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Best Macarons In Paris

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Paris. Between the stunning architecture, the Eiffel Tower, museums, and some of the most famous art galleries in the world, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to culture. Now, throw in the amazing French cuisine and wine and things only get better but there is more for your taste buds to discover.

While in Paris, it would be a crime not to try the delicious macarons on offer, and if you are into macarons, you will know that they are not all created equal. In this article, we are going to uncover all the top spots that serve the best macarons in Paris so you can taste the best french macarons while on a vacation to this magical city.




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One of the shops where you will find some of the best macarons in Paris is, without question, Ladurée. Ladurée has been around since the 1900s when they took two cookies and filled them with ganache to create yummy macarons.

You might have heard of Ladurée’s macarons, as their marketing is pretty awesome and they are all over Instagram plus their macarons even got a mention in the hit show Gossip Girl.

You will find multiple Ladurée locations in Paris but the spot to head to is their flagship store on the Champs Élysées next to the iconic Arc de Triomphe. You have to queue to get inside but it is well worth the wait.

Sipping on a coffee or tea while watching the busy streets of Paris go by while tasting their incredible macaron flavors is a great way to spend the morning. Their salted butter caramel macarons are to die for as are the pistachio and the more classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and rose petal.



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For some of the best macarons in Paris and to frequent a decadent tea room where the likes of Proust and Coco Chanel used to hang out, head to the lovely Angelina.

Angelina isn’t actually famous for its macarons, it is more famous for its hot chocolate and amazing pastries. The pastry is known as Mont Blanc pastry and the famous hot chocolate as “L’Africain” – both have to be tried.

While sipping on your delicious drink, you should also indulge your sweet tooth and try their amazing macaron recipe. The salted caramel is awesome, the milk chocolate is to die for, and you will find more bold macaron flavors such as passion fruit and the classing dark chocolate too.

The interior is better than most other macaron shops and it is located next to the Jardin des Tuileries, so if the weather is nice, you can get a takeaway and enjoy some of the best macaron flavors in the park.



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A very popular shop/cafe where you can find some of the best macarons in Paris is Carette. Carette is more than just a shop though, it is a full-blown cafe with a stunning interior that you simply won’t want to leave.

It is a great place to stop in for lunch while exploring Paris and watch the world go by while sipping and tasting delicious treats. Their hot chocolate is famous and their macarons are too as they use traditional flavors that simply taste divine as they are not overly complex.

Some of their special flavors that are a must to try are their salted caramel macarons as well as their darker chocolate offerings, and fruity flavors such as orange blossom and more.

Carette is also a lovely tea room where you can find green tea, earl grey tea, and lots more plus you should try their delicious pastries and their goat cheese salad.

Pierre Hermé


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If you only have time to visit one macaron shop while in Paris then it should serve the best of the best macarons in Paris, and Pierre Hermé is just that.

Pierre Hermé actually worked for Laduree before he went out on his own to make some of the best macarons on the planet. You really can’t beat a Pierre Hermé macaron as they are crunchy, light, fluffy, decadent, and have some of the best flavors you might find.

If you talk to anyone who knows their macarons, they will say that Pierre Herme is their personal favorite. Luckily, there are Pierre Herme shops all over Paris and even at the airport so you can always get your hands on them even if you are just changing planes

Pierre Hermé creates some classic flavors as well as some unusual combinations that will simply blow your mind. The Pierre Herme passion fruit and chocolate combination is to die for and you should try the off-the-wall flavors like Ispahan which includes rose, lychee, and raspberry.



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Sitting on Place de la Madeleine is Fauchon, a place where you can not only find the best macarons in Paris, but some of the best sweet treats in Paris too.

Fauchon has been open since 1886 and it hasn’t left Place de la Madeleine since it was established. They make some of the most delicious chocolate and eclairs in Paris as well as magical sweet filling macarons too.

When you enter the shop you should be leaving with a host of treats including champagne, macarons, eclairs, and chocolate. If you want to have a picnic in the park or along the Seine, stop here first for your supplies to create the best-tasting picnic ever, in the true French style.

The best flavors to go for are blackcurrant, lemon, and chocolate passion fruit macarons. The outside is so light and crunchy while the inside is so creamy and flavorful.

Pain de Sucre


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Pain de Sucre is a local bakery and it is home to amazing pastry chefs who make some of the most delicious and creative pastries on the planet, and their macarons are just as good too.

Unlike most bakeries you might have experienced, this one is typically Parisian so you can’t depend on the opening hours and when it is open, the bakery has a long queue coming out of it which is only a sign of quality.

The macarons created at this spot are some of the most creative and delicious macarons in Paris. Imaging flavors such as Morello cherry with pistachio with a light and crispy outside plus a creamy fluffy inside too.

