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Most Beautiful Streets In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a pretty incredible place to visit. Known for its many museums, awesome culture, stunning art galleries, and lots more, you will never be lost for something to do on a weekend break in Amsterdam.

In this article, we are going to run through all the most beautiful streets in Amsterdam that you should add to your Amsterdam itinerary. They aren’t all shopping streets or cultural areas, it’s a mix of everything from quaint local Amsterdam streets to the busiest of them all.

I would recommend hopping on a bike and cycling around the city hitting all the beautiful streets in Amsterdam that are featured below.

Krom Boomssloot

Krom Boomssloot is one of the quieter streets in Amsterdam despite being in the center of Amsterdam and very close to the red light district.

It’s one of the most wonderful streets in Amsterdam to bike down since it’s so quiet and along the way you will go past the oldest existing warehouse in Amsterdam which has been in the center of the city since 1595.

The greatest thing about taking a stroll down this street, outside of seeing the warehouse, is the incredible contrast. You go from walking around the red light district which is packed full of people and music to the quiet of one of the most charming streets in Amsterdam.

The street is lined by canals too so you really get a great sense and feel of the real Amsterdam when you walk down it.

Negen Straatjes

Negen Straatjes

Image courtesy of Flickr

Negen Straatjes which means nine little streets in English is one of the most famous streets in Amsterdam and is a part of the city’s iconic “nine streets”. This refers to nine of Amsterdam’s canalside streets that are found between Leidsegracht and Raadhuisstraat in Amsterdam Centraal.

If you’re one of the many style fanatics and foodies that love to go to Amsterdam, this is a street in Amsterdam you should put at the top of your lists. It’s an excellent shopping street with a mix of everything from vintage shops and there is even a shop selling vintage bridal gowns.

On the food side of things you’ll find specialist Belgian chocolate shops, cafes, restaurants plus art galleries too. You can easily spend a whole day exploring what is one of the most charming streets in Amsterdam and don’t miss out on the numerous museums that are close by either.

Nieuwe Keizersgracht

Nieuwe Keizersgracht is another of the top streets in Amsterdam to walk or bike down especially if you are looking for a great place to grab a photo without many tourists.

You will find Nieuwe Keizersgracht in central Amsterdam close to the botanical gardens and it’s home to scenic views of the grand canal houses that line it. The beautiful canal houses make this picturesque street about as good as a street in Amsterdam can be, plus there are no tourists.

You’ll find a few cafes along this street and you should definitely stop and have a coffee with locals and really take in the beautiful homes. Another place you have to go and see on this street is Number 63, especially in the summer.

Number 63 is home to incredible vines that bloom with stunning flowers in the summertime. Seeing them is a must, for their beauty and for their iconic image of Amsterdam.



Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Seeing ​​Vondelpark is probably at the top of your go to guide for things to see in Amsterdam but it is usually packed full of tourists and locals. Vondelstraat, however, is one of the quieter streets in Amsterdam to spend some time on.

Vondelstraat is a very picturesque Amsterdam street that is home to some stunning buildings and therefore should be at the top of the list for anyone who appreciates architecturally awesome buildings.

Along this Amsterdam street you’ll find some of the most beautiful buildings in the city and they range from stately homes all the way to foraging embassies. You can also stop for a coffee at the cafe on the street that looks into the indoor area of a riding school.

This isn’t a busy, happening street in Amsterdam, it’s one that is all about enjoying the tranquility and taking in some great Dutch architecture.

Oude Waal

Oude Waal is one of the streets in Amsterdam that is located in the center but is somehow missed by tourists despite its location.

This Amsterdam street sits along a canal and it lines the former city walls too. You’ll find some great restaurants along this street but the highlight of the street outside of the canals and the great view is the Montelbaan Tower.

The Montelbaan Tower dates back to the 1500s and was built as a tower to protect the outer city walls and the harbor. It also features a stunning bell and clock that were added later on in the early 1600s.

Tweede Tuindwarsstraat

Tweede Tuindwarsstraat is one of the streets in Amsterdam that makes you feel like you’re in another country, and in this case it is Italy.

Tweede Tuindwarsstraat is a tiny street in the middle of the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam and being so small, it gets filled up and crowded easily, and it happens almost everyday.

This gives this beautiful street a ton of energy and in the summer you’re likely to find music playing outside, outdoor tables for alfresco dining, and lots more. Just be sure to keep a hold of your belongings as there are lots of pick-pockets on this street.

If crowded streets aren’t your thing, head to this Amsterdam street outside of the peak hours of weekends and weekdays.

While hanging out on what is one of the coolest streets in Amsterdam in my eyes you kind of have to stop for some authentic Italian cuisine and some delicious gelato. You will also find great cafes, shops, and art galleries so spending a whole day on this street is very easy.



Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Reguliersgracht is one of the most beautiful streets in Amsterdam and is one of the most favorite streets for taking pictures on. In fact, if you have seen some iconic photos of Amsterdam, Reguliersgracht will be one of them without a doubt.

The reason this picturesque street is so popular is because from the intersection of Reguliersgracht and Prinsengracht you can see seven bridges that cross the network of canals.

The street is lined with beautiful houses and one of the beautiful houses on this street in Amsterdam to stop and gaze at is the red house which features a beautiful statue of a stork outside of it.



Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Javastraat sits in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Zeeburg on the west side of the city. You’ll find Javastraat to be one of the hippest and happening Amsterdam streets as it’s packed full of style and vibes.

Javastraat is lined with a ton of cafes, restaurants, and some great boutique shops too where shopaholics can pick up something unique and original to remember Amsterdam by.

It’s a pretty long street and the main street that runs through the entire of Zeeburg and it gets quite busy too which only adds to the excellent atmosphere.

