Last Updated: April 6, 2022

Osprey Daylite 13L Backpack Review


Opsrey Daylite 13L

The Osprey Daylite is a versatile, lightweight backpack that anyone could find a use for. It's small size makes it perfect for short hikes, biking or even travel. View Latest Deal

We all loved the old Daylite – it was a versatile, lightweight backpack that anyone could find a use for. The popular Osprey backpack received an update recently, and we’re here to take a detailed look at all of its features.

If you want to know exactly what changed and what remained the same in this backpack, you’re definitely in the right place. We’ll talk about the materials, durability, pockets, compartments, and everything that exists on this pack.

Keep on reading to find out if Osprey Daylite should be your next travel daypack!

Product Rating

89Overall Rating
Weight and Materials
Organization and Accessibility
Value for Money

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 18.1” x 9.4” x 8.7”
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Capacity: 13 liters
  • Main Fabric: 210D Nylon Oxford

Weight and Materials

The Daylite is made from Nylon – a very durable material. It is water-resistant without any additional coating, due to the tight weave. Nylon is actually one of the best materials for luggage of any kind, because of its incredible durability.

This backpack is also remarkably lightweight, at only 1 lb. This makes it perfect for overnight trips or day outings – it can fit just enough items for a day outside, but it won’t weigh you down one bit.

In addition to that, it has a decent capacity considering how small and lightweight it is. You have 13 liters to fit your everyday necessities, which is usually enough for most people. And it should be more than enough for a day on the beach or an overnight stay at a friend’s house.

Now that we’ve established that the Daylite easily covers all the bases, let’s take a more detailed look at its other features!


A backpack that is not comfortable to wear is not worth your money. There’s no point in paying for something that’s going to make your back and shoulders hurt, and that’ll make you sweat bullets in the summer.

A good backpack needs to be padded, ventilated, and generally comfortable to wear. Are those features of the Osprey Daylite? Let’s see.

Backpanel & Harness

Daylite Backpanel And HarnessOsprey backpacks are a favorite among many hikers and travelers because they are very comfortable to wear. And the Daylite is not an exception there; it features heavy padding in both the harness and the backpanel, so that it feels soft and comfortable against your body.

Every inch of the backpack that comes in contact with your torso is also covered with mesh, for excellent ventilation. This lets the materials breathe, and helps you stay dry during sweaty summer days.

This makes the Daylite a great option not just for travel, but also for various outdoor activities that require you to keep moving.

Removable Webbing Hibpelt

Removable Hipbelt

The Daylite features a removable webbing hipbelt. It does not have any padding at all, so it is definitely not the most comfortable hipbelt out there. But that’s actually okay for a backpack this size.

Since this is a small and lightweight backpack, you don’t really need a heavy-duty hipbelt. It is a nice addition to those situations when you’re carrying some heavy items in your Daylite. A hipbelt helps transfer the load of the backpack onto your hips so that you’re not carrying the weight on your shoulders or back.

In addition to that, the hipbelt helps keep the pack stable on your back, which is useful for bike rides. It ensures that the bag stays put and that it doesn’t bother you while you’re riding around.

Sure, a couple of pockets would have been a nice addition, but definitely not a necessity. And I really like that you have the option to remove the hipbelt, for those times when you really don’t need it.

Versatile Sternum Strap

Sternum StrapThere’s a sternum strap on the Osprey Daylite, which makes those comfy shoulder straps stay put. And it comes with a cool feature – the buckle of the strap doubles as an emergency whistle. This is a pretty common feature on Osprey backpacks, and it’s a very useful thing to have if you find yourself in an emergency.

Unfortunately, the sternum strap is not removable. so I deducted half a point for that.

Organization And Accessibility

A great backpack lets you organize all of your belongings, and keeps most of them easily accessible. So, is the Daylite a great backpack? Let’s take a look at the features that matter.

Panel Loading Main Compartment

Main Compartment With Sleeve

Osprey Daylite has a total capacity of 13 liters. And most of that number is the capacity of the main compartment. It is a panel-loading compartment, with two internal sleeves – one for your tablet and a smaller one for documents.

The main compartment has a zipper opening, and it is easily accessible. It’s also very spacious and can fit quite a lot of items inside. That’s one thing I really like about this backpack – it is deceptively small. It looks like a tiny little bag until you realize that you can comfortably fit your 15.6” laptop inside. 

The Daylite also features compression straps that go over the zipper of the main compartment. This acts almost as an anti-theft feature, since it makes it harder for thieves to tamper with your bag without you noticing.

Internal Tablet Sleeve

The new and improved Daylite features separate sleeves for your tech and hydration. The older version of the backpack has one multi-purpose sleeve, so this is a huge improvement.

