Last Updated: July 12, 2023

IcyBreeze Cooler V2 Pro AC Review: Worth It Or Forget It?


IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner

The IcyBreeze V2 Pro is a great alternative to a normal portable AC unit. It doubles as a drinks cooler and is super portable as well. The V2 is even lighter 1t 16 lbs. View Latest Deal

The Icy Breeze Pro 2 might just be the ultimate solution for beating the heat and staying cool when you are outdoors this summer!

With its powerful cooling capabilities and sleek design, this portable air conditioner and cooler has impressed me enough to call it “the perfect companion for all your summer outdoor adventures”.

Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or just enjoying a day at the beach, the Icy Breeze Pro 2 will help keep you cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. And, it’s a cooler too!

So, why settle for sweating it out in the sun? Not when you can have your own portable AC and your drinks and beers cooled at the same time.


  • A serious portable AC (by 20-35 degrees)
  • Cools drinks as well
  • Works for hours & hours
  • Only uses ice not chemicals


  • More expensive than a fan (but more useful)
  • Requires batteries or charging cable

Product Information

  • Interior Dimensions: 18.5” x 25” x 11”
  • Exterior Dimensions: 23.5” x 16.25“ x 18.5”
  • Weight:16 lbs

What Is IcyBreeze?

IcyBreeze V2 Pro is an upgrade to the original IcyBreeze cooler and an air conditioner. It has a 38-quart interior, and it can hold up to 49 cans.

The IcyBreeze is made from Polyethylene – the most popular type of plastic in the world. It is very sturdy and tough to break, so there are no worries about the durability of the IcyBreeze.

It works really well as a cooler – they actually state on the website that the ice inside it can last up to 7 days in 90 degrees Fahrenheit if you’re only using it as a cooler. I’m not sure I believe that, but what matters is that you can easily get through a really hot day with the IcyBreeze.

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

However, this really isn’t the best choice if you’re only looking for a cooler. It’s way too expensive and heavy (21lbs) and you won’t get your money’s worth. That’s because this is also designed as a portable air conditioner, which is why it is a little pricey.

But the two-in-one functionality of this unit is truly amazing, and it will change the way you camp and travel in the summer.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to the cooler aspect of the IcyBreeze, there are no surprises as to how it works – you put the ice and the beverages inside it, and ice slowly melts and keeps the drinks cool. But the AC aspect of this unit is where things get interesting.

Like most AC units, the Icy Breeze pulls in the air from outside and then passes it through the heat exchanger, which chills the air. The cooling comes from the ice cold water at the bottom of the box which is sucked up to the heat exchanger to use to cool the air.

Of course, this ice melts over time, especially when you are cooling drinks and air, so you will need to replenish the ice as it melts – the frequency of that depends on the setting you chose.

There is a vent at the top of this cooler, and the cold air blows out of there. It has an adjustable grill, which allows you to change the direction of the cold air. The IcyBreeze also features a flexi hose at the top.

You can remove it from the vent and position it where you like, and it will stay in place. (Watch the video above). This is really useful when you want to adjust the direction of the blowing air.

What do you do when all the ice is melted and you’re left with gallons of sloshing water inside the IcyBreeze? Well, there’s a drain hose at the bottom of the cooler that makes it super easy to empty it out.

Icy Breeze Pro 2 in summer on a boat

Icy Breeze Pro 2 in summer on a boat

Technical Aspects

First of all, you should know that the IcyBreeze 

  • only uses ice and water to blow out cold air
  • no Freon or other chemicals.
  • has three fan speed settings (low, medium, high)
  • blows air up to 25 mph
  • battery life depends on the setting you choose (see below)

There are two batteries, which have the following lifetimes:

10AH Battery

  • 6 hours on low
  • 4 hours on medium
  • 2.5 hours on high

6AH Battery

  • 4 hours on low
  • 2.5 hours on medium
  • 1.5 hours on high

Naturally, the battery will last the longest on the low setting, and it will drain the fastest on the high setting. So, get the size battery that suits what kinds of places you will use it, and the length of time you expect to be using it for.

Also, keep in mind Lithium batteries like with your phone degrade over time, so these times will drop over years of use.

