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Best Waterfalls In Greece

Curious about the best waterfalls in Greece? You’re certainly in the right place then because this detailed list includes only the most stunning cascades that can be seen in Greece!

Some are easily accessible by short walking trails and others will require you to strap on your best hiking gear. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re a fascinating sight, whether we’re talking about the spectacular falls of Edessa Waterfalls Park or the lesser-known cascades like the ones in Livaditis.

Read on to see the best waterfalls in Greece and figure out which ones you want to go see for yourself!

Edessa Waterfalls – The Biggest Waterfalls

Edessa Waterfall

Edessa Waterfalls Park is home to Greece’s tallest and best-known falls. It’s the most popular place in the country for people who want to see several stunning cascades in the same area, and it should definitely be at the top of your list. What makes Edessa Waterfalls Park even more special is that it wasn’t even accessible until the 1940s due to the steep cliffs that surround the area.

One of the cascades in the park is Karanos Waterfall, which happens to be the biggest waterfall in all of Greece at an impressive 70 meters. To its right are the twin Lamda falls that are equally stunning, and you can even walk behind the Karanos waterfall for the best views in the entire park.

The Edessa Waterfall Park is in northern Greece, about an hour and a half away from Thessaloniki by train. The best time to visit the park and see the most spectacular waterfalls in Greece is early spring, right after the rainy period. This is when the these stunning waterfalls are most abundant with water, and you get to experience them in all their glory

If you visit during the dry season you might be a bit underwhelmed, since there’s not a lot of water in the streams.

Neda Waterfall, Peloponnese

The Neda Waterfall is in the Peloponnese region, and it’s one of the most beautiful cascades in the entire country. It’s only some 20 meters tall, so it’s certainly not the tallest or the most impressive waterfall in Greece. But it is a stunning sight – the waterfall is quite strong, so the stream of water roars down the cliff face into a turquoise pool.

The waterfall and the pool are surrounded by beautiful nature, and it’s worth noting that this happens to be a popular swimming hole as well.

Getting to the Neda Waterfalls is pretty easy – you can drive up to the main parking lot in the area, and from there it’s a 15-minute hike through the forest. The trail is easy, and if you wear appropriate shoes you shouldn’t have any issues reaching the beautiful waterfalls.

It’s worth noting that this place tends to get very crowded in spring and summer, so expect to see lots of people in their bathing suits. If you want to experience this beautiful waterfall without crowds, it’s best to visit in the winter.

Polylimnio Waterfalls, Charvagi

Polylimnio Waterfalls

Polylimnio Waterfalls in Charvagi are an absolute must if you enjoy waterfalls with swimming holes. This place is very popular for swimming, plus there’s a rope ladder that lets you climb the rocks and jump in the pool from a pretty tall height. This is as thrilling as it sounds, but keep in mind that the water in the pool is very cold.

To reach the Polymnio Waterfalls you will need to drive up to the Polymnio parking lot and hike from there. It’s important to wear appropriate hiking shoes, since the trail to the waterfalls is rocky, steep, and 100% not suitable for flip flops. It’s incredible how many people show up in flip flops, and even parking attendants have started warning people about inappropriate footwear.

Also, it’s not a good idea to bring kids on this hike, since the terrain is quite difficult.

Polylimnio Waterfall is best experienced during the rainy season, so sometime in the spring. It’s best to visit the falls two or three days after the rain since heavy rain can flood parts of the hiking trail. It is possible to visit the place any time of the year, but the rainy season just makes the cascade appear more dramatic.

Livaditis Waterfall, East Macedonia

Livaditis Waterfall is in the East Macedonia region and it is one of the tallest waterfalls in Greece. This is a single drop fall with a height of 60 meters, and it’s truly a spectacular sight. But it’s not exactly easy to reach – you need to drive on mountain roads until you reach the end of the road near a small wooden hut.

From there, it’s about an hour of hiking over steep and rocky terrain until you reach the Livaditis Waterfall. It’s about an hour and a half northwest of Xanthi and you can only get there by driving since there’s no public transport.

The descent is quite steep and you will need sturdy hiking boots to do the hike without any issues. Also, you’ll need to climb a lot on your way back from the waterfall, so it’s not a good idea to attempt this hike if you can’t handle an hour of uphill hiking.

You’ll see several smaller cascades along the way, but none are quite as mesmerizing as the actual Livaditis Waterfall. And you can’t miss it – the sight of the tall stream will stop you in your tracks. There’s railing on the trail directly across from the fall, so you can get a really good close-up view of one of the tallest waterfalls in Greece!

Skra Waterfalls, Northern Greece

Skra Waterfalls

Skra Waterfalls are in northern Greece, about an hour and a half from Thessaloniki. They are known for the blue lake, also called the emerald lake, which is a stunning thing to see.

There’s no direct public transport to the waterfalls, but there are organized tours for small groups. They’re operated by SKG Bus and they depart from Thessaloniki for a full day of exploring the beautiful cascades and Skra village.

Whether you opt to book the tour or drive up to the waterfalls on your own, you’ll need to hike for some 20 minutes from the Skra visitors parking lot to the actual falls. The trail is not very difficult, but hikers must cross several streams, so it’s recommended to wear waterproof and non-slip hiking shoes.

Parts of the trail also cross rocky terrain, which can be outright dangerous if you are not wearing appropriate footwear. The trail ends at the turquoise pools, featuring several cascades along the way. The nature here is truly mesmerizing with lots of lush vegetation, but the beautiful waterfalls truly are the highlight of the hike.

