Last Updated: January 30, 2023

Hydro Flask Vs. ThermoFlask: Which Insulated Bottle?


Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle

Hydro Flask insulated bottles are colorful and textured. They're available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with specific options for certain alcoholic beverages.
  • Standard Mouth Sizes: 18, 21, 24 oz
  • Wide Mouth Sizes: 20, 32, 40, 64 oz
  • Dimensions: (24oz)
  • Weight: (24oz)
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ThermoFlask Insulated Bottle

ThermoFlask makes one insulated bottle, but they make it a few different sizes and colors. It's simple and affordable with premium performance that's hard to find elsewhere.
  • Sizes: 18, 24, 32, 40, 64 oz
  • Dimensions: (24oz)
  • Weight: (24oz)
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Trying to decide between Hydro Flask vs ThermoFlask for the best insulated bottle? It’s a tough decision, but we can help you make it!

In this detailed comparison we will cover everything about these insulated bottles, from the color variety to the quality and performance of insulation. We’ll talk about materials, leak proofing, performance, pricing and variety, so by the end of the post you will know exactly which bottle is the better option for you!


Design And Size Variety

Hydro Flask is the clear winner in terms of how many different types of insulates bottles they make. Not only do they have 5+ sizes for their standard water bottles as well as standard and wide mouth options, but they also offer a wide variety of other types of insulated bottles.

Hydro Flask makes insulated bottles for beer, wine and coffee, in addition to the tumblers and hiking-friendly bottles. Yes, they offer an insulated bottle that can fit an entire bottle of wine. If you’re looking for design, color and size variety, Hydro Flask is without a doubt the better pick.

ThermoFlask has some variety, but nowhere near as much as their competitors. They have just one main water bottle design and they make it in five different sizes, with a few extra lids and caps you can purchase.

I think it’s enough to say that their website only has 15 products in the shop (including all the accessories), while the Hydro Flask site has that many products in just the basic “bottles” category.

Obviously, that doesn’t have to mean anything – ThermoFlask could make and sell just one product, and if it’s the absolute best product out there people would still buy it over the 15 different options other brands offer.

My point is that if you are looking for a specific shape, type of size of an insulated water bottle, you are more likely to find it in Hydro Flask’s product range, simply because they offer more. But if you want one bottle you could use for anything you want and still have it perform really well, ThermoFlask is likely the better choice for you.

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle
ThermoFlask Insulated Bottle

Hydro Flask Trail Series Bottle

Before I get into all the details about the regular bottles from Hydro Flask and ThermoFlask, I want to tell you about the Hydro Flask bottles that are specifically designed for hikers. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, this is by far the best insulated bottle for you.

The Trail Series Bottles are 25% lighter than the brand’s classic water bottles, weighing in at just 10 oz for the 24-ounce bottle. Also, this particular model of the Hydro Flask boasts better insulating performance with the ability to keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. And it comes with a leakproof lid, which isn’t the case with all of their bottles.

The strap on the lid of the bottle is flexible and perforated, making it a great option for hikes. In fact, the cut outs in the lid are one of the reasons why these bottles are so much lighter!

In addition to that, the Trail Series bottles from Hydro Flask are designed to fit most hydration filters, allowing you to confidently refill your bottle at a stream or a waterfall.

The only downside of this particular insulated bottle is the price point. There’s no nice way to put this – it’s very expensive for a water bottle. Yes it’s the best thing you could get for hikes, but you could also get a water bottle that’s 10% less convenient, but 60% less expensive.

It’s up to you of course, but I wanted to get the Trail Series out of the way since it differs quite a lot – in both price and in performance – from the other Hydro Flask options.


Hydro Flask and ThermoFlask bottles are both made from exactly the same material – 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. It is BPA, toxin and phthalate free, which means that the bottles are 100% safe to drink from. There’s no transfer of any chemicals to the contents of the bottles even at higher temperatures and that’s the most important thing.

When it comes to the exterior of the bottles there are some differences. ThermoFlask uses a special type of paint that it secures to the exterior of the bottle with a rather strong adhesive.

This ensures that the bottles look brand new for a while and that there’s no chipping or fading over time. Unless you drop your bottle on a sharp rock from the third floor, you really shouldn’t worry about any scratches or damage to the paint.

