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Last Updated: August 4, 2021

Best Temples In The Bay Area

You might not have thought it but San Fransico’s Bay Area is home to quite a few different temples that are all certainly worth a visit. They are wonderful to walk around and a great place to get out of the business of the city and take some time to reflect on life a little. Here are the best temples in the Bay Area.

Hare Krishna Temple

The Hare Krishna Temple is on Stuart Street in Berkley and is a place that is open to everyone. It’s a wonderful place to spend time alone as it has a wonderfully positive, deep, and purifying feel to it. You can choose to attend the temple during worship, gatherings, or festivals that are all full of fun singing, dancing, and socializing.

You can also choose to visit in quiet hours for meditation and a peaceful setting and get some guidance for anything you’re dealing with that you may need some assistance with.

Livermore Shiva-Vishnu Temple

The Livermore Shiva-Vishnu Temple is a hugely popular Hindu temple that you’ll find in on Arrowhead Ave Livermore in the Bay Area. The Temple offers a huge range of services and it has only grown and evolved since it was founded in 1977.

Anyone can attend the temple and you’ll find it a place of great help in times of need and great fun if you attend the festivals and events held there. They have a Youth and Education program, spiritual services, cultural events, and Religious Services where you can go to worship and enjoy some singing and dancing as well as deep meditation.

BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha Temple

The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha Temple is a Hindu temple in the Bay Area. It’s a Hindu place of worship that is designed to be a place of peace and be a spiritual haven that you can escape to when the city feels a little too much.

The Hindu temple also plays host to a lot of social, cultural, and spiritual events. They cover most Hindu festivals and attending is a great way to meet people in the community. They also serve and sell authentic Indian snacks that you can’t find anywhere else in the Bay Area.

By attending the temple you’re likely to make new friends and learn a lot about Hinduism. They also host a wide range of activities for children and it’s a great way for your kids to make new friends too.

Sri Datta Sai Mandir Temple

Sri Datta Sai Mandir & Cultural Center is another great Hindu temple in the Bay Area that offers spiritual and worship services to anyone who wants to visit.

They celebrate and host events for almost every Hindu festival on the books. These festivals are a load of fun. You’ll find singing, dancing, a huge wash of beautiful colors in dress and decorations and of course so amazing food to try at the festival.

It’s a wonderful place to find some peace and quiet for deep meditation and reflection time during quiet hours. You’ll meet loads of friends at the events and there are great activities including yoga, kids events, and more on offer at this temple too.

Vedanta Society Of Northern California

The Vedanta Society Of Northern California is a Vendanta temple. Vedanta is now of the oldest religions in the world and is all about the teaching that the essence of all things is spirit. Vedanta is based on the religious books known as Upanishads which are a part of the Indo-Aryan scriptures aka the Vedas.

The Vedanta Society Of Northern California has two temples and one retreat as offers a lot of teaching and worship about the Vedanta religions. They try to teach you that a person’s true nature is their divine Spirit, which is inheritably identical to all beings and the universe. The goal is to actualize the truth of your own life by discovering your spirit.

At Temple, you’ll find a Sunday school for kids, worship services, events, and festivals and you can find a teacher to take you through the four paths to spiritual actualization which are “jnana yoga, the path of knowledge; bhakti yoga, the path of devotion; karma yoga, the path of selfless action (physical, intellectual, or spiritual service); and raja yoga, the path of concentration.”

Shiva Murugan Temple

The Shiva Murugan Temple in the Bay Area is a Hindu temple that was opened in 1957 and might have been the first Hindu temple in the USA to teach outside of the scope of the other Vedanta centers that existed at that time.

The temple was founded by Sivaya SubramuniyaSwami, a Hindu Guru that was born in the US. Today it is home to three priests that offer teachings of Pujas, murtis of Ganesha, Muruga, Shiva, and Vedanta.

The Shiva Murugan Temple is a wonderful place to go to worship, reflect on life, seek guidance and teachings around Hinduism and they celebrate almost all of the Hindu events and festivals.

The temple is a great place to learn and progress in your Hindu understanding and you’re likely to meet some great people and make some wonderful friends at the same time. There are also some great kids activities that happen at the temple too.


The Badarikashrama is a cultural and spiritual center that is all about the Vedantic teaching and lives of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Sri Sarada Devi. It’s an incredibly peaceful temple where all forms of religion and spirituality are welcomed and discussed in regards to the path of spiritual enlightenment.

There are actually two Badarikashrama temples, one in the Bay Area and the other is in India. They are paired so that attendees can visit either temple, whether they are in India or in the USA, and continue their teachings.

The temple in the Bay Area is home to a thriving community where everyone comes together into a place of acceptance, peace, and truth. You’ll find new friends when attending the temple and find the support you may need in hard times.

You’ll also find concerts, festivals, and other events happening at the temple and even special ones over the weekend. It’s a great place to celebrate Hindu festivals, sing, dance, and make some friends. The food is also excellent.

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