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Chaco Cloud Vs. Classic: Which Is Better?


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Can’t decide between Chaco Cloud and Classic sandals? Well, I’m here to help – I will tell you about all the features of these two Chaco ranges in this detailed comparison, in order to help you decide which one is better for you.

I will talk about their design, performance, materials, sizing, and pricing – everything you need to know, in order to really figure out which pair is best for you.

Actually, you might be surprised just how similar these two ranges are. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – let’s talk about Chaco Cloud and Classic, and see which pair is overall the better choice!


Chaco Cloud Vs. Classic: The Main Differences

  • Cloud sandals have an extra 5mm of Cloud PU cushioning, which makes them remarkably soft and wearable straight out the box.
  • Chaco Cloud sandals have a MEGA strap model which is a single really thick strap and super comfortable
  • Chaco Classic has an additional three-strap option some might like
  • Chaco Classic also has a few more color/style options & is often $10-20 cheaper than the Cloud model.

Why We Love Chacos

Chaco sandals are among the ugliest sandals on the market. But that’s just part of their charm – you’re not buying these to strut around the town on a night out. Plus, they only look ugly because their soles are so thick and chunky. When you put them on your feet, they look a lot better.

And the straps are actually kind of cute, especially if you go for a bright color or a cute print.

We love Chacos because they are extremely reliableYou can handle virtually any terrain in them – from sandy beaches to rocky mountainsides. And you will be extremely comfortable all the time, and have plenty of support and stability.

Plus, go look at other brands that make these sporty sandals. Keen and Merrell sandals are not exactly pretty either – in fact, Chacos might just be the best-looking option.

So, if you can get over their awkward design, you will really enjoy these sandals. Especially if you need a pair that’s comfortable, durable, and able to get you through any adventure.

Chaco Classic

Chaco Classic Vs. Cloud

Cloud and Classic are two ranges of Chaco sandals that are among their top sellers. Both of these sandals are remarkably comfortable, sturdy, and durable. They also feature great outsoles, which are designed to handle any outdoor terrain.

And, since they’re so much alike, how do you decide which pair to get? That’s what we’re going to help you with here, by comparing every single aspect of these two sandal ranges. In this detailed comparison we’ll be talking about materials, design, lug depth, sizing, variety and so much more, in order to help you find just the perfect pair for you!


chaco cloud vs classic material

The straps on both of these sandals are made from the same materials – Polyester Jacquard Webbing. This particular material is very durable and able to withstand years of daily use in all kinds of conditions. It can handle getting caught on debris, being underwater, sun exposure, and pretty much anything you throw at it.

If the uppers were one of your main concerns, then you’re going to have a hard time deciding because they are virtually the same.

The Straps

chaco cloud vs classic straps

Chaco sandals in general have either one, two, or three straps. Those that have a single thick strap are usually much easier to put on and adjust and feel a bit more comfortable. Sandals with two straps are a little bit more stylish, but won’t always be the most comfortable option if you have high arches and big feet – they might cut into your skin and make you sore.

Both the Classic and the Cloud range have single and double-strap options. However, the Classic range also includes the option with three straps, which the Cloud doesn’t. At the same time, the Cloud range has a MEGA model – this features a single strap that is really thick, and it is something that you can’t get in the Classic range.

The good news is that the sandals will be entirely adjustable, regardless of the number of straps they have.

Toe Loop Or No Loop?

Chaco is known for making sandals with and without toe loops. And you can find either option in both the Cloud and the Classic range.

There are some advantages to having a toe loop on your sandals – it gives you more forefoot control, and it makes you feel a bit more stable when walking around. All the sandals that have the toe loop are easily adjustable, just like the ones that lack this feature.

I personally prefer sandals without a toe loop, but that’s just me. I find it a bit irritating, as I have sensitive skin, and more often than not the loop causes blisters. But, this is entirely up to your personal preference, and the important thing is that you have either option in both ranges.

The Footbeds

chaco cloud vs classic straps footbed

The footbed is one of the reasons why we love Chaco sandals. For one thing, it’s extremely soft and comfortable, which you will not get in any dress sandals you own. In addition to that, the footbed is textured, so that you don’t slip around even if your feet are wet.

As someone who is extremely clumsy and twists their ankle on a daily basis, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this feature has saved me a trip to the emergency room. If you’re looking for a pair of sandals suitable for your next vacation, you should look no further than Chaco.

But do you get the Classic or the Cloud? They do have similar footbeds – both of them are textured and soft, and both actually feature a Chaco LUVSEAT Footbed. It provides contoured arch support, and it really helps you feel stable with every step you take.

In addition to that, every single pair of Chaco sandals is certified by the American Podiatric Association, which speaks volumes.

But the Cloud range takes things a step further. All of the sandals in this range feature an additional layer of cushioning, for extra comfort. The layer of 5mm Cloud PU cushioning gives these an edge that the Classics just don’t have, as it makes them super soft and comfy straight out of the box. The break-in period for the Cloud sandals is non-existent, which is absolutely amazing.

