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Columbia Minx Mid Omni-Heat Review – Best Boots For Winter?

Columbia's Minx Mid is often rated as one of the best boots for women in winter.

And when you take a good look at what is inside, this is hardly a surprise.

They are a very high boot, that has 200g of insulation (rating to -25 F), is waterproof...and is one of the lightest boots in this category you will find at 13.2 oz.

As an all-round winter boot with a touch of style, you certainly will find it hard to beat.


Unlike a lot of the competition, Columbia has saved a tonne of weight on this boot by going with a woven synthetic material.

You can see it from the picture with the criss-cross patter on it.

There is also a faux fur cuff, which is great for keeping the snow out in deeper powder snow.

Columbia have also included there best tech in this boot with the Omni-heat reflective material on the inside (keeps/reflects the heat from your body) as well as their Omni-grip sole to help you get traction in slippery conditions.


  • Weight 13.2 oz / 374 g
  • Insulation: 200g Thinsulate
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Temperature rating: -25 F / -32 C

Fit & Comfort

The fluffy interior and use of thicker socks in such boots means you might want to buy your pair at least a 1/2 size bigger. The laces give you a little room for flexibility, but it's better safe than too tight (with blisters!).

Most reviews I have read say that they are super-comfortable, even over long periods. So, unlike a lot of heavier boots, or tighter leather boots, they will likely be more pleasant to wear.

Having a soft interior (the thinsulate) helps, but they are not a stiff boot anyway.


These boots are warm, there is no denying that. No, they are not rated to -40 like some of the Sorels, but they are not supposed to be.

Instead, with 200g thinsulate and a fluffy liner, they are plenty warm for most people, even in a cold winter. One reviewer on the Columbia website said:

"They are warm and super comfortable and they keep your footsies dry. It's really cold in Iceland and there's lots of rain, but these boots did the job and I would definitely recommend them to people who are looking for something that is of good quality."

This seems to be almost everyone's opinion who uses them - super warm and comfy!


These boots do come with a waterproof membrane and are meant to get wet. However, they are not nearly as waterproof as some other boots like the Sorel Joan of Arctic. So, if you plan on wading through deep slushy now, or getting your feet in some deep puddles. these might not be the boot for you.

However, if you just plan on heading out in the wet or fresh snow to get to work, school or travel around. They will do you fine.

You could also add an extra layer of protection by spraying them with waterproofing or seam sealing them to help.

Summing It Up

The Columbia Mid Minx II is a great everyday boot for snow, wet and cold, with a touch of style thrown in.

They are not meant to be a boot for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast, or trend-follower of today, but they will last you a long time and keep you warm and comfy when it counts.

They are also reasonably priced from most websites I have seen, so won't break the bank either.


  • Super comfy with soft warm interior (200g Thinsulate)
  • Very lightweight for the level of warmth


  • Not the most waterproof boot of this product type
  • Not the most stylish either (although your opinion might differ)

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