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Vancouver Chinatown

Whether visiting China Town in Vancouver, British Columbia, or just passing through, you’ll want take your time and make sure that you stop to see everything along the way. Vancouver’s Chinatown is the second largest of all the Chinatowns in North America (the largest is in San Francisco). They offer food and fun for the whole family, or even for the traveling single person. With the night market, specialty foods, and activities throughout the streets, Chinatown is one of the most populated since people scramble to see and do all that the town has to offer. There is no age limit since there is a little something for everyone; young or old to do.

Affordable prices allow you to choose gifts to bring back home, or perhaps purchase some fruits and vegetables that you cannot normally purchase where you’re from. Chinatown in Vancouver is educational because you will have a firsthand account that shows just how different the Western civilizations are compared to the Chinese. It is open throughout the season, and offers education, fun, food, and tradition for the whole family. Even if you’re not Chinese, you will still be able to take part and enjoy all that Vancouver’s Chinatown has to offer. If you’re Chinese, you can learn a little more about where you come from, and what your tradition and culture holds for you. There are quick bus routes that will bring you anywhere in town that you would like to go without having to walk there.

You will be able to experience what the Chinese culture is like when visiting Vancouver’s Chinatown. Taste the foods, feel the atmosphere, sample the customs, and live through their traditions. One of the biggest attractions for Vancouver’s Chinatown is the Night Market. Enjoy music, friends, food, and shopping throughout the afternoon and night at this lit up market. There is no age limit, and you can stroll for as long as you would like down the lit up streets searching through the stands for something that catches your eye. Try out all that Vancouver’s Chinatown has to offer when you visit them in British Columbia today.

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