The Classic sandals lack this extra 5mm of cushioning, but that does not mean that they’re uncomfortable. Just that the Cloud is the better choice for people that normally struggle with sore feet or need that extra support. If you don’t really have any issues with your feet, the Classic sandals will feel just fine.

The Outsoles

chaco cloud vs classic straps outsoles

Not that long ago, the outsoles were a huge selling point for the Classic range. They used to feature Vibram outsoles, which are extremely durable and sturdy. However, Chaco stopped using Vibram in their sandals, and now they use either ChacoGrip or Ecotread.

Both the Classic and the Cloud range now feature exclusively ChacoGrip outsoles. It is made from a non-marking ChacoGrip rubber compound, which performs remarkably well on all terrain types. The lug depth is 3mm, which gives you plenty of grip on the trails.

In addition to that, the outsoles are very sturdy, and they will provide you with more than enough traction in your adventures. You will even feel stable on wet terrain since the rubber is not slippery. This is especially important if you want to wear these near the beach, or if you get caught in the rain while you’re out exploring the great outdoors.

Overall, the outsole is not going to be a reason why you go for the Cloud or the Classic, since both ranges feature the same ChacoGrip outsoles.


One thing that makes Chacos awesome is that they are adjustable. You can loosen/tighten the straps on them as much as you like, and easily make them fit you perfectly. This is especially important for people with high arches, wide feet, and everyone that generally struggles to find footwear that fits them perfectly.

Sandals in both the Cloud and Classic ranges are available in normal and wide versions. This is excellent for all of you that have wide feet and find regular sandals to have extremely narrow footbeds. Chaco has made sure to include an option for you.

Unfortunately, sandals in neither range are available in half sizes. This is a shame because a lot of us are between two sizes, and without that option, you’re not going to get a pair that fits perfectly. But, seeing as they are completely adjustable, this is not going to be that big an issue.

Chacos usually run true to size, so your usual size should fit just fine in these sandals. If you are between two sizes, I highly recommend going half a size up for the best fit. You can always tighten them if you find them a bit big, and it’s better to have a little extra space than a sandal that’s too small.


Both ranges are pretty similar when it comes to the variety of designs. There are dozens of sandals in either range, and you can get either pair in pretty much any print/color your heart desires. There are loads of options for both men and women, so this shouldn’t play a big part when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of sandals for you.

Strictly speaking, there’s a bit more variety in the Cloud range. When you look at the Chaco website, they have 69 sandals in the Cloud range and 57 in the Classic range. However, the difference is really not that big, especially for someone who is looking to buy a single pair of sandals.

Bear in mind that this includes variety with men’s and women’s sandals, straps, toe loops, and widths.


Both the Cloud and the Classic ranges are priced similarly. On average, the sandals are between $80-100, and that’s what you’re going to usually spend on them. However, the Cloud range has sandals with prices well over $100, and the Classic just doesn’t.

So, if you’re on a tight budget, you’re more likely to find a cheap pair of sandals in the Classic range. Especially if you’re shopping on Amazon, where you can always find some sort of sale or discount – we found that both the Classic and Cloud sandals start around $40 on Amazon.

However, some of those are models from several years ago, which don’t have all the features that I’ve told you about today. If you find a pair of sandals that are heavily discounted, be sure to check whether they are available on the official website and compare their features.

Chaco Classic

Chaco Cloud Vs. Classic: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that both the Cloud and the Classic are great pairs of sandals. They are remarkably durable, provide plenty of arch support, and are suitable for use on any terrain type. The durable ChacoGrip outsoles perform remarkably well both on dry land and in water. And they are great for hiking, walking, trekking, light climbing, and pretty much anything else.

They are also really similar when it comes to design and color variety. Both sandals are available in a myriad of different prints and colors, so you can really get a pair that suits your personal style.

The main differences in these are in the strap design and cushioning. Chaco Cloud sandals include a MEGA strap option, which is a single really thick strap. In addition to that, all of the Cloud sandals have an extra 5mm of Cloud PU cushioning, which makes them remarkably soft and wearable straight out the box.

Chaco Women's Zcloud Sport Sandal, Foster Pavement, 8 M US
  • Adjustable polyester jacquard webbing with padded toe post and injection molded ladder lock buckle and synthetic trims.
  • Womens specific LUVSEAT PU midsole

The Classic, unfortunately, lacks this cushioning. But they’re still pretty comfortable. And they come in a triple strap option, which can’t be said for the Cloud. They are also slightly cheaper, as it’s easier to find a pair of Classic Chacos that have been heavily discounted.

So, there you have it – the Cloud is technically the comfier option, but they win by an inch. Both of these Chacos are excellent choices, and I doubt you’ll have any regrets whichever ones you buy.

Chaco Women's Z/1 Classic Sandal, Black, 8 M US
  • Polyester jacquard webbing upper wraps around the foot and through the midsole for a customized fit
  • Adjustable and durable high-tensile webbing heel risers

Head over to Amazon to find awesome deals on these Chaco sandals. And check out our related posts, for more ideas on excellent sporty sandals!





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