Hydro Flask does an even better job here. They add a proprietary powder coat to the exterior of their bottle, which not only makes the paint extremely durable but also protects from perspiration and enhances the grip. So, not only is the paintless likely to chip if the bottle suffers a drop, but you’re also less likely to drop it because of the textured exterior.

Another thing I should point out is that both Hydro Flask and ThermoFlask bottles are extremely durable. Stainless steel is a champ when it comes to long-term use and it can handle pretty much anything.

You won’t damage the bottle if you drop it a few times – worst-case scenario is that the paint chips a bit. This is the main advantage stainless steel bottles have over standard plastic bottles, especially if you usually use them in harsh environments.

In addition to that, it’s worth pointing out that the lids of both bottles are dishwasher safe, but the bottles themselves are not. In general, you shouldn’t put insulated bottles in the dishwasher or soak them in hot water – the temperature inside the dishwasher can get very high, and that can actually damage the insulation of the bottles. It can also discolor or ruin the paint, but that’s slightly less important.

Also, both brands use BPA-free plastic for their standard lids and caps. However, it’s worth noting that Hydro Flask uses a stainless steel cap on some of their insulated bottles, most notable the ones designed to hold wine. Some of their bottles also have a silicone base for improved traction on different surfaces.

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle
ThermoFlask Insulated Bottle

Sealing And Leaks

A good insulated water bottle must be entirely leakproof, otherwise it’s not worthy of your money. If a bottle doesn’t have a seal you can rely on entirely, you can’t trust its insulating capabilities. Hot drinks will cool down quickly and cold drinks will warm up faster than you can say “double wall insulation”.

And not to mention all the havoc a leaky bottle can wreak on the contents of your favorite hiking backpack! From getting soup on your hoodie to soaking your smartphone – a leaky bottle is not something anyone should ever consider.

Coincidentally, double wall insulation is a feature both these bottles share. It ensures that no condensation forms on the outside of the bottle so that there’s no unnecessary moisture on the outside of the bottle.

Leakproofing depends on the cap of the bottle, and the good news is that all ThermoFlask caps are 100% leakproof. If your hikes usually require scramble and you can’t be certain that your bottle will always stay upright in the side pocket, a ThermoFlask bottle is a great reliable choice for you.

It’s not quite the same with Hydro Flask. They do have leakproof lids in their range that you can buy separately, but the standard lid that comes with their bottles is not fully leakproof. It’s a pretty good lid and unless you put the bottle upside down on purpose, the chances that it will leak are small.

But there’s still a chance that could happen if you don’t spring for the better lid, and that’s a deal-breaker for me. Especially since Hydro Flask bottles are more expensive, to begin with – a bottle plus an extra lid will cost you as much as two ThermoFlask bottles of the same size, and that’s not great value for money.

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle
ThermoFlask Insulated Bottle

Insulation Performance

Perhaps the most important feature of an insulated water bottle is just how well its insulation works. Hydro Flask and Thermoflask are really similar here because they’re both made from the same materials, but each brand offers a different name and explanation for their insulating technology.

Hydro Flask calls their double wall stainless steel insulation ThermoShield, and they claim that it can keep hot drinks hot for 6 hours, and preserve the temperature of cold drinks for up to 24 hours (with ice).

ThermoFlask, on the other hand, claims that their double wall stainless steel insulation can preserve the temperature of hot drinks for up to 12 hours, and up to 24 hours for cold drinks (with ice). That’s double the performance of Hydro Flask for hot drinks, so where’s the catch if they’re using the same materials?

Well, that’s because the design of the bottle is different. And the fact that the lid of the Hydro Flask isn’t fully leakproof plays a part here – the seal is not 100%, so some heat is able to escape the bottle, allowing the temperature of the drink to lower faster.

But in all honestly, the real world performance of these two bottles is so similar that you won’t notice the difference. In fact, Hydro Flask does a better job at keeping drinks cold for longer!

In addition to that, I have to point out that this is Hydro Flask’s take on a standard water bottle that’s primarily used for you know – water. They do have an insulated bottle specifically designed for coffee, and that one offers better performance when it comes to preserving the temperature of hot drinks.

The wide variety of the products Hydro Flask offers gives them an advantage in certain scenarios, and if you’re looking for a bottle for a specific beverage, you’re more likely to find it in Hydro Flask’s product range.