They also make savory macarons such as goat cheese and angelic root which are as interesting as they are delicious. You will also find special long macarons known as Krac Krac that also come in awesome flavors too.

La Maison du Chocolat


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La Maison du Chocolat truly is home to the modern macaron and some of the most delicious macarons in Paris too.

La Maison du Chocolat opened in 1997 under the direction of the world-famous chocolatier Robert Linxe but is now under the incredible hands of Nicolas Cloiseau, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

La Maison du Chocolat creates some of the yummiest macaron flavor combinations that come with names that only conjure up flavors in your mind.

Here are some must-try macarons – Macapuno with chocolate, coconut, and lime, Rigoletto with chocolate and salted caramel, Abyssinie with coffee and chocolate, plus the showstopper Guayaquil with classic vanilla and chocolate.

You will find La Maison du Chocolat in various locations around the city and it is not just the macarons you should try, their chocolate is pretty incredible, hence the name.

If you can, go to the La Maison du Chocolat shop in Saint-Germain-en-Laye west of Paris as it is run by Pascal le Gac who was the creative director of the shop for over 20 years. His macarons are without question some of the best macarons in Paris.



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The Dalloyau family are famous throughout the cuisine history of Paris as they served delicious treats to the French royal family from the 1600s all the way up to the French Revolution. After the revolution, they created their first ‘Maison de Gastronomie’ and have been making delicious sweet treats for Parisians ever since.

You will find a few Dalloyau stores scattered around Paris and the rest of France too and they are famous for using a macaron recipe that has lived through history for over 300 years. This means that when you taste one of these macarons that you are literally tasting the same recipe made by the same family that King Louis XIV tasted in 1682, how crazy is that!

The Dalloyau macarons have to be tried if not for their taste but their connection to the history of macarons too. You will find classic flavors plus interesting combos like vanilla-raspberry using Madagascan vanilla and lots more too.

Sadaharu Aoki


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Sadaharu Aoki is a spot that makes a different macaron compared to most of the others we have mentioned. Sadaharu Aoki was started by Japanese chef Sadaharu Aoki who moved to Paris and started a shop that mixed up French desserts with Japanese flavors.

This means the macarons in this shop are inventive, creative, and different from the others you will try in Paris. He creates awesome combinations such as matcha macarons, wasabi-horseradish macarons, umeboshi macarons, and lots more.

While trying these rather different macarons, you can also balance out the flavors with more classic options such as chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate.

All the macarons are perfectly balanced and the different textures are quite magical too. You will find quite a few different Sadaharu Aoki shops around Paris but the one to head to is on Rue de Vaugirard.

Café Pouchkine


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Sitting on Place de la Madeleine right in the cultural capital of Paris is the wonderful Café Pouchkine. Café Pouchkine is quite original as it is all about blending the desserts and dishes of France with Russian flavorings.

This combination provides a very unique taste experience and one that will leave you interested and wanting more. The macarons served here are quite magical as flavors like Russian tea blend, cranberry, and cheesecake simply make your taste buds come alive.

A box of three macarons will cost you 9 Euros and other flavors worth adding to your box include Medovick (a sort of honey cake), Earl Grey tea, blackcurrant and raspberry, strawberry, pistachio, coffee, caramel, and vanilla.

This is also an amazing place to hang out and have tea or coffee and you should sample the carefully crafted patisseries too as they are to die for.

Gérard Mulot


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While taking a stroll down the river you should wander down the hidden Rue de Seine to discover more of the best macarons in Paris at Gérard Mulot.

Gérard Mulot is all about colorful cakes and pastries but it is more of a takeaway hole-in-the-wall establishment than a sit-down cafe or tea room. There are a few places inside the shop to sit and enjoy their sweet delights but they are best tasted overlooking the Seine on a good weather day.

The macarons at Gérard Mulot are simply fantastic. light, crunchy, deliciously creamy, and packed full of flavor, these are hard to beat. Try their chocolate, pistachio, and coffee macarons as these are some of their best.



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Lenôtre, aka Maison Lenôtre, has been making some of the best macarons in Paris for more than 50 years now. This shop was started by the famous pastry chef Gaston Lenôtre and Pierre Hermes was one of his students, so you can only guess how great the macarons here are.

They don’t just make macarons though, they also have amazing chocolates and cakes you can take home too.

The macarons cost a fair bit here and a box of 12 will set you back 20 euros. You can also buy a desert box with a mix of cake, chocolate, and macarons.

Some of the best flavors to try are the pistachio and coffee combination and the more traditional ones like lemon too. They are light, fluffy, and have a bit less crunchiness compared to some of the other macarons in Paris.

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