You will find a tablet sleeve in the main compartment of Osprey Daylite. Unfortunately, there is no information on its exact dimensions, so I’m not entirely sure if you can use it for your laptop. I assume it can fit smaller 11” laptops, but I can’t guarantee that.

Anyway, the actual main compartment is large enough to fit an average 15.6” laptop, so you can definitely find space for it inside the backpack. Just make sure to use your own laptop sleeve, to protect your computer.

Stretch Side Pockets

Side Pocket There are two stretch mesh pockets on the sides of the Daylite backpack. They are designed to fit water bottles but are generally great for any smaller items you would like to have easily accessible.

In addition to that, you could also use these pockets to store some bulkier items, like a tripod. Put it in the side pocket, and then secure it in place with the compression straps – it will stay put, and you will have plenty of space inside the bag for all your other necessities. And the other side pocket can still fit your water bottle.

Zippered Front Pocket

The zippered front pocket of the old Daylite is a feature you will also find on the new version. It is on the front panel of the backpack, and it’s rather small. But it does have a few internal slip pockets that allow for easy organization of your belongings, as well as a key clip.

This pocket is conveniently located for easy access, and it helps you stay organized in your adventures.

External Hydration Access

The Daylite backpack features an external hydration sleeve. This is exclusive to the newest version of the backpack, and it’s actually the easiest way to tell if you’re buying the newest Daylite. There are still a lot of older variants of the pack online – the latest Daylite has an H2O sign just above the backpanel.

The hydration sleeve is designed to fit Osprey Hydraulics (LT) reservoirs, which is unfortunately not included in the purchase. You could fit a third-party reservoir in the sleeve, as long as it is the same shape and size as the Osprey one.

Additionally, the external hydration sleeve means that all your gear inside the main compartment will stay dry and save if the reservoir malfunctions. It is also easier to take out the reservoir and refill it since you don’t have to touch any zippers. And it provides an additional layer of cushioning between your back and the contents of the main compartment.


I really like backpacks that you can use for pretty much anything you want. Sure, you can’t really use your laptop backpack for a backpacking trip, but it’s nice if you can use it for some light hikes and bike rides.

Is the Daylite a versatile backpack? Let’s find out.

Compatible With Other Osprey Backpacks

Osprey Daylite Versatility

One of the things that makes the Daylite a favorite of frequent travelers is that you can attach it to some larger Osprey backpacks. This lets you increase the capacity of your main travel backpack, which is pretty cool.

And it also means that you have a detachable daypack for exploring new cities. It is a very convenient feature, and I highly recommend getting the Daylite if you already own one of these Osprey packs:

This backpack is also compatible with some packs that are discontinued – Volt/Viva, Shuttle, and Ace 75. Osprey stopped manufacturing these, but if you already own one of them, you should be able to attach the Daylite to it.

Quick Release Compression Straps

Compression Straps

This backpack features two quick-release compression straps. There’s one on each side, and they are very useful features.

The compression straps let you tighten your backpack, which is especially convenient when you don’t fill it to capacity. They will ensure that all of your belongings stay put, and turn your slouchy and half-empty pack into a tight and firm bag.

But that’s not the only use for the Daylite’s compression straps. In fact, the straps are there so that you can attach the pack to larger Osprey backpacks. You can see exactly how to do that in the video from the previous section.

And that’s not even the end of it. The compression straps also protect the contents of the main compartment and allow you to store some bulkier items in the side pockets. You can put a selfie stick or a tripod in one of the side pockets, and then secure it in place with the straps. And that’s one of the reasons why the Daylite gets an A+ for versatility.

Value for Money

There’s really not a lot to talk about here – the Daylite backpack is amazing value for money. This is a high quality backpack made from premium materials, which you can use for lots of different purposes. The price tag is great, especially considering just how expensive Osprey packs can get. And the range of features packed into such a small bag are impressive.

Can you find a cheaper backpack with similar features online? Absolutely. Will it perform just as well as the Daylite does? I highly doubt it.

Final Thoughts On Osprey Daylite

It’s hard to find a good and affordable backpack that can do it all. Well, it was – until we got this new and improved Daylite. By adding one simple feature to this backpack (external hydration sleeve), Osprey transformed the Daylite from an average small daypack into a versatile bag that you can take wherever you go.

It is durable, sturdy, lightweight, versatile, and extremely comfortable to wear. It is also very affordable, with a price tag under $50. You can take it on hikes, trips to the beach, overnight stays, and bike rides. It also makes a great everyday backpack, since it’s large enough to fit all of your necessities, including a 15.6” laptop. And you can even attach it to some larger Osprey backpacks, which are extremely convenient for backpacking.

If you’re looking for the best quality, comfort, and versatility, there’s really no reason to look any further than the Osprey Daylite.