Last Updated: November 18, 2021

What is the Largest Island in Canada?

Baffin Island is by far the largest island in Canada measuring 507,451 km² or 195,928 square miles. In comparison, the second largest island, Victoria Island is only 217,291 km2 or  83,897 square miles, less than half the size.

These Canadian islands, along with Ellesmere island, are the three biggest islands in Canada and actually all rank in the top 10 largest islands in the world.

Another interesting thing about Canada’s largest island, Baffin Island, is that it would actually rank 9th largest province in Canada if it was one. However, it is part of the largest province in Canada, Nanavut province in Canada’s far west. The capital of this province is Iqaluit, which is actually located on Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island.

Baffin Island also sits on the Arctic Circle, with more than half of the island being above it. It is also home to Auyuittuq National Park which is Canada’s only national park above the Arctic Circle.

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