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KeepGo eSim Review (All The Info)

Stumbled upon KeepGo eSims and you want to know if they’re the real deal? Then you’re definitely in the right place because this detailed guide includes everything you need to know about KeepGo eSims!

I’ll tell you how they work, where you can use them, and what KeepGo’s best offers are, among other things. Keep reading to learn more about KeepGo eSim cards, and see whether they’re a good fit for your travel needs.

What is Keepgo & How Does It Work?


KeepGo is an eSim and sim card provider that offers data plan bundles for most regions in the world. They advertise their eSims as lifetime eSims because they will remain valid forever, as long as you keep refiling them at least once a year.

This sounds like a good deal for the frequent traveler, especially because of KeepGo’s regional plans that provide you with Internet access in multiple countries on a single eSim. However, it’s important to note that some of their plans are better than others, and just because one is a great deal doesn’t mean they all are.

In other words, the eSim plans that could cover all your travel needs for the rest of your life are quite expensive, and go up to $37 for just 1 GB of data. You can often get a much better deal from a local provider, so I would recommend considering KeepGo only for their more affordable plans. Some of those are actually great deals, and I’ll tell you all about them in a bit.

Networks used by KeepGo for their eSim

KeepGo partners with multiple networks in countries all over the world. You can browse the Internet on more than 150 worldwide network providers, so I couldn’t possibly list them all here. You can see a more detailed overview of the providers they work with on their website, plus it’s indicated for every one of their bundles.

When browsing the KeepGo eSim bundles and looking for the best one for you, it’s possible to get a detailed overview of which network operators you will have access to in the countries covered by the bundle. Some bundles offer access to one operator while others will let you switch between multiple operators – the latter is usually the safer choice, especially if you plan on exploring multiple regions of a country.

KeepGo eSim Plan Offers

KeepGo eSim Plans

KeepGo eSim plan offers are usually bundles that include multiple regions. You can choose from 16 different bundles that include everything from the European Union to most countries in the world. You can choose from basic bundles that offer Internet access through only one provider, or bundles that allow you to browse the internet through the networks of multiple providers.

The latter is an excellent option for travelers who often explore off-the-beaten path since network coverage isn’t always the best in remote and rural areas. Furthermore, while one network operator might offer the best coverage in bigger cities, a different one could be your only option in more remote areas, so being able to switch between them as you go will certainly come in handy.

KeepGo eSim Plans 2

The best eSim plans from KeepGo are Pisces (EU+), Antares (Europe), Solaris (USA), Chamaeleon (Asia-Pacific), and Sagittarius (North America). In these plans, you pay $5-8 for 1 GB of data, which is affordable and competitive. Some of these plans include access to one network provider while others let you browse the Internet on multiple networks, and it’s up to you to decide which is a better fit for your travel needs.

KeepGo also has a bunch of other data plans that offer coverage in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and the rest of the world, but I have to point out that these plans are quite expensive. It doesn’t make sense to sign up for a lifetime Africa eSim if you’re only going to stay in the country for a few months, especially at a price of $28 per 1 GB. Especially since global plans from other international providers are significantly cheaper.

Advantages of Using KeepGo eSim

One advantage of KeepGo eSim cards is that they’re valid for a lifetime, as long as you top them off once a year. This is also why it’s great that they sell bundles – you can buy an eSim for Europe for a trip to one country this year, and then if you happen to visit a different European country next year, you can just purchase more data and use the same eSim. It’s extremely convenient and saves you from having to purchase and navigate multiple eSims.

This also means that there is no limit on how long you can use the eSim. Whereas most other providers will offer plans that are valid for a week, two, or more, the KeepGo eSim plans are valid until you spend every last byte of data. And even then, you can just purchase more data and keep using the eSim if you just purchase $3 of data once a year. It’s a really good deal, especially for people who travel often.

The prices are also pretty affordable. It’s $5 for 1 GB of data, and $99 for 50 GB, which is comparable to other popular eSim providers like Nomad and Airalo. But unlike with those two, there’s no time limit on how long you have to use up your data before the eSim expires.

Disadvantages of Using KeepGo eSim

KeepGo eSim Plans 3

The main disadvantage of KeepGo eSim cards is that you cannot purchase individual country eSim plans. You can only buy bundles, and the bundles are usually pricier than single-country plans, so you’re ultimately paying more money for a service that you might not even use.

Of course, this can also be a positive thing, if you’re planning to visit multiple countries in a single region during a short time period. On the other hand, if your travel plans include hopping from one part of the world to the next, you might struggle to find a KeepGo plan that works for you. There’s always the global plan, but that’s pretty expensive for what it is, especially because there are loads of cheaper alternatives available.

How to Buy a KeepGo eSim at Your Travel Destination

You can buy a KeepGo eSim online, and it’s recommended to do this before you arrive at your travel destination. You need Internet access to purchase the eSim plus you need to input your payment information, and it’s generally best to do this on a private network that you completely trust, ideally your home network.

However, don’t activate the eSim the moment you purchase it. Wait to arrive at your travel destination to activate the eSim, so that you’re not wasting any of the data in the package.

How to Setup & Activate Your KeepGo Esim

eSim Settings

Activating your KeepGo eSim is very easy. First, you should make sure that your phone supports embedded sim technology. If you own an iPhone or a Google Pixel that was released in 2018 or later, your phone supports an eSim. If you have an Android, you can dial *#06# to check whether you can use an eSim with your phone.

This technology is still pretty new, and for now, it’s being included mostly in flagship Android phones. So, when you dial *#06#, look for an EID number – this is the embedded sim ID number and if there is one, it means that your phone supports eSims.

Next, you need to open your phone’s settings and go to either cellular, connections, or mobile network – whatever it’s called on your personal smartphone. Look for an option to manage SIM cards, or even better add an eSim. Then you need to input the data you received along with your KeepGo eSim, and you’re all set!

KeepGo instructs users to enable data roaming, but to turn off mobile data connectivity for their original SIM card, to avoid incurring any roaming fees from their original provider.

KeepGo eSim Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is KeepGo based?

KeepGo is headquartered in Delaware, USA. They are a global network provider that offers eSims for many countries in the world, but they operate out of the office in Wilmington, Delaware.

What should I do if KeepGo eSim is not working?

The best thing to do if your KeepGo eSim is not working is to contact their support. You should get a reply pretty fast, and depending on what the precise issue is, they might be able to resolve it quite quickly.

Can I hotspot on KeepGo?

Yes, you can hotspot on KeepGo and share your Internet connection with those around you. Make sure you’re connected to mobile data and turn on the personal hotspot, it’s as simple as that. Keep in mind that having multiple users browsing will use up data more quickly, so make sure you purchase a data plan appropriate for the number of people that will be using it.

How can I refill my KeepGo eSim?

To refill your KeepGo eSim you just need to purchase a top-up on their website. KeepGo will alert you by email when your data drops below 250 MB, and you can then purchase as much additional data as you want. You can also set up an auto-refill, which automatically repurchases 1 GB of data every time you drop below 100 MB.

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