Dronie - The Ultimate Selfie With A Drone
Last Updated: August 10, 2017

Dronie – The Ultimate Selfie (That Will Blow Your Friends Away)

You might have come across the word "dronie" or even seen a few online without knowing it.

Either way, in this post I am going to clear it all up AND show you how and why the Dronie is the ultimate selfie for drone owners! (and why you will want a drone too once you see what is possible.)

The Selfie Is Ruling The World

I remember just a few years ago noticing that everywhere I went people were starting to find new and create ways to include themselves in their photos.

From (somehow weirdly) openly photographing themselves sitting opposite me on the train (taking time to pose and all).

Posing in front of awesome scenery while on holidays (to make your friends jealous on Instagram).

To just taking a fun photo of you and your friends while you are out on the town.

The selfie is now well and truely ingrained in our psychie and culture.

What Is A Dronie?

When you combine two of the biggest trends around right now, it is no surprise you get a new phenomena and word to go with it - The Dronie.

A dronie is a selfie that is made using a drone. The drone is positioned in front and slightly above yourself and then flown away, usually up and away at the same time. 

This gives a stunning perspective that begins with a close-up of you in your environment and then quickly zooms out showing your surroundings in all their glory. Slowly reaching further and higher until you are just a speck in the background.

Want to see what the ultimate dronie looks like?

Here is the winner of this year's winner of the Dronie category in the NYC Drone Film Festival.

Watch it in full, it is INSANE (especially when you consider he had to fly a reasonably big drone to do it).

The Dronie Is Becoming More Popular

As with everything, the Dronie is slowly becoming very popular online.

There was a minor craze on Twitter back in 2014 when they sent a drone to the Canne Film Festival to take 6 seconds shots of celebrities. They even tried to claim the term as their own and stop others from using it, even though it was used by many before them!

Then Time reported on the phenomena in 2015 although they noted that it is "not yet" popular mainly because of the price of drones. Back then it was all about the DJI Phantom, which was not really portable or affordable for most people.

That has significantly changed in the meantime.

Drones with 1080p or even 4K are below $1000 and the recent release of the Mavic Pro and the Spark from DJI, mean that feature-rich, safe, affordable drones are now within the reach of perhaps far too many people. 

There is even a category in the drone world now called the "selfie drone" which is aimed at the recreational (selfie) market - giving us lightweight, cheap and very portable drones that can be carried anywhere.

Learn To Take A Dronie

So, if you want to take a dronie. It is actually not that hard. Unless you want to take one and win the NYC Drone Film award?

Here is a video from a guy who is a bit of a dronie expert which should help you get started:

Just do us all a favor and don't run around taking dronies in crowded places or where you are obviously annoying or endangering people. And remember to head the laws and regulations in your area at all times.

Drone flying is becoming more and more restricted and staying responsible is the key to keeping us in the air!

One Last Insane Dronie

The Dronie category from the New York Drone Film Festival has seen some insane contenders like the one I showed you earlier, but I thought I would end with one more.

Don't try this at home (or when you are next our on the reef scuba diving)

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