They’re most abundant right after the rainy season, but it’s not recommended to hike the trail immediately after rain – the streams are much more difficult to cross, and parts of the trail become very muddy and slippery.

Maries Waterfall

Maries waterfall is one of the smaller cascades in Greece, but the nature surrounding it is absolutely breathtaking. The waterfall is on the island of Thasos, and it’s a must-see if you happen to visit this Greek island. It might not be a spectacularly tall waterfall, but it does boast a walking trail that takes you above the cascade and lets you see its upper levels.

There’s also a lake nearby and you can expect to see some gorgeous flora in the area. This place is about a 40-minute walk away from Maries village – most visitors will drive about half of the way and walk the rest.

The wonderful waterfall is very close to the main road in the area, and it’s just a short walk through the forest from the small honey shop where most visitors tend to park their car. The path to the waterfall depends on the season – during the dry season, it’s possible to walk on the riverbed, but there might not be a waterfall at the final location.

On the other hand, visiting in the wet season means you get to see a dramatic waterfall, but you must climb some steep cliffs and walk over rocky and uneven forest paths to get there.

Pithara Waterfall

If you happen to find yourself on Andros island, you’ll be glad to know that there is at least one mesmerizing waterfall you can go see. The Pithara waterfall is easily accessed by a short hiking trail, and it’s only about ten minutes away from the main island road.

The trail is mostly shaded and it features breathtaking nature along the way. It’s not recommended to attempt this short hike in flip flops – although it’s just a short hike, parts are quite steep and over rocky terrain, so adequate hiking shoes are required.

The trail is easy to find and it’s well-marked, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding the path to this charming waterfall. But depending on when you visit, you might not be able to find the fall – the stream can dry out entirely during the dry season, so it’s recommended to visit this area in spring.

It’s worth noting that the trail continues even after you’ve reached the waterfall – if you have no interest in exploring the wonderful nature of Andros island, it’s best to turn back once you’re done taking photos of Pitahra waterfall.

Tzoumerka Waterfalls

Tzoumerka souda waterfalls are stunning twin falls in the Epirus region of Greece. The two waterfalls are both single-drop falls and they are only a short walk away from each other. There is a maintained path between these beautiful waterfalls, and there’s a cozy café very close as well.

Although it’s just a short walk from one waterfall to the other, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to walk over some rocks, so be sure to wear appropriate shoes.

The Tzoumerka twin waterfalls are both very tall at approximately 50 meters. They truly are an astonishing sight, and the best thing about them is that they’re not very well known. Not a lot of tourists come to this location, so it’s a great place to visit if you want to avoid crowds.

Getting to Tzoumerka twin waterfalls is pretty easy – you can drive up to the café and it’s just a short walk from there. The drive is about an hour and a half from Ioannina, but you must drive over narrow mountainous roads, so keep that in mind. Also, you can only drive up there on your own since there is no public transport that takes passengers to this area.

Souda Waterfalls – Theodoriana

Souda waterfalls are twin single-drop waterfalls near the village of Theodoriana. Ioannina is the closest big city to the village, and it’s about a 2-3 hour drive over winding mountain roads to Theodoriana.

The twin falls plunge down the cliff from a height of some 20 meters into a rocky pool and they truly are a magnificent sight. The rocks and uneven terrain near the pool create lots of small waterfalls, so there are quite a few spectacular falls in this area.

Getting to Souda waterfalls is pretty easy. They’re just a short walk away from the main road, and you can even walk all the way from Theodoriana village. It would take you about an hour to walk from the village, and just 20-30 minutes to get to the waterfalls from the nearest road. The path to these falls is through the forest over uneven and rocky terrain, so be sure to wear sturdy hiking boots for the best experience.

The best time to visit Souda waterfalls is in the spring, a couple of days after rainfall. That’s when they’re most dramatic, but keep in mind that heavy rain can make the path to the waterfalls slippery and muddy.

Fonias Waterfalls

Fonias Waterfalls

Image courtesy of Zisis1992

Fonias waterfalls are on Samothraki Island and one of the best things to do if you happen to find yourself on this remote Greek island. These beautiful waterfalls are in a gorge north of Fonias and you can reach them via hiking trails through the forest. It’s worth noting that you can drive up to a certain point, but the road is narrow, curvy, and not in the best condition.

The path to these gorgeous waterfalls is through the forest, over steep and rocky terrain. It’s best to wear appropriate hiking footwear, but it’s not uncommon to see tourists hiking around in flip-flops and making it all the way to the pools. This is not recommended, especially if you happen to visit during the rainy season when the trail becomes slippery and muddy.

There are two waterfalls in the area – the first one is about 15 meters tall, and the second one is an impressive 35 meters! You can hike even further upstream to see some small waterfalls, but keep in mind that the trail will only get more difficult as you go on.

Both Fonias waterfalls feature pretty deep pools that are very popular for swimming, so don’t be surprised to encounter a lot of other people along the way.

Seven Springs Waterfall, Rhodes

The Seven Springs Waterfall can be found on the island of Rhodes. It is actually an ancient manmade waterfall that is a result of a nearby dam built for the local town by Italians.

It is right in the middle of a nature park offering lots of outdoor activities including hiking and swimming in the lake at the bottom of the falls. There is even an adventurous dark tunnel leading to the lake for those who want something a little different on their holiday?

As you can see, there are dozens of stunning waterfalls in Greece, so we can certainly add to this list!

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