The only thing that can impact the performance of the insulation is prolonged exposure to extremely high heat. That’s why it’s not recommended to put either bottle in the dishwasher or to soak them in hot water.

Don’t do either of those things and don’t leave your bottle in the sun for hours when it’s 100 degrees outside if you want to preserve the quality and performance of the insulation as much as possible.

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle
ThermoFlask Insulated Bottle

Caps And Lids

I mentioned earlier that ThermoFlask bottles are sold with leakproof lids but that Hydro Flask bottles are not. The upside is that you can buy a leakproof lid for your Hydro Flask and you have quite a few options to choose from!

In fact, there’s a bunch of different lids and caps for both bottles, including several standard and wide mouth options. You can pick up a standard cap or a chugging lid, and there are even options that come with built-in straws.

There’s really not much difference between the lids and caps from these brands – they are so similar that you could probably interchange them on bottles of the same size. They’re even priced similarly, so the only thing that should matter is that you’re choosing the lid that will work best for you.

Double check that the size of the lid will fit your bottle properly – Hydro Flask does different lids for standard mouth bottles, wide mouth bottles, tumblers, coffee mugs etc. ThermoFlask lids are all the same size but they have different features. You can choose from chugging lids, caps with fixed and swiveling handles, travel mug lids etc.

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle
ThermoFlask Insulated Bottle


Hydro Flask and ThermoFlask are both high quality brands with products that aren’t exactly cheap. They’re not ridiculously expensive either, but there are a few things I have to point out when it comes to value for money you get.

Let’s start with the obvious – ThermoFlask bottles retail for about $20 for a 24-ounce bottle with a leakproof lid, and that’s excellent value for money. Hydro Flask is more expensive – their 24-ounce bottle usually retails for some $35, but you can find certain colors on sale for $10 less almost all the time.

However, Hydro Flask bottles are sold with a standard lid that is not leakproof, and a better option will cost you at least $10 more. And that’s just for the standard insulated water bottle. The other options range from $20 for a coffee mug to $50 for a beer bottle.

In general, ThermoFlask offers better price and better value for money, which is why I am more inclined to recommend them if you want great value. Stick with them, unless you’re looking for something really specific and you’re okay with spending more to get a proper leakproof cap.

Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle
ThermoFlask Insulated Bottle

Hydro Flask Vs. ThermoFlask: Final Thoughts

Thermoflask vs Hydro flask – it’s a tough choice that really depends on your preferences.

Both these brands make excellent water bottles, but which one is ultimately the better choice? In the long run, I think that’s going to be ThermoFlask for most people. Their bottles are more affordable, they’re sold with leakproof lids and they offer better insulation performance for hot drinks.

ThermoFlask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Two Lids, 24 Ounce, Capri
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ThermoFlask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Two Lids, 24 Ounce, Capri
  • Vacuum Insulation: The ThermoFlask keeps beverages ice-cold for 24 hrs, and hot for up to 12 hrs with double-wall and vacuum insulation. This BPA Free stainless steel water bottle won't transfer flavors, won't sweat and does not rust.
  • Chug and Straw Lid: This water bottle comes with 2 lids; an innovative leak-proof Chug lid and a newly improved straw lid that has been enhanced for better flow. Both allow easy one-handed or hands free sipping

But does that mean you should rule out Hydro Flask entirely? I don’t think so. Here’s the thing; Hydro Flask bottles are outright more expensive and you have to pay extra for that leakproof lid. But their design is more interesting, there are more size options and there are a lot more different kinds of bottles.

They might not be the best choice for standard hiking bottle, but they are the best option out there for a coffee mug that can keep your daily dose of caffeine warm for hours. And they’re the best choice for keeping a bottle of wine cold for an entire day.

Hydro Flask bottles also features superior external texture that allows for better grip and reduces the chances of you accidentally dropping the bottle.

It’s ultimately your decision. I can recommend ThermoFlask to anyone – they’re the safe choice. But if you want a sleek thermos that’s also a conversation starter, don’t hesitate to splurge on the Hydro Flask.

You can see the prices and all the different color and size options of these insulated water bottles on Amazon. And be sure to check out our related posts for ideas on some other and better bottles – these two aren’t the only noteworthy brands that make insulated bottles!