Power Supply

IcyBreeze also supports a continuous power supply, which allows you to use it for a lot longer.

Environmentally Friendly

And, since the IcyBreeze only uses water and ice (no Freon), it’s totally environmentally safe to drain it outside. Plus, it is just so much easier to carry it when it’s empty and not when it has several gallons of sloshing water inside it.

Extremely Portable

And let’s not forget: the Icy Breeze AC unit is extremely portable! So, you get two large wheels on the IcyBreeze, as well as a drag handle. The wheels are located opposite from the handle so that when you actually want to wheel the IcyBreeze around, it lifts up a little bit.

In addition to that, the cooler also features two grab handles, so it is also fairly easy to just pick it up.

Is The AC Efficient?

Oh yes, it is. However, I find it interesting that the reviews on the IcyBreeze are fairly mixed – some people swear by it, and others find it to be completely useless and not worth the money. You’ll see in the next section why the haters are completely wrong.

As a cooler, the IcyBreeze seems to perform as well as you would expect it.

As an AC, it’s able to blow out air that is about 35 degrees Fahrenheit (about 20 degrees Celsius) colder than the air outside. That is impressive – it could easily cool down a smaller room if you leave it working for a couple of hours.

It will also keep your beverages inside the cooler ice cold. That’s pretty handy – I love versatile products, and this is one of the best versatile coolers money can buy.

Because of that, the IcyBreeze is a really great option for picnics and camping trips. It’s also an awesome unit to have in your RV, and it’s cheaper and uses less electricity than a traditional portable AC.

This is also a great option for boat rides, long car rides, and for an outing to the beach. Overall, I think the efficiency and versatility of the product really make it worth the money.

How Do You Use It?

The Icy Breeze portable air conditioner is pretty easy to set up – you pour 2 quarts of water in it, add some ice and your drinks, turn the fan on and that’s it.

Some People Mess It Up Though – And Then Complain!

But there’s one thing that people often mess up, and then they complain that their IcyBreeze sucks and that it is not worth the money. The ice.

You don’t want to put normal ice cubes (the kind you put in your drink) in this thing. The small ones will melt pretty fast, and then you will have to refill the cooler quite often. And then you will think it sucks and that you should not have bought it.

To ensure that your IcyBreeze keeps cooling you down for a long time, you want to put large blocks of ice inside it. These will melt much slower than the normal ice cubes, and the AC will work for a longer time.

Problem solved! That is how it was meant to work in the long run.

Note: One thing to note is that the IcyBreeze will not work as an AC until you add the water. Without it, it can only be used as a cooler. The water is what flows through the heat exchanger.

You get the perfect freezing point water if you mix ice and water anyway (I learned that back in chemistry in high school) so it’s a great way to really get drinks cold.

Make Your Own Big Blocks Of Ice

One way to get large blocks of ice, if you can’t buy them is to take a big (plastic) water bottle or three and freeze them. Then, you can just throw it in the cooler. It takes a long time for the ice in the bottle to melt, and when it does, you also have a refreshing drink of water.

You can also use a Tupperware dish – pour water in it, freeze it and you’ll have a huge ice cube that will take hours to melt. Sure, it takes a little planning, but since you are going camping or picnicking anyway…I assume you are used to that :>

Or You Can Buy Icy Blocks

IcyBreeze Cooler/Air Conditioner Review

In addition to that, you can buy an IcyBlock directly from the brand. It’s basically an ice pack that can hold a gallon of water, and you can fit three of them in the IcyBreeze cooler. But for most people, you can just use something you have at home and you are good to go. However, the Icy Blocks are made exactly for this cooler, so they are a perfect size!

Where Can You Use It?

So, this largely depends on the power supply you get with your IcyBreeze. There are three kinds – a car adapter, a regular 110V power supply charger, and then a smart charger.

There are also three kinds of IcyBreeze ‘charger packages’ – each one comes with different accessories, and I will make sure to list and link all of them below.

Here’s the thing – you will definitely get the best value for money if you go for the smart charger kit. This includes a rechargeable battery, which can only be charged with a smart charger. It will allow you to use your IcyBreeze wirelessly – yes, you can go to the beach and keep all of your favorite drinks ice cold all day long. And even cool yourself down a bit, if you find the sea too warm.

