Last Updated: July 17, 2023
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BNESIM Review: Is It Worth It?


BNESim have been providing eSims for worldwide travel since 2017. They offer affordable eSims for data roaming and make it super easy to buy, install and top-up when you are on the road. View Latest Deal

If you are on the hunt for an eSim to take on your travels around the world, you might consider using BNESIM as your provider, but are they the right choice?

Some eSim providers are a lot more reliable and economical than others, so it is always worth doing some research before you dive into a contract.

In this BNESIM review, I run through everything you need to know about this eSim provider from how it works and how to set it up as well as BNESIM’s pros and cons. By the end of the article, you will know whether BNESIM is the right eSim provider for you.

What Is BNESIM & How Does It Work?

BNESIM is an eSim card provider that allows you to use an eSim for mobile data in over 200 countries around the world. But, what is an eSim and how do they work?

An eSim is an embedded sim card inside newer models of phones. Instead of buying a new local sim card for each country you go to, you can apply a contract from BNESIM to your eSim (embedded sim card) and use mobile data to make phone calls and send messages through apps like Whatsapp.

Using an eSim is far more convenient than buying a sim card in every new country you go to. There is no queueing, topping up, swapping sim cards etc, all you do is activate your eSim (bought online) and you can use mobile data as soon as you arrive in the new country.

You might be wondering how BNESIM can offer mobile data contracts in over 200 countries around the world. It is simple, they partner with local networks and are then allowed to use some of their bandwidth, giving you mobile data when you have a BNESIM eSim.

Networks Used by BNESIM for Their eSim

As I already mentioned, BNESIM uses local network providers in each country to provide data over its eSim card offerings.

Which provider they use in each country does change and it is hard to find out who they have partnered with in each country.

However, in India, BNESIM uses Vodafone’s local data network so using BNESIM in India is just like using a local Vodafone sim card.

BNESIM Plan Offers

BNESIM offers a range of different plans both online and through the BNESIM app. When it comes to eSims you can buy a local plan for a specific country on a regional plan for all of Europe or all of Asia.

A local eSim is ideal if you are just heading to a single country for a few weeks while regional plans are ideal if you travel to the said region often.

For example, you can get an unlimited data plan for all of Europe for 65 Euros per month, or a local plan with 10GB of data for 25 Euros per month.

BNESIM also lets you choose between one-off, monthly, and daily contracts so you can match them to your needs.

In addition to eSims, you can also create international phone numbers through the BNESIM app, so you can call local phone numbers for less. Other services include an international sim card, VPS, and even meeting rooms.

How to Buy BNESIM For Your Travel Destination

Home Page - BNESIM

Buying a BNESIM eSim for your travel destination could not be easier. You can do it on the BNESIM website or through the BNESIM app.

  • Once on the site/app, search for your destination, for example, France
  • Then choose between a daily, one-off, or monthly contract depending on your trip length
  • Next, select the amount of data you would like for your trip
  • Pay for the eSim with a card
  • You will then receive an email will all your eSim information
  • Do not activate your eSim yet

How to Setup & Activate Your BNESIM

Setting up and activating your BNESIM eSim is actually super easy, just follow these steps.

  • Update the carrier settings
  • Download the BNESIM app, log in, and find the eSim you purchased
  • On your eSim within the app, click on “Install on this device”
  • Your phone will then prompt whether you want the eSim activated, click yes
  • The eSim is now installed and activated

In order to activate your eSim you will need a WiFi connection. Do not activate your eSim before your trip as it will begin using the data and counting down the days you have bought.

I would recommend activating your BNESIM eSim just before you board the plane to your destination. Then you can get online using the data connection as soon as you arrive.

I have made the mistake of not doing this in the past and then scrambling to get on wifi as soon as I arrive at the airport or hotel. And if you need to order an Uber or use Google maps to get to your hotel….you get the picture!

Advantages of Using BNESIM

BNESIM App Purchase

There are so many advantages of using BNESIM and eSims in general. I have forgotten what a pain it was to travel without them.

  • No data roaming charges
  • Get online in over 200 countries
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Instant connectivity
  • Keep multiple devices connected
  • No need to buy local sim cards
  • A good range of plans to suit you – daily, monthly, one-off
  • Data does not expire on one-off plans
  • Pick from regional or local plans
  • Unlimited data plans are available
  • Access to loads of international phone numbers
  • Make international calls at the best rates
  • Receive incoming calls and SMS on your local sim card phone number
  • Excellent customer support
  • Reliable data sim that works around the world
  • SMS with others using BNESIM for free

Disadvantages of Using BNESIM

As you can see, there are a ton of advantages to using an eSim and a BNESIM in particular. You will be glad to hear that finding disadvantages to using BNESIM is also close to impossible.

The only thing to be careful of is buying the right type of contract to suit you. The app will often select auto-renew monthly contracts for you to purchase, if you do not turn this off, you’ll end up being charged again once your trip is done.

Another thing that BNESIM does not offer is a global international eSim which other providers do. If you travel around the globe often, it is a lot easier to have one eSim for the world than to have to switch between multiple ones.

If you are looking for an international eSim, check this out.

Is BNESIM Worth It?

Review Page - BNESIM

BNESIM is an award-winning sim card for good reason, and almost all BNESIM users have a great experience using them.

Through the app and your eSim, you can have seamless international roaming in over 200 different countries for an incredibly affordable price.

It makes staying connected while you travel so simple and easy, plus it is not just a data-only service as you can create an international phone number and call locally for the best rates.

Whenever you are traveling to a new country, you can pick from a number of data packages to suit your trip length. The eSim comes via instant delivery, is super simple to activate, and then you can still receive calls and SMS on your home sim card number.

BNESIM is also super reliable around the world and their customer service department is excellent. So, yes, I would say using BNESIM is certainly worth it.

BNESIM Alternatives

There are lots of BNESIM alternatives to choose from as there are many eSim providers offering very similar services.

The top 3 BNESIM alternatives are Airalo, Holafly, and Nomad. Each of these alternatives is a reliable eSim provider that works around the globe.

Airalo tends to have the best rates and excellent coverage plus they offer an international eSim that works in 84 countries. But, you can not buy unlimited data with Airalo.

Holafly is all about offering unlimited data. You can find a super affordable unlimited data plan for close to 200 countries as well as multiple regions.

If you need a truly global plan, Nomad offers one that covers 110 countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my BNESIM subscription?

You can cancel your subscription through the app or by calling 888 in the app, sending an email to, or using the Live Chat service.

Is BNESIM safe?

Yes, BNESIM is a super safe eSim provider to use. The company has been in business since 2017 and is 100% legit.

What should I do if my BNESIM is not working?

If your BNESIM is not working then you can call customer support and they will guide you through fixing your connection. But, before you call, check these simple things/do these steps as it might solve it.

Check mobile data is turned on
Check data roaming is turned on
Click on mobile networks and ensure your eSim is selected and activated
On an android, check the new APN is selected
Check you are connected to the provider in your carrier settings

If all of this is correct and your eSim is still not working, call customer support.