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DJI Care Refresh: Is It Worth It?

If you are just about to buy a DJI drone or have recently brought one, you might be wondering if it is worth buying DJI Care Refresh.

It is kinda like a warranty and insurance combined, but there are a few details, situations and processes you should be aware before deciding if it is for you.

In this post I am going to give you all the details I can find about DJI Care Refresh both from the DJI website as well as forums where people have had a lot of experience using and claiming replacement drones with DJI.

Note: I am not a representative of DJI, nor do I work for them. I am just doing my best to make a complex product easier to understand.

If you find something you think is wrong or your experience is different, please fee free to get in touch.

DJI Care Refresh

My Mavic Pro after a recent crash. I was lucky only to break a propeller and dislodge a plastic cover!

Who Is It Good For

Before going into detail on what is covered, how and where (etc) I thought I would give you my quick opinion on who this is good for.

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    Beginners (if you are likely to crash this gives you two replacements way cheaper than a new drone)
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    People who fly in lots of dodgy situations (as long as you can retrieve the drone, you can get it replaced)
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    People who like to be careful and have everything covered

If you are either a very careful pilot or sure you will almost never crash it then it is just a roll of the dice like any other insurance (which this fundamentally is).

Remember, a drone is an expensive purchase, and covering yourself for mistakes that are easy to make with such a complex aircraft is not a bad idea. I have stupidly crashed my three times already and do not have Care Refresh. I have been lucky and only damaged the propellers and body. But next time it could be the camera?

When Can You Buy It?

Normally you can only buy it within the first 48 hours of your drone purchase.

However, I have read of cases where DJI allows you to submit a video of your drone still in good condition and then you can get it.

This is the forum post where I read it. They suggested uploading a video on this page.

How Long Does It Last?

The DJI Care Refresh plan lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase.

They cover two replacements in that time. So, once you have replaced your drone twice, the care plan is no longer valid.

So, in essence it's 12 months or two replacements, whichever come first.

And of course, the replacements cost money! So, it is not free to crash your drone a lot :>

What Is Covered By DJI Care Refresh

Basically, DJI Care Refresh covers you for most issues that are not normally covered by warranty. So, things that you do or are outside of your control that cause damage to the drone. 

Here are what DJI states are the scenarios covered by Care Refresh:

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    User Error
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    Signal Interference
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    Water Damage
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    Drop Damage
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    Collision Damage

The warranty is still there for manufacturing defects and DJI normally differentiates between the two - so if it is a defect, they pay, if it is damage caused by you or a situation you put the drone in - you use Care Refresh.

Please read on to ensure you understand the claim process, because things like "fly aways" are not covered.

The Claims Process

The biggest thing to be aware of in the claims process is that you must return the drone to DJI.

So, if you lose it in water, lose control and cannot find it, or just don't have it cannot use Care Refresh.

DJI wants to see the drone and will then decide what to do with it.

Here is generally how the process plays out

1. Contact DJI and make a claim (this link will take you there now)

2. Return the drone to DJI by mail (they usually send a prepaid label)

3. Pay your first or second replacement fee (usually $79 or $129 respectively for the Mavic Pro at least - will be more or less depending on which model you have)

4. DJI will either repair your drone or send you a replacement (often refurbished not new)

Note: When returning your drone do not send them everything unless asked. The often only want the drone and not the remote. AND they definitely do not want to have your SD card. So be careful to remove it before you send it as you may never see it again (especially if you get a replacement and not yours back).

All in all, follow the instructions from DJI very carefully. And, if you are unsure, get in touch with them before you send it.

Where Is Care Refresh Available (And Claimable)

Before you purchase care refresh be aware you can only claim in the region where you have purchased the care package for.

DJI says that can be different from where you buy the drone, but you cannot claim while traveling for example. So, if you travel a lot you will have to either get it repaired yourself or wait until you get back to the zone you purchased for.

These are the current areas DJI has care for: U.S., Canada, EU countries, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

If you area is not listed, then you should get in touch and ask.

Would I Buy It Now?

I did not buy the DJI Care Refresh when I purchased my drone because I am in the habit of never buying extended warranties or getting over insured.

However, having now crashed my Mavic Pro 3 times and been lucky to have only broken one propeller (and added a few scars to the drone) I would seriously reconsider.

I am not an experienced pilot. In fact, I have never owned a drone or other RC before this. So, it is definitely a great idea for newbies or people who just want the extra insurance.

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