The smart charger can only charge the battery, it can’t actually power up the IcyBreezeFor that, you have to get a 110V power supply. That is something I’m not a fan of – if the battery runs out of charge, your cooler is rendered useless until you charge it up again unless you decided to invest in a different type of charger.

In addition to that, it takes about 5 hours to charge a battery that’s completely dead, and that’s kind of slow. It is a 10000mAh, which is about what you have in a newer iPad Pro, for reference.

The barrel cigarette lighter adapter is okay if you want to carry this on picnics and camping trips where you will have your car close by. It’s also a great option if you want a portable AC in your RV – this is pretty much the best thing you can buy for that purpose.

If you only plan to use it at home, or near a wall outlet, then you are fine with just the standard power supply. But if you want full functionality and portability of your IcyBreeze, you need to get both the smart charger and battery pack and also the standard power supply.

IcyBreeze: The Accessory Packs

You can only buy the accessories (battery, chargers, etc.) on the IcyBreeze official website.

They have dropped the names of the packages since the original version, and now you can get the Icy Breeze V2 Pro or Platinum with the car adapter (12V barrel cigarette lighter plug) as standard, then add on any of the following:

  • 110V wall adapter
  • 6AH battery
  • 10AH battery

Then there are the handy extra accessories you can add on:

  • 4ft extension tube for the cooling outlet
  • Dual AC Kit for splitting the cooling air outlet
  • 8ft corded remote control
  • Power hub charger with USB ports

Charging Packages

You can also buy these later as a separate item if you need more power or battery time:

  • Charger alone
  • Charger with 6AH battery
  • Charger with 10AH battery

The longer you plan to use this thing, the more batteries you will need. Unless you are near a power source then you should get the power adapter!

Icy Breeze Platinum vs V2

If you head to the Icy Breeze website you will notice they have two options for the product:

  • Icy Breeze V2 Pro
  • Icy Breeze Platinum

The main difference between the IcyBreeze v2 and the Platinum are a few extra features on the Platinum:

  • Two running modes – Standard & Extreme cool
  • USB ports and charging/memory modes while running

Platinum is a bit more flexible because the run modes mean you can reduce the AC and keep the ice and battery running longer. The charge modes mean you can charge devices and also toggle on/off with the memory of your favorite settings. So, it’s a more premium product.

IcyBreeze Final Thoughts

The IcyBreeze is quite a revolutionary product. I love it – it is an amazing replacement for all the useless fans I use in the summer, and it can keep my drinks ice cold in addition to cooling me down.

The efficiency and versatility of this product are undeniable – it’s a great option for anyone who is looking for something that they can use both indoors and outdoors.

That being said, the price is the only thing that might turn you away from this product. It is pricey, especially if you want to get the full Blizzard package with all those must-have accessories.

The IcyBreeze uses a lot less electricity than a central AC and even a traditional portable ACBecause of that, I think the price is justified – it’s a one-of-a-kind product, and it will save you a lot of money if you use it at home.

Overall, I would recommend the IcyBreeze cooler/AC to anyone looking for an AC they can use outdoors, and that will also do a really good job at keeping their drinks cold.

TIP: If you want a more powerful Lithium battery powered option try the Zero Breeze Portable AC

IcyBreeze vs Zero Breeze

The Zero Breeze and IcyBreeze portable air conditioners each have their own unique strengths.

The Zero Breeze is suitable for cooling areas of around 40 square feet like a small tent. It is generally quieter and less expensive than the IcyBreeze. It also has a built-in battery that lasts up to 5 hours, rather than replaceable ones..

The IcyBreeze on the other hand can cool air 35 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature and has a large capacity for drinks (49 cans). It is also built to be moved around, much like a cools with a robust Polyethylene structure, and larger wheels for easy transportation. Its rechargeable battery can last up to 7 hours when used on the lower setting.

Overall, the choice between the two largely depends on your personal needs and preferences; IcyBreeze is better for cooling power and ice capacity, while Zero Breeze offers a longer battery life and a more compact design.