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Best Luggage Brands With A Lifetime Warranty (2023)

Have you ever owned a cheap suitcase? It is not fun, is it? Within a few months or a year, if something breaks like a zipper, it is done, and you have to buy a new one.

You can even be caught short on the way to the airport, having to buy another cheap replacement when you get there (that’s why there are luggage stores there).

Owning luggage with a lifetime warranty just makes life so simple. If your luggage breaks then you have a lifetime guarantee of it being replaced by the manufacturer.

Not only is this incredibly convenient but it is also much better for the planet and eventually your wallet.

Buying luggage with a lifetime warranty is more expensive but this luggage is usually built to last a lot longer than cheaper luggage, and you will have it for life in most cases.

Difference Between Unconditional & Limited Lifetime Warranty

When you buy luggage with a lifetime warranty, you have two different types of lifetime warranties to choose from

  • Unconditional Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Unconditional lifetime warranty

Unconditional lifetime warranties cover damage to your luggage no matter what happens. There is no question about how it happened or who caused the damage. The manufacturer will fix it for you regardless.

Even if you happened to see your luggage in half by mistake, your luggage would still be covered. This is what you really want when you buy a suitcase with lifetime warranty!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime limited warranty is limited to the terms of the manufacturer which you can usually find on the warranty page of their website.

Generally speaking, a lifetime limited warranty covers manufacturing defects from normal wear or normal use and will not cover things like accidental damage for example.

However, some luggage brands do stand by their limited lifetime warranty and even include some things that unconditional lifetime warranties normally include.

Best Brands of Luggage with Lifetime Warranties

If you are ready to buy some lifetime guarantee luggage, then it is worth knowing about all the luggage brands that offer them, and which of the luggage brands provide the best lifetime warranties too.


TravelPro Maxlite® Air Compact Carry-On Expandable

Travelpro is one of the most popular luggage companies with those who travel frequently as they offer a range of durable but well-priced luggage.

You can pick up a duffle bag, large suitcase, or backpack for between $100 and $500. The more expensive the luggage the more durable it is and the better the warranty.

With Travelpro, all their luggage comes with a limited lifetime guarantee that only covers defects in material and workmanship, so it is not that useful when it comes to airline damage.

But, the company also offers a “Trusted companion promise” that covers your luggage for any airline damages to your luggage. The length of the promise is dependent on the collection you bought.

For example, the length of the Trusted companion promise is just one year for luggage in the cheaper Maxlite 5 collection but lasts for a lifetime for luggage bought in the Platinum Elite collection, which is much more expensive.

So, if you want a true unconditional lifetime guarantee for Travelpro luggage, buy from the Platinum Elite Collection. The company will then fix or replace your luggage forever and even cover the shipping costs.

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley Front Pockets

Briggs & Riley is the number one luggage company for those who travel often. Most pilots, air stewards, and frequent flyers own Briggs & Riley luggage, but why?

Well, firstly their luggage is some of the most durable, it looks good and is extremely functional but is expensive ranging from $300 to $800 for a piece of luggage. Now, spending this much is worth it if you travel often and if you get a good warranty.

All Briggs & Riley suitcase with lifetime warranty are worthy of consideration, if you ask me. They will fix anything that breaks on your luggage during its lifetime such as fabric, handles, zippers, wheels, and more.

They do not care how the luggage got damaged, or who bought it, so long as it is Briggs & Riley luggage, the warranty applies and is transferred to whoever is holding the luggage.

You will have to cover the shipping costs to get the luggage to the repair center but they will cover the shipping costs back.

The only thing is that they do not cover cosmetic wear and tear with their lifetime guarantees, only functional ones.

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel

Eagle Creek makes some very stylish backpacks, packing cubes, and soft suitcases that suit the outdoors market more than the executive business traveler.

Eagle Creek luggage is super durable and worth the expense as it includes the Eagle Creek No Matter What lifetime warranty.

This warranty covers all defects to workmanship and materials for a lifetime, no matter what caused the defects. Basically, if the luggage is salvageable, it will be fixed under the luggage warranty.

But, if your Eagle Creek bag is at the end of the road, they will say it has reached the end of its lifetime and encourage you to buy a new bag.


Osprey Tempest 20

Osprey makes some great luggage aimed towards the outdoor market that is both rugged and very functional. Osprey’s specialty lies in backpacks but you can also find duffles, soft suitcases, and lots more for a pretty reasonable price considering the quality.

Every Osprey bag, no matter the price, comes with their All Mighty Guarantee which is a pretty fantastic lifetime warranty.

The Osprey warranty is pretty much the same as Briggs & Riley. Osprey will fix anything regardless of how it happened for whoever is holding the bag. It doesn’t matter who bought the bag, you do not need a receipt, so long as you have an Osprey bag in your possession, it is covered.

All you have to do is pay for the shipping costs to get the bag to their repair center. In terms of value for money vs warranty, Osprey is definitely one of the best.


Patagonia Refugio side pockets

Patagonia is a very well-known outdoor brand that also makes some great luggage. Their waterproof duffle bags are epic if you are interested!

With every Patagonia product comes the Patagonia “Ironclad” lifetime warranty which is crystal clear when it comes to the terms.

Patagonia will repair everything they make, for a lifetime for free, or for a small charge if it is due to wear and tear. You can even grab a self-repair kit if the breakage is simple to fix and you need to use your gear right away.


Away Carry-On

Away is a very popular manufacturer of “smart luggage” featuring things like in-built chargers and intelligent packing compartments.

Their luggage is super tough, very functional, and comes with a great lifetime warranty too. It covers everything but cosmetic wear and tear.

So any cracks, broken wheels, zippers, etc will be fixed so long as the damage occurs during normal use, which includes traveling via all modes of transport.

All shipping costs are also covered by the company but you do need to provide proof of purchase for the warranty to be valid.


Nomatic Backpack Review

Nomatic is quite new to the luggage market but is making its mark pretty quickly. They design and make super durable, sleek, functional backpacks, suitcases, bags, and more.

However, Nomatic luggage is also rather expensive but it does come with an epic lifetime warranty.

No matter what happens to your luggage, they will fix it for free and if they can not fix it, send you a brand new one to replace it. All you have to cover is the shipping costs.

Red Oxx

Red Oxx makes all its luggage in the US and does not outsource one single part of its business. They make great backpacks, duffles, and more for the outdoors from their base in Montana.

Every bit of luggage Red Oxx makes is covered by their No Bull Lifetime Warranty. With their warranty, they will fix any damage no matter how it happened, and if they can not fix it, give you a replacement for free – you only get one replacement though.

You will have to cover the shipping costs for the repairs/replacements though.


Thule Subterra Spinner 63cm/25 Black

Thule is another excellent luggage company that makes super-durable backpacks, duffels, suitcases, and more items for use in the outdoors.

Being so tough and durable their luggage is on the very expensive side and their warranty isn’t quite good enough for the price in my eyes.

The Thule lifetime warranty only covers defects in material and workmanship. It does not cover damage from airlines, travel, etc.

Tom Bihn

Tom Bihn

Tom Bihn makes all kinds of duffles, backpacks, packing cubes, and other smaller bags too with both great style and durability.

Their lifetime warranty only covers material and workmanship defects and no more. They will, however, repair a damaged bit of luggage for a small fee so you can continue to use their luggage and not replace it with new luggage.

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