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Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack Review – The Lightest Pack Ever

Having an extra pack that takes up almost no space is a lifesaver when you are traveling

Osprey have come up with a great ultralight pack that does just that. And, it is only about the size of an apple!

You would think with a pack this small and light (3 oz) that it would have no features at all, but surprisingly it comes with quite a few.

  • Padded (Airmesh) straps for comfortable carry
  • Internal security pocket
  • Zippered stash pocket
  • Stretch side mesh pockets (for things like water bottles)
  • 18L of internal space
  • Compresses down to a tiny "apple" size
  • 4 fun colors (gray, teal, lime, orange)

If you want to get a quick overview of how the ultra light pack from osprey looks and also folds up, then check out the video below.


  • Bag Volume: 18L
  • Bag Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 3 oz (0.09 kg)
  • Material: Nylon Ripstop
Osprey Ultralight - Packed And Unpacked

Osprey Ultralight - Packed And Unpacked (Green)

Osprey Ultralight - Small As An Apple

Osprey Ultralight - Small As An Apple (Blue)

The Osprey Ultralight Pack Features

I know, it's tiny and super light, so it can't have many features right?


Mesh Straps

To help keep this pack comfortable and light Osprey has added adjustable mesh straps to this pack.

Sure, they are not of the same thickness and comfort as a bigger and heavier pack, but for such an ultralight you will be amazed how good they are.

Be aware, this pack is not meant for big loads or super heavy items, so if you plan on packing a laptop or carry big loads, you might want to look at a more robust pack like the daylite.

Side Pockets

Starting on the outside, the ultralight comes with some side mesh pockets that are perfect for water bottles and maybe even an umbrella at a push.

Because this bag lacks structure/reinforcement you will realistically only be able to use these pockets when the pack is pretty full. However, once you are carrying some stuff they come in handy for a quick place to stash stuff on the outside.

Osprey Ultralight Pack Straps

Osprey Ultralight Pack Straps

Osprey Ultralight top pocket

Osprey Ultralight top pocket

Osprey Ultralight security pocket

Osprey Ultralight security pocket

Osprey Ultralight side pocket

Osprey Ultralight side pocket

Osprey Ultralight interior

Osprey Ultralight interior

Internal Pockets

At the top of the pack is a small but easy to get to pocket. I would use this for smaller items like glasses, phone, keys. In fact, there is even a key hanger inside.

Then, on the inside is a small pocket to secure items and also get to them more easily than having to dig into the pack itself (I know, it's small, but you can still easily lose smaller items at the bottom).

Main Compartment

Aside from the security pocket at the top/back, the main compartment is just an open, deep space to stuff all your gear in.

I did read one review of someone who put a heavy laptop in there with sharp corners that ripped the bag. So, be aware this bag is super lightweight and not made of heavy duty materials. You can stuff lots of things in here, but not heavy/sharp objects.

Final Impressions

The Osprey Ultralight Pack is the perfect way to add a day pack to your travel gear without the extra space or weight you would normally expect. Depsite the small size of this handy pack, you also get handy features such as internal pockets, water bottle pockets and comfy mesh straps.

Just keep in mind this is not a serious daypack. It is for light loads and mostly intended as a kind of emergency pack you have with you always, just in case. Of course you can use it as your everyday day pack, but it not built for huge wear and tear or carrying big loads.

If you need more space and durability in a small daypack check out the Daylite or Daylite plus which are more durable but small daypacks that can also be added to the outside of many Osprey packs.


  • Super-lightweight daypack with 18L of space
  • Decent amount of pockets for such a small pack
  • Mesh straps are a surprise on an ultralight pack
  • Packs down to the size of an apple


  • Not very strong or durable so only good for small loads (clothes etc)
  • Will not be comfortable with heavier loads over long periods

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