Last Updated: June 4, 2021

Swiss Electrical Power Outlet

Switzerland uses an electrical outlet different to anything else in Europe. 

However, there is one saving grace, you can fit the swiss 2 pronged plug into European outlets (not the 3 ​pronged). So things like mobile chargers from Switzerland I use when traveling in the EU.

For most travelers, this means a separate adapter for Switzerland or a multi-adapter which in most cases will include it.​ (that is what I use, for all my travels and because I have appliances/cameras from US, UK, Australia and EU)

Below are the exact details on the Swiss electrical outlet and plugs so you can make sure that anything you bring with you works.​

Swiss Electricity Specifications

For people traveling from the US, Canada or other countries that use 110-120V please be aware that appliances such as hairdryers, radios and other larger appliances will not work in Europe or Switzerland. In fact, be very careful and DO NOT BRING THEM. Things like mobile phones, camera chargers and more modern adapters work anywhere because they adapt to the different voltage – CHECK THE SMALL PRINT ON THE ADAPTER TO BE SURE.

Swiss Electricity Voltage: 220 – 240V

The Swiss Electrical Plug

Swiss Plug 3 Pin

Swiss Plug 3 Pin/Prong

Swiss Plug 2 pin/prong

Swiss Plug 2 Pin/Prong

The Swiss Electrical Socket

Swiss Electrical Socket

Swiss Plug 3 Pin Socket

European Electrical Socket

European In Comparison

(2 pins are same width apart but thicker, Earths are completely different)

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