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Interested in the eSims from, but don’t know a lot about the company? Then you’re in the right place because this detailed guide will tell you all you need to know about and its various eSim plans!

This company has eSims for tourists in the UK and UK residents who are traveling abroad. If you’re in one of those two categories, one of their eSim plans might be the perfect option for you. Keep reading to find out whether this is exactly what you’re looking for, or if you should turn to one of the other international eSim providers!

What Is & How Does It Work? is an online eSim store based in the UK. They offer an eSim service for tourists in the UK, as well as UK residents traveling abroad, so there are quite a few options to choose from. Their eSim plans are based on the different network providers that operate in the UK, and they have multiple plans for each of the providers.

This makes it pretty easy for travelers to find an eSim plan that will cover all their travel needs, whether they’re a tourist in the UK or a local traveling abroad. It’s worth noting that is an online eSim store only, and they do not have any physical stores throughout the country, so if you want one of their eSim plans, you will have to purchase it online.

Networks Used by for Their eSim

This eSim provider offers eSims that can be used on O2, Vodafone, and Orange networks. They also partner with many network providers in Europe rest of the world, which is how their eSims for UK residents can include free roaming in dozens of different countries.

You can see a detailed list of the many networks partners throughout the world right here. Plan Offers plans

There are four main plan offers for the sim card, and each of those offers has multiple subcategories to choose from. Their main plans are O2 eSim, Vodafone eSim, Super Travel eSim, and Orange Europe/USA eSim.

O2 plans

The O2 eSim plan has six categories to choose from, which range from £13 to £22. Three of their plans are for visitors in the UK, and the other three are for UK residents who are traveling abroad and need an eSim they can use for calls and internet access in the EU. All of the six plans are valid for 30 days and you can choose from 6 GB, 20 GB, and unlimited data.

Vodafone Plans

The Vodafone eSim plan has four subcategories, three of which are for visitors in the UK. The fourth one is for UK residents traveling abroad, and it includes free roaming in 75 countries throughout the world.

The Vodafone eSim plans are all valid for 30 days and they range in price from £14 to £29. The priciest plan is the one for UK residents, while the ones for visitors include 6 GB, 24 GB, or unlimited data. All four plans include unlimited texts and calls in the UK, access to 5G whenever possible, and WiFi calls.

Super Travel Plan

The Super Travel plan is suitable for both UK residents traveling abroad and tourists in the United Kingdom. It includes unlimited data, unlimited calls and texts with a UK phone number, and free roaming in 75 different countries.

This eSim retails for £29, and it’s good value for money considering that unlimited data plans for other providers are usually a lot more expensive, and they often don’t include a phone number you can use to make calls and send/receive texts.

Orange Plans

The Orange eSim data plans are available in options for the EU/UK and USA. The EU/UK plans range from $10 to $25 for 3 GB to unlimited data. They’re all data-only plans so you won’t get a phone number, and the validity periods are 7, 10, and 30 days.

The USA plans are also mobile data-only plans, that include 3 GB, 5 GB, or unlimited data on the AT&T network. They’re priced at $12, $15, and $27, respectively, and are valid for 7, 10, or 30 days.

How to Buy

You can purchase a plan on the website. They only have an online store and it is not possible to purchase one of their plans in a physical store, so you will need to complete the purchase online.

The eSim plans are delivered to customers fully activated, and they start being valid on the day of the purchase, so there’s no point in buying them a few days before the trip.

How to Setup & Activate

Add Cellular Plan

When you purchase an eSim from this provider, you will get a set of instructions on how to set up and activate that eSim. Usually, it’s as simple as scanning a QR code and following the prompts on your phone’s screen.

In some cases, you might be required to add the eSim to your phone manually. If this happens, you need to go to your phone’s network settings and find the option to Add a Cellular Plan (iPhone) or Add an eSim (Android). Then just input the required information, and your eSim is all set.

One thing to note about the eSims from this provider is that they’re usually supplied fully activated. This means the plan is active right after you purchase it, so it’s not recommended to buy the plans before your trip.

Advantages of Using

Excellent coverage in the UK and the EU is the main advantage of eSims. This provider also offers coverage in many other worldwide countries, which makes them a great option for most travelers.

Also, their plans are good value for money. Sure, they’re generally a bit more expensive than what you can purchase from similar international providers, but the vast majority of their plans are valid for a month, and they include a phone number and a large data allowance. The value is definitely there, especially for people who need an eSim for at least 20 days.

Another advantage of eSims is that they all let you set up a hotspot and share your network connection. This is awesome for people who are traveling with friends and family or just need Internet access on multiple devices. It’s particularly great that the company’s unlimited data plans also support data sharing.

Disadvantages of Using

One disadvantage of the eSim plans offered by is that you cannot top up the plan if you use up all your data. You have to purchase an entirely new plan, which can be a waste of money if you only need Internet access for a few more days.

Also, all of the plans from this company are valid for 30 days. If you need an eSim that will be valid for a month then they’re a great option, but if you’re only traveling for a week or so, it’s a waste of money to pay for a 30-day eSim.

Another downside is that most of their data plans start being valid the moment you purchase them, so you can’t really buy and set up the eSim a few days before the trip and then just activate it when you arrive at the destination country.

Is Worth It?

If you need an eSim for an entire month, then is definitely worth it. They have great data plans for both the UK and the EU, and their unlimited data plans are especially good value for money.

On the other hand, if you’re not planning a month-long trip and you don’t think you’ll need as much data as includes in their plans, they’re probably not worth it for you.

Keep in mind that there are dozens of other eSim providers out there, which offer plans that start at just $4 for 1 GB of data. If you think that will be enough for you and you’re fine with not having a local phone number, it’s definitely worth it to consider using a different eSim provider. Alternatives

Airalo, Nomad, Ubigi, and Holafly are some of the largest international providers of eSim, and they’re solid alternatives for travel in the UK and the EU.

Airalo and Nomad are the best alternatives for people who are traveling for less than a month and don’t want to purchase a plan from because they only have 30-day plans. If you need Internet for just a week or two, one of these two providers should be a solid alternative. Just keep in mind that their eSim cards don’t include a phone number.

Ubigi is perhaps the best alternative for travelers who want a regional eSim data plan. This provider has by far the most options when it comes to eSims that offer regional coverage, and they’re generally fairly priced, at least for plans that cover the European Union.

Holafly is the top eSim provider for travelers who want unlimited data. However, it’s important to note that Holafly eSims don’t usually support data sharing, so you won’t be able to create a hotspot on your phone. Also, Holafly plans are generally more expensive than plans, so I wouldn’t necessarily call them the better alternative in all instances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is safe?

Yes, is perfectly safe. They have a pretty high rating on Trustpilot, where people can write reviews of companies based on their personal experiences. scores a rating of 4.7, which is very high.

Can I make calls with

Yes, you can make calls with most eSims from All their eSims (except for the Orange eSim plans) include a phone number and unlimited calls and texts in the UK.

What should I do if my eSim is not working?

If your eSim from is not working or you’re having problems trying to set it up, it’s best to contact their support team. They will try to guide you through the process and identify any underlying issues, in order to resolve the problem as fast as possible.

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