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Osprey Fairview 40 Review – A Worthy Women’s Backpack

Osprey Farview 40 Women's Backpack (Misty Gray)

Osprey Fairview 40 Women's Backpack (Misty Gray)

Osprey Farview 40 Women's Backpack (Rainforest Green)

Osprey Fairview 40 Women's Backpack (Rainforest Green)

One of Osprey's most popular travel backpack is The Farpoint. And if you have seen it before, you will definitely know why it's a crowd favorite.

However, it is also available in a specific women's fit called the Osprey Fairview. That means it's far more comfortable for a woman to wear, and easier to carry.

The Farview is almost the ideal travel pack in so many ways:

  • It's really roomy on the inside (so you can bring lots of stuff)
  • Compression straps so you can reduce/secure your load
  • It comes with a stowaway harness (so it doubles as a backpack and duffel)
  • Dedicated padded laptop sleeve and tablet pocket
  • Lots of handles to carry as a duffel
  • Complies EU carry on standards (most airlines will accept as hand luggage)

Osprey has kept this backpack simple, while still giving you enough features to make great use of the bag.

Below are the specs, followed by more detail on each specific features...


  • Bag Dimensions: 21 X 14 X 9 inches
  • Weight: 3.17 lbs (1.44kg)
  • Material: 210D Nylon Oxford
  • 2 Colors: Misty Gray (more like olive), Rainforest Green (brighter green)

The Osprey Fairview 40 Features

The Fairview is a combination travel/carry on bag and backpack and Osprey have done their best to mix the two to perfection (I will let you be the judge though :>)

Laptop Sleeve

On the Top/Front of the pack is a long pocket with:

  • Dedicated padded laptop sleeve (for 15.5" laptop)
  • Padded zippered pocket (for tablet, camera etc)
  • Further space below those for more gear

This is one of the main areas on the Fairview where you can store things for easy access when walking, hiking or checking in/on the plane.

Top Pocket (Scratch Free)

Osprey Farview 40 Laptop Pocket

Osprey Fairview 40 Laptop Pocket
Osprey Farview 40 Scratch Free Top Pocket

Osprey Fairview 40 "Scratch Free" Top Pocket

Osprey loves their top pocket (right where the logo is) with it's scratch-free material. They have just about put it on every pack in their range. And for good reason.

It's quite spacious for such a small pocket. You can fit in quite a few things, including sunglasses or your larger smartphone.

There is also a key hook in there, but of course you don't want to mix keys with either of those items. So, that is for people wanting to use it for something else.

This pocket is also super easy to access on the top/front so is a great place to put smaller things you don't want to lose and want to get at easily.

Note: when you have closed the compression straps on this bag, both these pockets are more or less out of reach. That is one of the big downsides of the backpack/duffel combo.

Main Compartment

Osprey Farview Main Compartment

Osprey Fairview Main Compartment (It's BIG)

The main compartment in the Fairview is pretty darn big!

It actually takes up the full length and width, and excluding the laptop section, the depth as well. So most of the 40L size is in this area.

There are also two compression straps inside this area to help secure and compress your gear.

And, as you can see in the bottom of the image (partially) there is a full length zippered mesh pocket on the lid. Another great spot for things you want to separate or get to

Water Bottle Pockets

Right on the front are two 1 Litre water bottle elastic mesh pockets.

These are always great for either bottles, umbrellas or even tripods (depending on the kind of traveler you are :>)

Attachment Points & Loops

Front Water Bottle Pockets

Front Water Bottle Pockets

On the top and bottom corners you will also find some handy attachment points that also double as the Osprey Add-on compatible loops. This means you can add a daylite daypack (13L or 16L) from Osprey to give you more options for your gear.

Harness Straps & Padding (For Women)

Osprey Farview 40 Harness

Osprey Fairview 40 Harness (Olive)

Osprey Farview Harness Stowed

Osprey Fairview Harness Stowed (Green)

The harness system on the Fairview is as epic as the one on the Farpoint. 

  • Sized for women specifically
  • The shoulder straps and back area are very well padded (and lined with sweat-wicking material)
  • The hip strap is super comfy and hiking grade (solid, load holding)
  • There is a decent sternum strap to align the straps
  • The whole thing tucks away inside the back zippered panel turning this into a duffel (the panel tucks away under the bottom when not in use)

A Few More Things

All the materials on Osprey gear is always top quality.

The main material is 210 denier Nylon that is super durable.

The zippers are well designed with long pulls on them to help open/close them at any angle. The main zippers also have locking holes so you can secure you bag if you need to check it in or leave it somewhere.

There are two easy and comfy to grab handles for when it is in duffel mode. One on the top and one on the side. (You can see them in the green image above)

The Fairview is also nice and water resistant. So, even if you get caught in the rain without an umbrella (didn't your Mom always tell you to carry one?) your gear will stay dry. Don't try throwing it in a river though, it will get wet!

The Osprey Fairview backpack has only 2 color options:  Misty Gray (which is more like Olive) and Rainforest Green. I have shown both in various views throughout this review.


  • Women's fit harness for more comfortable carry (it also tucks away when you don't need it)
  • Dedicated laptop & tablet padded pocket can easily fit a 15.6" laptop and is easy to access on the top
  • Scratch-proof pocket on top for other delicate items (phone etc)
  • Super roomy inside compartment with compression straps
  • Well made with solid materials that will last


  • Lack of organization pocket - hard to stow and find smaller items
  • Outside compression straps make it difficult to access pockets when clipped
  • May not fit larger laptops (17" or more)
  • Only comes in two colors (I am guessing they will release more at some point as they normally have way more)

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