This is the perfect street to have lunch on, enjoy a coffee outside, take in the sights and really immerse yourself into the culture and vibes of Amsterdam.



The most famous and busy shopping street in Amsterdam is without doubt Kalverstraat so if you’re looking for a spot to get some shopping done, this is it.

Running for over a kilometer, lined with some of the top stores, with more than nine side streets worth exploring, you can really spend some time here.

But, it’s also the most expensive street in Amsterdam and if you were to wander a bit further down the road, your boutique shopping bill might be a lot smaller.

Even if you’re not a shopper it is still worth walking down this shopping street as it is a beautiful street full of historic buildings and amazing Dutch architecture.

It also connects the main sights of Dam Square, the Royal Palace, and Madame Tussauds to the famous Munttoren, the historic tower with a carillon so it’s one of the most useful shopping streets to walk down even if you don’t want to shop.

But, you should be aware that about 50,000 people go down the street every day so be prepared for it to be busy but beautiful.



The Leidsestraat is another great street in Amsterdam to head to if you want to shop and haven’t quite got your fix yet on all the other shop-until-you-drop streets.

It’s in the center of the city and is an extension to the iconic street Leidseplein. You will find a ton of stores that sell luxury and designer goods. This is a pretty busy street as you might expect so be prepared to experience some crowds.

What makes this one of my favorite streets in Amsterdam is the view you can get from the top floor of the Metz & Co department store.

At the top of this store, you will find the Rietveld dome and it offers panoramic views of the city and it is a great place to take some photos from.



Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Haarlemmerstraat was actually voted the best shopping street in the Netherlands in 2011 but despite this most visitors haven’t seemed to have discovered it. This makes the experience of shopping here a relaxed experience and you’ll have over 200 different stores to explore.

You will find well-known retail shops on this Amsterdam street as well as cute little boutiques that you would only find in the Netherlands.

The street is also home to a bunch of trendy restaurants and cafes where you can stop for a bite to eat and if you’re in the mood to catch a movie to Movies, an art deco cinema that dates back to the 1920s.

P.C. Hooftstraat

P.C. Hooftstraat was named one of the top ten chicest streets for shopping in the world and therefore it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that it is lined with some of the most luxurious shops in the world.

Even if the shops are outside of your budget it’s still worth walking down as it is the most beautiful street architecturally with stunning beautiful homes and lots more.

You will find this street very close to the aforementioned Vondelpark and it’s also near to the Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum too. It’s the perfect street to walk down as it connects you to all the great things to see while visiting this great area of Amsterdam.

Nieuwe Hoogstraat


Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Nieuwe Hoogstraat is another street in Amsterdam that is famous for shopping although it’s not quite as busy or big as other Amsterdam streets like Kalverstraat.

While Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a good place to shop, it is also one of the best Amsterdam streets to enjoy watching the world go by and get an insight into how the city behaves and experience some Dutch cliches too.

The shops on the street are a little different from others in the city. You will find a shoe store that sells almost every shoe on the planet and in every size too. There is also a specialized kite store which is worth going into, especially if you have kids. A cool kite would be a great way to remember Amsterdam.



Image courtesy of Flickr

Prinseneiland is one of the most unique Amsterdam streets in my opinion and you will find it near the Central Station of the city.

What makes this one of Amsterdam’s most unique streets is that it circles an island and to access it you have to cross a beautiful bridge over a canal.

The island the street circles was built as an extension to the Amsterdam harbor and it used to be where people were sentenced to the gallows back in the day so it has an undefinable air to it.

One of the best things about visiting this street is seeing beautiful Rijksmonument warehouses as well as a bridge from 1676. The street is also lined with colorful houseboats, flowers, and beautiful houses too.

It is one of those Amsterdam streets that is simply different and shows you a different side of the city.


Amstel is one of the beautiful streets of Amsterdam and one you have to walk down when you visit this city. Amstel street runs down the Amstel river and is one of the most popular streets in the city.

If you want great views and a place to relax, head to the eastern bank of the river and hang out on the benches in front of the Hermitage and by the pier.

The street is also home to some famous sights including Magere Brug, The Hermitage Museum, and the Jewish monument. Magere Brug is without question one of the most romantic places in the city as it’s a beauty of a bridge from which you can see the National Opera House and the Nieuwe Keizersgracht.


Another of the beautiful streets of Amsterdam is Gravelandseveer and the best thing about it is that you can get a view of the sunset along with the canal and Amstel river in the picture.

It’s a rather short street but it’s very quiet and you will find flowers lining the water and benches to sit on too. As you sit back on the bench after a busy day exploring the city, you can really reflect on your time in Amsterdam and drink it all in.

The view is also lovely with the river, canal plus the Groenburgwal and Kloveniersburgwal. When you combine all of this with a clear sky and a pink sunset, it’s pretty hard to beat, hence why it is one of the beautiful streets of the city.



Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Lindenstraat is one of the most beautiful streets in the neighborhood of Jordaan. It is lined with beautiful houses that are simply breathtaking to absorb as you walk by.

I would suggest starting out your walking tour of this street around Noorderkerk and then slowly wander down the street taking each majestic house as you go past.

One thing to look out for when strolling down this street is a huge number of bikes that will be flowing past. The Dutch get quite grumpy at pedestrians in the bike lanes so be alert as getting run over is a possibility.


The final of the great streets in Amsterdam to visit is ​​Herengracht. Herengracht is the perfect place to go if you want to do some museum hopping as it is home to a ton of them including at amazing Cromhouthuis which also has a magical garden.

The street is also lined by a canal plus a stream of cafes where you can hang out and have a local beer or two. Be sure to walk from Browersgracht to Radhuisstraat as you will find some really great establishments that are worth spending some time in.

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