless steel. Plus, it is entirely BPA-free, the lid is dishwasher safe, and has a protective spout that keeps you safe from germs and bacteria. In addition to that, the lid is self-sealing, which ensures that the bottle is both leak-proof and spill-proof.

Coleman AUTOSEAL FreeFlow Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Black, 40 oz
  • Durable, double-walled, vacuum-insulated 18/8 stainless steel bottle keeps drinks cold up to 58 hours or hot up to 20 hours
  • High-flow spout allows you to hydrate quickly

If you can afford to splurge on a bottle, then go with Klean KanteenThe bottle is pricey but it is still not the most expensive bottle you can get. And it is an incredible bottle – your water can stay cold for pretty many days, as long as you put enough ice cubes in the bottle. It is a double-walled stainless steel bottle with a leak-proof cap. The lid has a tiny carry handle that can fit a carabiner, but it does not feature a spout or a straw.

Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap, 32-Ounce, Mineral Red
  • ✔ DURABLE & INSULATED - Double Wall Climate Lock INSULATED water bottle design is perfect for ice water and hot coffee even hours later. The 32oz insulated water bottle keeps drinks ICED 90 HOURS & HOT 24 HOURS.
  • ✔ SUSTAINABLE - Our brushed stainless steel water bottles have no coatings inside or out and won't leach smells or flavors. We are a CERTIFIED 1% FOR THE PLANET member and proud B-CORP FAMILY OWNED company.

One thing to note is that you’re fine getting any bottle I’ve shown you here – all of them are rated highly by hundreds and thousands of happy customers, so you really can’t go wrong! You can see the prices, color, and size options of all of the bottles featured here on Amazon.

If you think none of these are right for you, go read our related posts – maybe the best water bottle for you is right there.