Last Updated: May 17, 2021

Columbia Thermal Coil & Omni Heat Gear

Columbia has been producing some great technology for their winter gear over the last few years. Tech designed to keep you warmer, longer.

The two main ones are Thermal Coil and Omni Heat.

In this post I am going to show you what each of them does and some of the best jackets and gear Columbia produces in each category.

What Is Thermal Coil?

Columbia Thermal Coil

Thermal Coil Technology

Thermal Coil is a thermal management technology produced by Columbia that uses printed silver coils to reflect body heat to help retain the heat your body generates.

These coils are generally printed on the inside of Columbia’s gear which in turn helps keep you warmer.

You can see in the image here how the thermal radiation from your body is reflected back towards you when it hits the silver coils.

It is a very lightweight material, so can easily be added to a piece of winter clothing without significant additional weight.

Thermal coil technology can be included in almost any product from Columbia, but some of the most useful include winter jackets.

Below are men’s and women’s winter jackets, as well as a down jacket if you just want to keep yourself super warm.

Womens Snow Daze Jacket

Men’s Winterswept Jacket

Womens Pacfic Puffer Jacket

Mens Rapid Excursion Jacket

What Is Omni-Heat™?

Columbia omni heat

Omni Heat Technology

Omni-heat is patented material technology from Columbia that is both breathable and designed to keep you warm by reflecting back your body heat.

The warmth is accomplished by covering 35% of the material with small silver dots that send the heat back to your body. The material is used on the inside of Columbia clothing where it can help the most.

Omni-Heat vs Thermal Coil

Both Omni-Heat and Thermal Coil provide extra warmth by using silver to reflect back the body’s warmth. However, Omni-heat is also breathable which is a great benefit for outdoor and sports clothing.

And because it is also breathable it is used more readily in a variety of products including gloves, footwear, and clothing.

Below are some of the best products Columbia has to offer with the Omni-Heat technology incorporated:

Women’s Mighty Light Hooded Jacket

Men’s Mighty Light Hooded Jacket

Women’s Dotswarm II Fleece Full Zip Jacket

Men’s Voodoo Falls 590 Turbodown Jacket

Women’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot

Men’s Fairbanks Omni-Heat Hiking Shoe

Thermarator Fleece Hat

Womens Thermarator Gloves

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